My Bonuses For Frank Kern's Mass Control Launch

By Affilorama Group
My Bonuses For Frank Kern's Mass Control Launch


Hey Guys, In my last post I wrote my review of Frank Kern's Mass Control product.

Frank is selling Mass Control for $2000, and I want to offer a bonus that is worth $2000 in of itself (that you will receive if you choose to purchase through my link).

I've had a good think about what would be the best value bonus that I could possibly offer for Frank Kern's Mass Control Launch. And I've come up with something that I feel will be excellent for any newbie to intermediate marketer.

I'm going to run a private coaching course.

This will be limited to 25 people maximum so that you get more than enough of my time to get all your questions answered during the live training. All coaching training will be recorded so that you can access it at a later date, and so if you miss a call, you can still download the training.

It'll be run through gotomeeting, so you'll be able to see my screen as I show you how to do things, and you'll be able to ask questions to me live online, or via email, as you progress through the course. What will be involved in this course is that I'll be teaching you:

* How to build an affiliate website (from registering a domain name to hosting, to marketing and making money)
* Finding profitable markets
* Keyword Research
* Search Engine Optimization
* Outsourcing (so you can get your articles, and so forth created for you if you wish)
* Getting visitors to your website
* Setting up a newsletter
* Creating a high quality, profitable affiliate newsletter sequence
* Dirty tips and tricks (legal, but sneaky and highly profitable affiliate tips).

By the end of this course, you'll have your very own high quality affiliate website set up, marketing will be underway and you'll have a marketing plan for the future.

You'll have the know-how to set up future affiliate websites in the future and can refer back to these video lessons at any point in time. Sound like a good deal?

I'll be personally critiquing your work as you go along, plus you'll meet the other group members so you'll have others to get to know who are on the same path as you. I'll run this course weekly over 8 weeks.

So, to get this incredible bonus above, make sure that when you purchase Frank Kern's Mass Control (which is incredible value), that you purchase through my affiliate link below:

Product not for sale anymore.

Your friend,


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Ben Montaigue 16 years ago
Hi Mark,

I am not interested in mass control just yet as I'm a newbie and feel that it would be too much to take in as you said in your last blog. But I'm very interested in your course and would like to know how much it is. I know you say it's worth 2000 but if I was going to pay that much I'd just buy mass control.

Mark Ling 16 years ago
Ok, I will offer it separately if the 25 spots don't get filled. If this is the case, I'll sell the remaining spots for $1100 each. Regards, Mark
Kristine 16 years ago
Hi Mark -
Although I cannot afford Mass Control (even in 3 potential payments) yet, I just wanted to tell you how refreshing this and your last email was about Mass Control.

I too have been absolutely inundated with bonus after bonus after bonus and to be quite honest, I felt like a customer held hostage in a used-car dealership!

"C'mon over here and buy through me and I'll give you $7000 in free bonuses!"

"No! C'mon over here and buy through ME and I'll give you $10000 in bonuses!"

"C'mon now, come over here and I'll give you $20000 in free bonuses PLUS "super secret" bonuses not available anywhere else!"

Oh my lord! It has turned me off completely - being someone who is aggressively moving into Internet Marketing, I have to tell you, I'm learning what NOT to say to people.

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty - especially in your last email about it not being for "newbies". You have always shown nothing but true, honest character and for anyone reading this, if you have a chance to take Mark up on his offer, do it. I believe that this is one of the few places you'll get what you pay for.

- Kristine