More Wrinkles, More Money with Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

By Mary Ann Tordecilla
More Wrinkles, More Money with Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs


Who would ever want to talk about wrinkles? This is probably one of the most love-to-hate beauty topics since no one ever wants to have them (no, not anytime soon!) but plenty of people talk about them — if only to complain that they exist! 

The first time I noticed several lines forming under my eyes, I completely freaked out! My heart immediately sank at the thought of me earning those ugly wrinkles at a young age. Ugh! 

But I am not here to discuss my wrinkles and how I just love to despise them. Since we are all marketers here, I will say that you might love to have wrinkles — not on your face, but as your niche :) 

Yep! There's money in wrinkles. According to The Dermatologist website, a study from Stanford Center for Longevity reveals that by 2050 and beyond, approximately 21% of the US population will be 65 years and older.

Even non-experts can understand what that means. As we grow older, the need to fight or at least slow down the aging process becomes (very) strong. But I promise you, the people who are worried about wrinkles aren't waiting until they're 65 to start doing something about it. 

When it comes to internet marketing, a niche that is in demand is a good niche to promote. In the anti-aging niche, more wrinkles means more money.

Deconstructing the Anti-Aging Niche

The anti-aging niche is not really hard to promote. You just have to understand that it's not just about helping people look good, but also helping them feel good inside.

Promoting an anti-aging affiliate programs calls for information, and lots of it. Your readers are going to be curious, and they're going to want to be informed. You have to carefully construct your content by spending time on research, backing up your claims with valid information from authorities and experts in the field.

Generally, the websites for this niche should at least have one of these elements in their content:

  • Product testimonials from real people.
  • Research from established authorities.
  • Articles written to resonate with readers.

To have a better understanding of how websites should be constructed in this niche, let's check the two website samples below:

1. Best Anti-Aging

This is a 2-year-old website focused on anti-aging product reviews (mostly over-the-counter creams) but the site also provides news articles and tips on anti-aging. Overall, this is a typical review site and blog about fighting the signs of age (e.g., those darn wrinkles). 

2. Anti Aging Beauty Zone

This 3-year-old website has a more targeted audience than the first site. It caters to women ages 40 and over, who are looking for broad assortment of anti-aging solutions. The articles and products promoted on the site vary from anti-aging creams to cosmetic treatments (both surgical and non-surgical). Unlike the first site, this website is managed by an author and has a more personal tone in its articles.


Traffic Overview And Comparison

Best Anti-Aging Traffic Overview

Anti Aging Beauty Zone Traffic Overview


Traffic Comparison

I obtained the traffic overview for these websites from SimilarWeb.Com. Based on the data above, you can see both websites perform well in terms of daily and monthly traffic.

You can also see that both sites' main traffic source is organic search, which tells us that the site owners probably spend most of their time on SEO or/and content marketing campaigns.

Another important data to look at is the direct traffic percentage. The higher the percentage of the direct traffic, the better.

It is not surprising that both websites are gaining high traffic per month since both are heavy on content. They provide their audiences with a lot of useful information related to skincare and anti-aging from from how-to's and beauty advice to product reviews.


Niche Popularity

What Does Google Trends Say?

Based on the Google Trends graph above, interest in the anti-aging niche continues to grow every year (though you'll see that it's a little bit cyclical, probably related to seasonal changes). The complete report here also shows the top countries where people are searching for the term anti-aging, along with several related keyword searches, which gives us an idea on where to find the target market and what keywords to promote for the anti-aging niche.

Niche Standing on Instagram


Using Websta Analytics, we can see the content engagement on Instagram, based on the number of hashtags for anti-aging. The engagement numbers are pretty good with more than 1 million hits for #antiaging alone. You can also see popular hashtags that relate to our main keyword. You can check out the complete report here.


More Social Data on BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is one of my favorite websites for checking the trending topics on social media. I use this site to get an idea of what types of content are most liked and shared for a specific niche.

Above, BuzzSumo has compiled the most-shared articles across social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) for the term "anti-aging."

You can see a common trend here — the most-shared articles are about non-surgical solutions, specifically anti-aging products.

Furthermore, the data gives us some insights into how to write the articles, especially if you’ll include social media marketing on your campaign. There are three lists and two recipes in the top results, plus news articles. 

Additionally, BuzzSumo makes it possible to check for specific anti-aging products mentioned within the articles, which you can consider promoting on your website as well. You can also use the trending articles feature to come up with keyword ideas for the website, which we'll take a look at next.


Keyword Research

Before doing your keyword research, ALWAYS make sure that you already have a specific niche or sub-niche in mind. The more specific your topic is, the easier and less confusing for you to do the keyword research task.

For the anti-aging niche, I have chosen to promote anti-aging creams only. My target market is both men and women, no specified age. So let us run the keyword “anti aging creams” in AffiloTools:

I got 6 keywords for the keyword match (results for exact keywords). All of them are very competitive keywords (marked by the red line graph under the Competition column).

So I checked out the related keywords tab (results for similar keywords), which showed me 50 more results. The top 5 keywords are also very competitive:

So what I did is check the medium-competition keywords (marked by a yellow line graph) and the low-competition keywords (marked by a green line graph) under the Related Keywords tab. I found several keywords that I would likely use for the site (as marked below):

Overall, I have 4 medium-low competition keywords. That’s not enough keywords to build a good website, so it's time to check out the keywords under the high competition section and select the most suitable keywords for my niche.

Aside from my initial keyword search in AffiloTools, I will conduct another search in another search tool, and this time to get more keyword ideas for my niche. This extra step is very useful if you have more competitive keywords on the list.

You can use the keywords gathered by Google Trends, Websta Analytics, and BuzzSumo for this step. Additionally, you can also get more seed keywords from ÜberSuggest.


Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

Again, my sub-niche is anti-aging creams. Based on this niche, I have narrowed down my choice of products to the following anti-aging affiliate programs. These are only my top 3 products, but you can always add more if you find quality options that fit your niche. 

1. Anti-Aging Products

About Sell Health: is the leading affiliate program for general health and anti-aging products.

How much can I make?

SellHealth pays top commissions on all of its products, starting at 30% and going up to 50% or more for some. The site also pays 5% commission on every sale from an affiliate referral.

How do I apply?

You can sign-up as an affiliate through SellHealth's website here.

2. Murad

About Murad:

Howard Murad, M.D, is one of the greatest authorities on skincare in the US and has developed a line of skin care products to address a variety of needs, which are available through 

How much can I make?

Murad pays affiliates an 11% referral fee. Additionally, all the fulfillment details are taken care by the company, which means no overhead costs for affiliates.

How do I apply?

You can sign-up through CJ Affiliate here.

3. Juice Beauty

About Juice Beauty:

Juice Beauty is a Northern California-based skincare company, which offers organic beauty products and a luxurious customer experience.

How much can I make?

Juice Beauty pays 8-10% commission on all sales generated.

How do I apply?

You can sign-up as an affiliate through Rakuten LinkShare here.


Marketing Campaigns for the Anti-Aging Niche

Based on the niche popularity and keyword research that I have done above, you may have already figured out that this is quite a challenging niche. There’s just a lot of competition.

But this is not surprising, since anti-aging falls under the beauty niche, which is evergreen — people will always have an interest in the topic. Most affiliate marketers say that promoting an evergreen niche can be quite challenging because the market is already saturated — though some might say these niches are “oversaturated.”

While the whole concept to me is a bit of fluff, some niches certainly are much more competitive than others. But that doesn't mean there's no place for a new marketer to join the ranks. Giving up is not an option, especially when the demand is greater than the supply. There might be a lot of other marketers to contend with, but there are still more buyers than all those other people can actually sell to. 

If you commit to your goal and apply these strategic marketing techniques for competitive niches, you can do well, no matter how tough the competition is.

Here are ways to effectively promote the niche:

1. Build Up Your Content

“Content is king.” While the phrase is overused, it never gets old because it's just as true today as it was last year, or the year before, or the year before.... A website that is always updated with quality content attracts many more visitors over time. I have personally seen a lot of content-based websites (even those that are not fully optimized for SEO), rank well on SERPs. It's no secret that Google loves websites that provides users with good information based on the keywords they're using to search.

2. Optimize Your Pages for SEO

Surprisingly, some marketers still don't spend a lot of time on their onsite optimization. Instead, they are more focused on building links to their websites. While building backlinks is also important in SEO, did you know that a properly optimized website is more than enough to get your site to rank? You should spend more time optimizing your pages for SEO than building backlinks to your website. Make sure that your website can be crawled by search engines or all of your backlinks will be put to waste.

3. Create Your Own Email List

Having your own list of subscribers saves you a lot of time, money, and effort in marketing. Why? The list already contains your interested market. The autoresponder's purpose is to separate those who are really interested in what you offer from those who are just lurking on your website.

4. Generate Some Buzz on Social Media

The anti-aging niche can easily be promoted on social media, since this niche provides you with a lot of images you can use for marketing. Marketing with photos and other graphics on social media is one way to create a buzz about your website or your products. A successful campaign on social media can attract as much traffic as what you get from search engines.


Let’s Recap!

So far, this is what we have learned about anti-aging as an affiliate niche:

  It is an evergreen niche.

  The demand for anti-aging products is increasing and is expected to continue growing.

  There are many sub-niches to tackle, allowing you to differentiate yourself from others. 

  Competition is high. 

  The affiliate payout is good

  There are a lot of ways to market your products and reach audiences through organic methods and social media. 

Would I recommend this niche to affiliate marketers? Absolutely! Even though the competition is high, there are a lot of sub-topics that you can choose to explore. In addition to this, there's a great selection of products — both digital and physical. I can see many ways of monetizing a website for this niche. You could easily set up an eCommerce store, or simply build a content-based site to promote your affiliate links.

For more ideas on how you can monetize and promote an affiliate website, enroll in our AffiloBlueprint course now!

Tommy Johnson 8 years ago
Mary T,

I've always been interested in Anti-Aging and Acne but doing my research I found as your article indicates that the niche was too competitive and I thought it would be a waste of time.

Since reading your article I may pursue this niche again. Would you have any other information that you didn't share in the article that may be helpful?

Thanks as Always,
6 years ago
Great article, so i wanted to ask if you could add my website because im starting an affiliate program and in need of affiliates. I just posted an ad on facebook for it but i was wondering if you could add my site to the list. I want to offer 30-50% commissions on items priced between 100-199$ i dont know if thats high enough to call it high ticket though.