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NEW! AffiloTools Social Discovery Has Arrived

NEW! AffiloTools Social Discovery Has Arrived

There's a new kid in town, and what he's got to offer is going to rock your social socks off. The Social Media Discovery Module in AffiloTools has finally been released, and it comes with a lot of exciting possibilities for your social strategy. 

Have you ever found yourself...

1) Struggling to find specific information on social media?

2) Bored with your feed?

3) Not knowing where to start when finding social media authorities in your niche?

4) Having trouble finding relevant, recent information when researching for your own articles?

The Social Discovery Module in AffiloTools will be able to help you solve these problems and many more, all in the same suite of affiliate marketing tools you're already using (I hope). You can manage your social media more thoroughly, check the health of your website, monitor your traffic, find backlink possibilities, check on your rankings, AND manage your keywords, all in the one place. It's simply the best to be able to do all of this without having to open a million tabs!

So, to put an end to my rambling on in excitement, let's dive in, shall we?

How does it work?

Part A: Discover Content

Load up AffiloTools and head to "Discovery" under "Social" in the left-hand sidebar menu:

Social Discovery Tool

You'll then be able to start adding topics for relevant information.

Adding Topics

Straight away, AffiloTools will find you information on a topic that you can then post to social media without even leaving AffiloTools. Just choose an article that could be useful to your followers (you can preview it by clicking on the link), and then click "Share with my Followers:"

Share with followers

Then you just need to select your specifications for the post. A box will pop up in which you can edit the caption for the post, select whether you'd like a thumbnail image, and highlight which social network you'd like to post to (Facebook or Twitter).

posting options

A shortened version of the link has even been generated for you using bit.ly already, because nobody likes big ugly links, especially on social media! Once you have everything as you like it, simply click "POST."

You may have noticed in the top right-hand corner there are options for filtering your result. If you are looking specifically for a particular type of media, such as articles, infographics, or videos, you can easily un-check the other options to refine your search. You can also prioritize your results, either by relevance or how recent the post is.

filter results

Part B: Discover People

Finding cool content to share is just half of the new module. AffiloTools can now find you authorities in a niche, too. Making sure that your relevant topics are entered, click "Discover People."

Discover People

This will give you a list of people on social media related to your topic. It will even tell you how many connections they have, so you know how far their influence spreads. You can easily follow these experts by clicking the big "FOLLOW" button.

Discovering people

Filter discovering people

Once again, you can filter your results. This time, you can see whether people following you have connections to this topic, or you can choose to discover new people you're not yet following.

Either way, you can now find people, and post content, all without leaving AffiloTools!

So What Can I Do Now?

Great question! Here are some ideas for how you can use the social media discovery tool for your own social media strategy:

1. Expand Your Social Reach by Finding and Following Relevant People

​Spend some time in the Social Discovery module finding people related to certain topics in your niche. Start following those with the most connections, and see if you get any helpful new information in your feed. If they post something you like, comment on it, or you can share it on your own page if it will be of value to your followers.

Commenting on other people's posts will help them to notice you, and you get a chance at getting some interaction in return. You're then sharing your audience exposure. That way, the social media ripple effect can work its magic on your social media brand, which will eventually increase interest and traffic.

2. Daily Content Sharing vs. Scheduling Once a Week

To encourage others to interact with you, you'll need to provide value to them. If you have an empty social media page, others will skim over it. You need to appear current and relevant, which you can't do unless you're posting fresh information regularly. 

Ideally, you'll be posting updates about your website's latest content, but no mere mortal can produce enough content to sate the appetite of social media. Also sharing content from other authorities helps to:

  1. Maximize the amount of quality content that you can provide to your followers.
  2. Get your brand more exposure, as these experts may thank you for sharing their content, and could even return the favor in future.

And the AffiloTools Social Discovery module helps you find all this information and all these authorities. 

You can either dedicate time to this daily, say 10-30 minutes in the evenings or morning, or you can take the articles you find here, and schedule them using the Facebook or Twitter tools in the Social Media module of AffiloTools:

schedule posts

Whether you put in smaller daily efforts or a single weekly block of scheduling time, you need to keep your social media profile active every day to appear current and build a following.

3. Easy As-You-Go Research for Your Own Content

As you review this content you've found in Social Discovery, you'll find a lot of information snippets that are of interest to you. Make notes of links and information that inspires you in a document. Then, when it comes to creating content for your own site, you have a bunch of resources for your research sitting right there.

This is one of the easiest ways to do research that you barely notice while working on your social media strategy, and can really save you a lot of time in future! You can even eventually make a 'mega-list' of all the resources you've found on particular topics, which can be an attractive post in itself. 

4. Monitor the Impact of Your Efforts with Account Insights

At the end of the day, we want to see our efforts working right? You've already been able to monitor your social success with AffiloTools, but as you follow others via Social Discovery, interact with them, and post new content via your Social Discovery findings, keep an eye on what's working and what isn't with the Account Insights for Facebook and Twitter:

Account Insights

Then you can adjust your strategy accordingly to get yourself the best social media reach possible. After all, the murmurs that SMO is just as important as SEO are growing louder daily, so don't get left behind!

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  • Reply Cindy Dinatale1446 days ago

    I think this is a great strategy for potential traffic and more importantly, interaction with your visitors. Social media is the way of the future and this is an effective technique to get maximum exposure, in terms of internet marketing.

    Gina Broom1433 days ago

    I'm glad you liked it Cindy :)

    I agree completely, social media grows more and more important all the time, and marketers really do need to get on board.

    It can be time consuming to do thoroughly though, so it's great to have tools to help!

  • Reply manuel cadag1423 days ago

    Can we post link for CB affiliates like affilorama link?

    Melissa Johnson1420 days ago

    Sorry, Manuel, I am not exactly sure what you're asking. Can you clarify?

  • Reply Rhonda 1413 days ago

    This is awesome! It's going to save me so much time! I have several apps now that help me with all of this but having everything all in one place has me dancing on the table ;) So thankful for Affilorama and all its awesome people!

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