More controversy

By Affilorama Group
More controversy


Hey guys,

I just found a rather nasty post on a blog about me:

Link Expired

It's old news regarding one of my previous posts. Apparently I'm not a super affiliate because I don't know everything. Well if that's what a super affiliate is all about, then she's right.

Personally I believe being a super affiliate is about getting results and being able to help other people achieve success too. - Even if I am a bad speller!

If she was such a good affiliate, you'd think that she'd know how to run a good affiliate program. Especially given that her product has been around for so many years.

My SaleHoo product ranks #4 in the clickbank marketplace (A marketplace for affiliate programs).

Her's ranks a paultry 12th and is rapidly sliding.

Anyway, enough of that. On to some real news...

This weekend has been fantastic, I've recorded 4 new videos. 2 of them are on search engine optimization. I interviewed Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner from and they shared their insider secrets to how they achieve regular top 10 search engine results from Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I grilled them to the hilt, and I'll put those 2 videos (one was for beginners, and the other for advanced) in the members area of affilorama late this week.

They are also creating a step by step guide to search engine optimization that will accompany these videos.

Don't worry if you can't afford affilorama. I'll be creating pdf versions of the transcripts that I'll put on my blog for free for  you to download and read. Not quite as easy to digest as getting the 2 videos (almost 2 hours), plus the step-by-step guide, but it will be very helpful for you.

Remember guys I'm here to help and want to see all of you achieve success,

Take care,


James 18 years ago
If you're so small, then how did she even find your blog post? She must be reading it for some reason.

Hazel 18 years ago
I read her so called " Learn Affiliate Marketing" guide and was very disapointed! It was an ebook that was very hard to understand.

Anyway, can't wait for the video's on SEO and I will be joining in about 2 mins!

You seem like a very honest guy and that is hard to find on the internet these days.

Thanks Hazel
Terry 18 years ago
I just tried to comment on her blog and it doesn't even let me, it says that the blog is not accepting registrations right now!

Wow. I guess we've been spoilt being allowed to just post without registering here. Keep up the good work Mark.

John Brown 18 years ago
Hi I enjoy your posts. Just a quick sidenote on that spelling: Wreak is sometimes confused with wreck, perhaps because the wreaking of damage may leave a wreck -- from


Janet Luxbridge 18 years ago
I'm one for good spelling too, but I too can forgive that given the quality and helpfulness he has given me.

I first met Mark in the UK at the world internet summit and I can say that he is one of the most genuine and honest people around. It was such a refreshing change with all the other so-called gurus who were around and often weren't even doing as well as Mark.

I purchased Affilorama and was absolutely shocked at the quality and quantity of the lessons and resources. And I was even more blown away by the level of personal help Mark has given to me. Twice he even recorded video lessons specifically (privately) for me, just to ensure I understood what he was saying properly. Who else does that??

I am half way now towards earning a full time living by myself (not bad for 1 month!), I've been putting in the hard yards as Mark has motivated me to do and it IS paying off.

I used to believe that Rosalind was a good role model, especially for an older woman like myself, but the way she so blatently slandered you was very immature. Especially given that you had already admitted your own mistake.

Good on you Mark for sharing your knowledge, hopefully this matter will lay to rest for you soon.

Skeptic 18 years ago
Why not just post an online video lesson to prove that you know what you're talking about? I'm sure you've probably figured out what to do in google adwords now, I've heard lots of gurus talking about it, but a video lesson would really help.

I mean, relevancy.. huh. I have the most relevant quality sites possible still not getting listed and have heard of others with the same problem ($1 minimum etc).

I just need to see it in front of my eyes what to do, both with squeeze and review pages. If you can do this for free - and your advice works! - I will buy affilorama off you and learn everything else from you about affiliate marketing.

Are you up to my challenge?

Michael 18 years ago
It's kind of funny how petty people can be. I just recently tapped into Mark's training, and haven't bought affilorama. But I find that even his free content is great and resourceful. I have Rosalind's affiliate handbook course, and while I do value her training, the course is a lot of filler if you ask me. I guess she views Mark as a threat, it's funny to see these so called "Internet Marketing Superstars" get on each other when think someone is playing in their sandbox. I just read another email last night from another so called top internet marketer calling out another so called top internet marketer about the launch of his recent coaching program. If your making a lot of money, why not shut up and keep doing it. With over 1 Billion people currently online, and Millions more coming online every year, the marketplace is big enough for everyone. Personally I stay away from the marketers that do more self trumpeting and chest thumping than training.
Ron 18 years ago
Hey Mark,

I wouldn't worry about Rosliand. Her ebook is outdated now, and it wasn't such a find when it was piblished...(I bought it). It contains a lot of "stuff" but non of it is really solid in my opinion. Bunch of mainstream boring info. Even "The Rich Jerk" was better.
Keep uo the good work!

Adrian 18 years ago
Ok first of all. If you go out of your way and post on a blog to discredit someone like Rosalind has that's really shallow. I'm sorry but that's something a highschool teenager would do on their Myspace profile. I feel most of the things I have watched and read on Affilorama are beneficial. Being a member of both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, I have found valuable resources in both. I think it's best to take everything slowly and soak up the facts from different places and take everything in stride. As far as saying this program sucks, or that person doesn't know what they are doing is just low. Take it or leave it. Out Adrian,
Rachel 18 years ago
As an online entrepreneur and therapist I noted Rosalind's commentary about Mark with great interest. It is a sad state of affairs when a person does not have enough of their own good materials to present and he or she resorts to downgrading another person in a mean-spirited way. Feel sorry for this woman, she is not a happy camper and has allowed some kind of darkness to descend upon her spirit that has backfired on her in a very unbecoming manner in front of all her readers.
Shazz 18 years ago
I wouldn't think anything of it if I were you mark. just get on with things and don't let others get in your way.
Shelly 18 years ago
Hey Mark, do you think you could do a blog post where you tell us what some free alternatives are to the expensive software out there for building a website? I have a young child and have a lot of time at home where I can work on my computer but not much funds.

Most free web design software I have found involves me having to know a lot of html which is a bit beyond me! I'm sure there is some sort of "what you see is what you get" type stuff out there, I just can't find it!


ps I'm looking forward to those transcripts, thanks so much for providing such great free stuff. Can't wait to become a member some day!
tammy mays 18 years ago
You are doing a great job period, I don't care what anyone says I honestly think you are genuine in your effort to help us. Thank you for that.
I am having the same problem as Tom (above). Having a hard time learning how to build a website the right way. Also when you do find a little info here and there, it contradicts itself.
Do you think you could maybe go through the steps with us? Try to hit on the most important points?
With two of us asking the same question, I am sure there are a lot more who could use this also. Thanks, Tammy M.