Niche Highlight Of The Week: Satellite TV Affiliate Programs

By Mary Ann Tordecilla
Niche Highlight Of The Week: Satellite TV Affiliate Programs


After a long time of providing tips and advice on how to find profitable niches, as well as how to get good keywords for a niche, I'm applying this information in my first ever niche research blog post

For this week’s niche, I decided to pick something in the film and entertainment industry- Satellite TV and movie download affiliate programs In this post I'm going to show you why this is a good niche, as well as the best satellite TV affiliate programs. If you'd like to promote movie or TV streaming affiliate products, then this post is also a great place to start.

Why did I pick this niche? Aside from being a movie fanatic, my decision is also based from practicality. For me, it is not only important to pick a popular niche but it’s also best to pick a niche that will never go out of season.

A high-traffic niche that is easy to promote and monetize

The entertainment niche is one of the most in demand niches of all time. There are a lot of reasons why the entertainment niche stay so popular. Probably one of the most evident reasons is that it’s an easy niche to promote and monetize.

Most of the niches you’ll find require you to supply good information for your readers. But this is not the case in the entertainment niche. The entertainment niche is more focused at entertainment itself- targeting the senses, particularly the emotions.

This means you do not really need to provide specialized knowledge or supply tips and advice to solve a particular problem or situation. Most of the time, bloggers in the entertainment niche are not required to respond to blog comments either.

Have you ever noticed that most entertainment websites practically post celebrity pictures with less or sometimes with no content in them? Still, these blogs get lots of traffic. :)

Keyword research and analysis

Now let us look at the stats by doing keyword research in Traffic Travis.

The first keyword that came to mind when I think of movie and TV download streaming is “movie download”. So I entered that keyword in Traffic Travis and below is the list of keywords I got:


I arranged the results according to their competition and so far I liked what I had with the low competition keywords:

  • Direct movie download
  • Movie download
  • Movies to download
  • Movies for download
  • HD movie downloads

The keywords above all have “buyer intent”, and they are also good candidates for “call to action”. And since the market I am targeting is global, I only focused on the Global Count column. I am still very happy because I am looking at good global count from 90,000 to 30M for my low competition keywords.

But just to make sure that I am targeting keywords that I can rank for with little SEO effort, I run a quick search for these keywords in Google.

The purpose of running a search in Google is to have an idea how “low” a competition is for that keyword.  By searching in Google, you will see the number of websites that use the same keyword.

To do this, just enter your keyword enclosed in quotation marks (example: "movie download). Enclosing your keyword in quotation marks will give you the number of websites that are using the “exact keyword” you entered.

Let us try the first keyword as an example. Please see picture below for my first keyword entered in Google (BTW, I am using Google US for this search):

Based from my SEO experience, an easy keyword is a keyword that will not go beyond 500K search results in Google.

For “direct movie download”, Google returned 108,000 search results. I consider this number acceptable and I will list this down as one of my target keywords for my website.

I will just repeat the steps above for the rest of my keywords and have everything listed in one Excel file, including important information like global searches, search results I find in Google, and so on. Creating a master list for all my keywords in the movie and TV download and streaming niche is one way to get organized.

Movie Download Affiliate Programs

So I had all my keywords listed. I went to Clickbank to look for good products for my movie and TV download and streaming niche and found three affiliate websites that interest me. They all have good gravity scores.

1. Imoviesclub

The Imoviesclub provide users download and streaming services. What I loved about this affiliate site is they offer options. For one, they have 3 kinds of membership- Platinum (2 years unlimited movies), Gold (3 months unlimited movies), and Silver (1 month unlimited movies). Aside from that, they do not rebill users. All their membership fees are one-time bill only.

The website also provides download options. Users may download the full movie in their PC, TV, portable device, and even in their mobile phone.

Also, I loved this website because they have the Support section.

2. Isatellitelink

This Isatellitelink website has a lot of good features to offer users- almost 3600 HD channels, radio channels, media converter, stream downloader, and many more.

Like the first website, this one also has no recurring fees although they only have one kind of membership fee. But with all the nice features they offer users, I would prefer this one from the previous affiliate site I found.

3. Tvfreeload

Unlike the first two, the TVfreeload only offers TV shows and they also have a lot of anime shows. They offer 1200 plus TV and anime shows. They have simple features as compared to the first two websites, but still good for me.

Currently, the website offers Platinum members lifetime access. This interests me so I will also include this one on the list of possible products to promote.

So there you have it! As I previously mentioned, the entertainment niche is a good and profitable niche, which is always in demand. However, this niche also has a lot of competition.

Thus, the crucial step here is to really focus on your keywords. You can find tons of keywords in the movie and TV download and streaming niche. Try to pick the ones that you can easily rank for (just as what I have shown above).

You can do keyword research with the use of software like Traffic Travis. Get a free copy of Traffic Travis now to be one step ahead of your competition.

And just to stay on track with building my movie and TV download and streaming site, I'm going to take the AffiloBlueprint 3.0 course.

Time to get busy! But hey, feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts! :)

Ron Martin 12 years ago
I tought your post was very informative and right on the mark.
This was like hands on.
I'm a newbee and seaching alot of information on how to get started. I have takeing The free affilaroma Blue course. It gave me alot great info. If you have any info on how to bill a web sight hands on. I would would appreciate it.
Ron ([email protected])
Jack Ernissee 12 years ago
Thanks for the great info! Hadn't thought about the TV Movie Niche. You guys are great and have helped so many with all the FREE info and training you provide. Keep up the good work.
Check out my FB Page:

Chris Thomas 12 years ago
Great Post, I love your reasoning behind targetting this niche, however I checked out the remaining keywords you highlighted and found them to have very high competition. 2mil + The best keyword you show would be "direct movie download" which TT also say should be relatively easy to rank for, however EMD is not available. Also would it not be better to look at local figures instead of global? so what would you do next -
I have many questions as none of my websites are making money - so keen to get thorough understanding and make the next site a winner :0)
12 years ago
Thanks for the heads up on the new TV programs. This is one that I really enjoy Click Here!
Joe M1 12 years ago
I think I will consider this when I build my next site.
pozycjonowanie Rzeszów 11 years ago
Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thanks!