New Video Lessons and Private Label Rights

By Affilorama Group
New Video Lessons and Private Label Rights


I've been talking to Marc Lindsay of, he's flying in to meet me and help me record a video tutorial of how to make the most of PLR articles. 

This will be available to members of affilorama shortly. Just another announcement, I'm off to LA, Vegas (World Internet Summit), Austin and New York in September. 

If any of you are nearby and would like to meet me for a coffee or anything, let me know and I'll do my best to squeeze you in.

I'll be working very hard on affilorama while I am away, part of what I am doing is filming more interviews with affiliate gurus for the members area of the affilorama website. 

I just recently filmed an amazing video interview with Michel and Sylvie fortin from and Also another great interview with Alan Forest Smith from They will be online within the next week in the members area. 

One great tip that Michel and Sylvie shares is with regard to email marketing. How often do you read a full long email, as opposed to a short quick one? Personally I often save the long ones for later and often don't even get around to reading them (being so busy as I am!). Michel has tested this and has found that when sending out emails, if you write short emails (say a few lines), and then finish with a dot-dot-dot and then a link saying 'Read On' that links to the rest of your article on a webpage on your website; that produces a higher readership rate. It also means that you can track how many people are reading your email by tracking the number of visitors to your webpage, AND allows you to make more money by having adsense ads on your webpage. Cool huh? 

For those of you who don't have a newsletter, don't worry, I show you step-by-step using video lessons how to do this in the affilorama members area (and a lot lot more step by step video lessons on everything to do with affiliate marketing). Another tip to increase readership of your newsletters, is to add a '-' to either side of your name, and/or subject line. 

Imagine receiving emails from the following people: 

Frank Stevens
Ian Michaels
Sarah Breen
Clark Ellery
Greg Fitzmaurice
- George Peterson -
Paul Fahy
Lance Phillips
Sarena Long
Rachel Baty

Notice how George Peterson's name stands out there? Yet it doesn't look over hyped, or anything. 

I hope you liked those quick email tips, my interview with Michel and Sylvie went for about 50 mins so there was a lot of great advice in there. They are doing very well not just from copywriting (which is what Michel is known for), but from Affiliate marketing as well. 

Sylvie likes to set up PLR sites. What she does in brief is use PLR articles as 'research'. Her staff rewords the articles so that they are unique content, yet it doesn't take anywhere near as much time as writing the articles from scratch.

I'll be talking more about that and how people make money from Private Label Rights articles with Marc Lindsay on Saturday when I do a video interview with him.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, please comment, I welcome all messages!


Sean Morrissy 18 years ago
hey Mark, you certainly get around :)

I love the tip about making your emails short and adding a link to content on your site. This makes so much sense, I don't know why I wasn't doing it before.

Tangaz 18 years ago
Nice one, that '-' around your name idea was a beauty. Ta.
Beauty 18 years ago
Wow, I love Michel Fortin, I didn't realize you knew him! You do get around, looking forward to that interview.

You'll be pleased to know I had my record week last week - only $277. But not bad for my 4th week considering that's all from free traffic!

I'll private message you to have a look at my site soon and see if I can optimize it further, other than that I'm still following your 90 day plan.

Good luck with everything!

Rohan Singh 18 years ago
I've been testing with email campaigns for some time and I agree with the '-' idea and also the short email idea. Both increased my readership by about 15-20%.

Another tip to increase readership, is to have the subject say:

RE: your email

or something like that, because people open ones more that say RE: in front.

Don't do this all the time, only when you have a really important email. I find this increases readership of the email by about 15% on top of the other things you mentioned.

Keep up the good work, love the blog! What a great industry this is.

Sarah 18 years ago
Am I the only one who was like huh? Honestly I am a totally new to this, where do I get started?

Can you just show me how to build a website that says hello! and it has my own .com name on it!

Sorry I am totally new, but I think this would be a very good blog if you answered this for me. If I can even get a website online, then I can learn anything.

Sarah clueless but keen :)
Sarah 18 years ago
Thank you Mark, I appreciate it.

Glad to see you're human and care about what people want to know. This seems like it has the makings of a great blog!

Sorry I have not become a member of Affilorama yet, I am thinking strongly about it though!

PEDRO-ELÍAS 18 years ago
Skeptical 18 years ago
Sounds like a good plan, and show it in a month making some money or something!
Frank 18 years ago
Great advice about emails. I am new to this and I do not have a clue where to begin using emails to promote my affiliate sites, any suggestions?? Frank
Mike 18 years ago
Hello Mark, Can i use affiliorama without clickbank? as click bank is not listed in my country
Charlie Yeoh 18 years ago
Thanks for the tips Mark. I have just come across your site a couple of days ago & have watched your videos & learned a few new things as well.
Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago
Hi Mark. Wow!!! Absolutely amazing how such small tweaks can be golden nuggets.

I especially loved the tip about making your emails short and adding a link to content on your site.