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New Google Keyword Tool

New Google Keyword Tool

The following is a guest blog post by Matthew Carter:

Hey everybody,

So it looks like Google has brought out a new keyword tool!

I have recently spent some time using it, and overall I was really impressed with the new metrics and the way Google are displaying the keyword data.

In this post I have provided an explanation with screen shots, of some of the initial things that I think are going to be really useful with the new tool.

The first and very obvious difference that I can see, is that Google now displays the search by "website" box in a very obvious place, which wasn't the case in the old interface.

Searching on websites for keywords is a great way to spy on your competition, and uncover all the keywords that Google thinks the site is about. These are keywords that you could consider targeting for your campaigns, and also use in your webpage content, as Google obviously thinks these words are relevant.

Another major difference that I can see is that when you search on a keyword, the results that Google gives are now related categories, rather than just words that contain your original keyword in them.

If you look at the example in the image below, I have searched for "learn spanish online" and will notice that Google now displays results for lateral keywords. For example "spanish courses" and even "learn German" and "learn Italian".

Although this may take some getting used to, as the results are no longer just keywords with your original 'seed keyword' in them, I think by providing lateral keywords, Google gives you some great ideas of other keywords, niches and even subniches you could potentially target.

If you look over to the left of the interface you'll see the categories that Google has included for the keywords that it's displaying. You can simply uncheck the boxes of categories that you are not interested in, and refine you search to categories you think are more relevant for you.

I think that this data on categories will be very helpful, however you can choose to search based on keywords related to the seed keyword also if you prefer. All you have to do is check the box at the top under the "Advanced options" that says "ideas containing my search terms"

Under the same "Advanced options" category, you'll also notice that Google has now provided the option for "mobile search". This is an interesting addition to the tool, as I think Google are possibly alluding to the importance of targeting mobile devices. Although the search results are not as high, I think this is something that Google feels is going to change, and perhaps something to consider for your own campaigns.

I'm not totally convinced yet, on the return on investment that targeting mobile devices will give at this stage, as currently the lack of flash videos on mobile devices is a concern. However, perhaps marketing some CPA form fill offer might work best.

One more feature in the tool, that I found interesting was over on the left menu, where Google has displayed, in blue text, the category that the keywords it is displaying fall under.

I find this fascinating as Google are telling you how they categorize their keywords. This sort of information is useful to know when you are building your sites. As to get the best effect for SEO, it's best to create a 'Silo' structure. Therefore you can now easily replicate the way Google does this and give back to them what they want. I can't help but think this will have a positive effect for your SEO.

Finally one more addition that is very obvious, is the inclusion of a link to "Google Insights" next to each keyword entry. This provides some very rich data on the history of the keyword in Google over time, and is excellent market intelligence data at the click of the mouse. You can immediately see if the keyword is experiencing positive growth or is declining.

All in all I think there are some great additions to the tool, however it will take some getting used to, as the major difference is the way Google now displays related keywords that are lateral to the original seed keyword phrase you searched on, mixed in together with 'lateral' keywords also.

I hope you enjoy this blog post, I'm really interested in hearing your comments below.

Also, if you gained value from this post, then you'll LOVE my new FREE report on How to get high search engine rankings and cash in with free traffic, I've already received over 200 positive comments about this report on my own blog already, I recommend you check it out.

Note: The above guest blog post by Matthew Carter may not reflect the views and opinions of Affilorama.

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  • Reply Daniel Anim-Appiah • 4032 days ago

    Wow! A very helpful information. I will study this in detail and give it a trial.

  • Reply Ray • 4032 days ago

    Just when I was getting the hang of the original tool Google has to change things! I will go through
    Matthews post to speed up the learning curve.

    What no one seems to have picked up on is that you can get more than 100 keywords IF you sign up for an Adwords account. A forced "upsell"?

  • Reply William • 4032 days ago

    Have been using the tool extensively over the past day or two. Pity one cannot have default advance settings i.e. everytime you sign in you need to set the advance info first. Other than that, a nice tool.

  • Reply Ashley Joyner • 4032 days ago

    This is still in beta test mode in the UK at the moment, but I am impressed with it. As you say the Google insights tool next to the keyword is a very welcome bonus.
    I think only time will tell if its going to be more helpful with my SEO research.

  • Reply Carsten Dybkjaer4032 days ago

    Very useful information :-)
    I cannot find the possibility to download the keywords. Do you know if it is in the new version?
    thanks Carsten

  • Reply cat care • 4032 days ago

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I've been away for a couple of days so I'm looking forward to checking this out myself. Love how Google keeps making it easier for us marketers.

  • Reply Henry Kunz • 4032 days ago


    I see in my part of the world (South Africa) it is still listed as a Beta version but it appears to be fully functional. I had not used the tool for a couple of weeks and I wasn't aware of the new release.

    Thanks very much for a most informative overview of the new features.

  • Reply Grant • 4032 days ago


    Estimated Average CPC shows up for me as soon as the keyword results are displayed.

    I was simply logged into my Gmail account, which of course gives me access to all my Google services, and turned on that column.

    Even tried switching some other columns on and off but could not get it to fail.

    Perhaps try turning on ALL columns and see what happens.

    Note sure why it may not be displaying for you.

  • Reply Ian • 4032 days ago

    The mobile search addition is useful to guage the likely traffc you'd get on these devices and at present in the main clearly seems to be a very tiny percentage compared to same search terms using traditional search method types ie desktop/laptop.(for keywords I looked at anyway). Interesting.

  • Reply John Vazquez4032 days ago

    Just noticed the new tool yesterday in Beta. I have to admit I selected the old version to do some work. I guess I was a bit rushed. Anyway, thanks for the breakdown. I'll be using it to break down the competition and to generate more ideas.

  • Reply Siddhu • 4031 days ago

    Wow.. this is really wonderful work by google :)

  • Reply Colombia Ecoturimso • 4031 days ago

    Thank you for the in depth information about getting the most from the new google search tool. I've actually come across this a couple times in the last few weeks and was actually a bit annoyed. I wanted the "old" google keyword tool!! After reading your post, I have a much better understand how this new tool is really to my benefit. Again, many thanks.

  • Reply STAIHARD • 4031 days ago

    Great write up, it's always nice to have the upper hand when it comes to internet marketing. Great job Matthew!

  • Reply Kim • 4031 days ago

    Great piece from the marketer's standpoint. Shows a good knowledge of Google-Think too.

  • Reply Viv Smitheram4031 days ago

    Hi Grant

    Thanks for following up on my question.

    I have been in and I clicked on 'views' and found the option in there to select 'estimated AVG CPC', plus many more that I could have to show up in the results, so I'm all good now :)

  • Reply Aaron Elliott • 4031 days ago

    Does anyone know how to paste a bunch of keywords in the tool and only show the results for these keywords? For example I place 30 keywords in the "Word or Phrase" box and then the tool returns keyword ideas as well as my keywords, however I only want my keywords period...

    I can't work out how to do this, but I remember I used to be able to do it fine with the old version, is there something Im missing?

  • Reply Aidan • 4031 days ago

    We've been using this version in Australia for months now, takes a bit of getting used to particularly if you are after estimated ad positions and cpcs for adwords users. Good tool though for keyword discovery.

  • Reply dailybreakingnews • 4031 days ago

    Thank you very much for sharing this article. It looks great even though, it's yet to hit where I'm at right now; fingers crossed it will soon and when it does, this heads-up article will come in handy.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Reply Chris Harrosh • 4031 days ago

    Matt, as always some great stuff here! As you know the early bird gets the worm my friend and thanks again for sharing this with your loyal followers!

  • Reply Patrick • 4030 days ago

    GREAT POST..!! Was not aware of the new keyword tool by google. Now that I am I'll definitely be checking it out soon. I need all the help I can get.

  • Reply ampie_g4030 days ago

    @Aaron Elliott I don't think there's an option to get results without including the new keywords. At least I didn't find any.

  • Reply TechCore • 4030 days ago

    Excellent post mate! And I'm glad we aren't the only ones talking about the Google Keyword Tool Beta's new capabilities, especially the Categories they've introduced, I think you've done a fantastic job at describing the new interface, the new parameters in place, additional details Google is now providing to its keyword tool users etc, well done.

    Like you, we've been covering the Beta release as well, and I must say it's been an absolute treat reading your post as it is so in tune with a video we recently did about the subject and how Google's Keyword Tool Beta and The Internet Time Machine's Powerful PPC Niche Market Detection Technology tie in so well together.

    The video is up on YouTube for you and all to see : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePvBARGLOU8

    Keep up the great work!

  • Reply Kathaleen Dunford4029 days ago

    Hi Matthew, thanks for a succinct and very well written post on the changes in Google's keyword tool. You brought to my attention a few features I had missed in my first look that will be most useful in my endeavours. Cheers.

  • Reply Roshan Nepal • 4029 days ago

    yes these new tools are very useful. i especially like the ideas feature.

  • Reply Amin • 4029 days ago

    I am very impressed with the article I have just read. I wish the writer can continue to provide so much practical information and unforgettable experience to the readers. I will be back. Bookmark!

  • Reply kay • 4028 days ago

    Brilliant! Thank you so much. I am finding the new layout so different that I keep clicking "old interface" now I think I'll spend a bit of time getting used to it.

  • Reply Con Van Dyk • 4028 days ago

    When I got to the Google keyword tool site I thought I got to the wrong site. I was somewhat confused at first but got used to the new format. However, your post was extremely helpful to me and shortened my learning curve. I think once we get used to the new and improved format we'll get even better insights to our keywords. Matt, as always, thanks for the great info.

  • Reply Gregory Lee-A-Ping4028 days ago

    great post before I signed in today I just started using google keyword tool and like you said the changes are better than before and give people the chance to use it differently.

  • Reply French Property Agency • 4028 days ago

    Priceless info and have already used this to identify some interesting niche phrases I had simply not thought of!

  • Reply Aaron Elliott4028 days ago

    Thanks AmpieG - Guess Ill have to paste each keyword manually! :( : (

  • Reply Jose • 4027 days ago

    This information is super usefull thank you all

  • Reply Courtney Craig4026 days ago

    Nice job covering the bases on this one. Maybe Google should post you up for tutorial...it got me through the highlights and changes quickly enough. Thanks again.

  • Reply muslih72 • 4026 days ago

    nice article, but where we got adword tool from google ?

  • Reply Second Click4026 days ago

    Thanks! Google continues to rule the internet with tools like this for FREE ! :-)

  • Reply ffbvgd • 4023 days ago

    i hate the new interface . its rubbish .
    got to keep going back to old

  • Reply Barb Pattison • 4021 days ago

    Thanks for posting this. You explain things very clearly. I didn't like the look of the new version so immediately clicked back to the old one. After reading your post, I'm going to give the new tool another shot. It sounds like it has some important advantages.

  • Reply Alyssa • 4016 days ago

    Does anyone know how to paste a bunch of keywords in the tool and only show the results for these keywords? For example I place 30 keywords in the "Word or Phrase" box and then the tool returns keyword ideas as well as my keywords, however I only want my keywords period...

    I can't work out how to do this, but I remember I used to be able to do it fine with the old version, is there something Im missing?

  • Reply Kenny Perkins4016 days ago

    I find the new Google tool to be really good but its gonna take some getting used to like you said. I like that you can now check and get Broad, , and "phase" keyword data with out typing it in your self. Very fun stuff!!

  • Reply Miles • 4008 days ago

    Thanks for helping me understand this new tool! I had a couple of Ah Ha! Moments while reading your blog. Thanks.

  • Reply simon • 4002 days ago

    Great post, well done!

  • Reply junaid • 4001 days ago

    Thanks for helping me understand this new tool! I had a couple of Ah Ha! Moments while reading your blog. Thanks.

  • Reply Joko Susilo • 3999 days ago

    But personally which one do you choose: new version or old version?

  • Reply Chester8111 • 3992 days ago

    I appreciate the tips on Google's Keyword tool. I have been drilling deeper into keyword phrases to pickup the extra traffic. The related categories aspect of the keyword tool is great for new ideas and phrases.

  • Reply blogger03 • 3982 days ago

    Great Post! The google keyword tool used to be one of my preferred methods for research, but it feels like it is lacking now.

    Another great tool to use can be found at http://www.visible.net/tools/keywords/

    I look forward to reading more articles from you!

  • Reply Gamertag • 3978 days ago

    The only thing I'm having trouble with is getting the estimated/average cpc to display. I guess I will need to login to get that info.

  • Reply david kimberley • 3898 days ago

    Im getting used to the new interface, its cool. Sure the old one was pretty straight forward. I was actually wondering how reliable the keyword tool was, Ive bought domains thinking they where in the hundreds of thousands to check back a few days later and there numbers have dropped by quite a large fraction, what gives?

  • Reply alen tower air purifier t300 • 3833 days ago

    Good post. Still miss the older version. Guess with time it will get better. Thanks.

  • Reply Geollissinant • 3819 days ago

    This site saved me $487 for the year or so! These are a web-based service and they are generally kind, caring, along with take fantastic care of the clientele. Most importantly for me, they answer emails and response telephone calls with humans.

  • Reply Lisa Angelettie • 3815 days ago

    Nice article. I prefer the old interface though. That's why I went ahead and just bought Market Samurai. But this is a great piece for folks just figuring it all out.

  • Reply Carole • 3066 days ago

    Using Google's Keyword Tool for SEO is an incorrect use of this tool in my opinion. The Google keyword tool can indicate keywords that are popular, but its best use is for Google Adwords. If you want a tool for supercharging your SEO activity, then I would stay away from the FREE tools and opt for a purpose built keyword research engine. Good luck everyone with your Keyword research activities.

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