Niche of the Week: Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Niche of the Week: Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs


I remember an episode of "The Golden Girls" where Rose, played by the adorable Betty White, was tasked to give the eulogy for her departed aunt. She had a great fear of speaking in public. She and her best friends Dorothy, Blanche, and Sofia, humorously tried to rid one another of their fears. At the end, Rose was able to conquer her fear.

Rose's fear of public speaking is not uncommon. According to Statistic Brain, a survey done by the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that the fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is the no. 1 fear in the U.S. A whopping 74 percent of the total population shares a common fear of speaking in public.

It may not seem like such a big deal, but public speaking, while not a requirement in most jobs, is called for on certain occasions. As in Rose's case, she had to give a eulogy. An this week's niche covers one of those other moments most of us will be subjected to at one point or another: Giving a speech at a wedding.

It never occurred to me that there are wedding speech affiliate programs. I knew there were affiliate programs on public speaking in general, but not wedding speeches. There might be profit in this niche since creating a speech and speaking in public can be a real challenge, even a major crisis, for most of us.

But before jumping in and creating a website, let's do a bit of research first and see if there 's real earning potential on these wedding speech affiliate programs.

Wedded Keywords

The main keyword to use is "wedding speech" and all its variations. It's a good keyword to target since it and its variations are mostly low in competition. The monthly global values aren't bad, either.

Wedding Speeches - Traffic Travis Results

It would be good to target the long-tail variations of this keyword, such as "how to give a speech at a wedding" or "how to write a wedding speech." I suggest you make it specific, too, since there are users looking for wedding speeches for the bride, the groom, the bride's father, etc.

Give Wedding Speech - Traffic Travis Results

If you ever run out of keywords to check out or to use, you can always go to keyword scraper sites like, where you can get more variations and ideas for keywords to target.

Wedding Speech 1 - Ubersuggest Results Wedding Speech 2- Ubersuggest Results

Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of speech affiliate programs in ClickBank. Most of them are on wedding speeches, but not all look good enough to promote though. The two below looked the most promising of the bunch so I'm featuring them here:


Wedding Speech $ U - Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs

This product has the highest Gravity among the wedding speech products in ClickBank. The website offers speeches for the important members of the bridal party. WeddingSpeech4U affiliates earn 75 percent commission for each sale.

Wedding Speeches For All

Wedding Speeches For All - Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs

Wedding Speeches For All is similar to WeddingSpeech4U in that it offers the same speeches and guide on how to create the perfect wedding speech. Their affiliates earn 75 percent commission per sale, same as with Wedding Speech 4 U. The average per sale is slightly higher for this product, though.

There are other wedding speech affiliate programs online, but I wasn't at all too happy with the commission or how the sales pages and websites looked. So I went to Amazon and sure enough there are plenty of books on wedding speeches that you can promote on your site.

Amazon - Wedding Speech Affiliate Programs

The commission rate is considerably lower on Amazon but it's based on the total amount of the purchase and not each item.

Invite Them to Your Wedding Site

Every website needs to be promoted. You need to build links to it and share its webpages on social media sites. In turn, your site gets traffic and eventually, a readership or following.

Always read up on link building and inbound marketing methods. Draw up a link-building strategy even if you are still in the early stages of your site. This will come in handy once the website is up. Below are some link-building methods you can try on your wedding site:

Link Baiting

There's not a lot to write about the topic of wedding speeches in itself without stealing steam from your products, but it is related to weddings and public speaking, so you can write about wedding speeches as they relate to these two main niches.

You can link to popular wedding websites, which always has a small section dedicated to wedding speeches. You can look for websites that have information on how to overcome public speaking fears and recommend those on your site. Once you do, you can then inform the website owners you've linked to their site for reference and hope that they take the "bait" and link to your site too.

YouTube Video Marketing

This might seem like an unlikely inbound marketing method to use with the wedding speech niche but videos can make your point across better than articles. You can create a short, humorous video about giving a toast at weddings. Then at the end of the video, give the link to the relevant article on your site, or the product you recommend that helps address the issue.

Videos are often shared through social media sites and rank easily if they constantly are. Make sure to share any video you make on your site's social media pages to attract more traffic to the video.

RSS Submission

Submitting your RSS feeds on sites like FeedShark help you get your content shared and syndicated. Your content can also be read through different devices, not just computers.

Always make sure your RSS feed is visible on your site. It's also not a bad idea to submit content to various RSS submission sites.

Are Wedding Speeches the Way to Affiliate Marketing Bliss?

Some niche ideas start out promising. It is in the course of doing the research that you realize it didn't have as much potential as you initially thought it had. The wedding speech niche belongs in this category.

The keywords look like the niche has earning potential. It does, but it is not the same kind of income you could get promoting products in other niches. The main challenge is getting good products to promote. There aren't that many and the commissions aren't that inviting at all.

By itself, a site on wedding speeches will be difficult to promote. It can't stand on its own. If you have a site about weddings, like a site on planning a wedding, then you can promote a wedding speech product alongside other related products. If you have a site about public speaking, then you can include one or two products on wedding speeches.

I hope you enjoyed this week's niche. Please make sure to share it using the Share buttons below. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think! Leave a comment!

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