Personal Video: My Core Money-making Fundamentals

By Mark Ling
Personal Video: My Core Money-making Fundamentals


Hi Everyone,

This is actually my first blog post of 2011.

That might sound a little slack, as it's almost the end of January, but I started the year in Malaysia at my Aunty's 70th, then I flew back to New Zealand to find that there had been another earthquake while I'd been away and had to move offices as there had been significant damage to our buildings. Following that I went to Las Vegas for a week for Affiliate Summit, and now I'm back in good old New Zealand :)

So as you can see it has been an eventful time lately.

I'll fill you in on the Las Vegas trip soon, and show you several video testimonials that I recorded with successful students of mine whom I happened to bump into while I was at Affiliate Summit.

For those of you who have emailed asking how my son is doing, he's crawling really fast, climbing up on furniture and smiles lots. He's 9 months old, but is the size of a one year old, he's growing up fast!

Now getting on to the main purpose of this blog post, I actually decided to make this on the spur of the moment.

I did it on the spur of the moment, mostly out of sheer frustration at the number of you aren't succeeding anywhere nearly as well as you should be online.

And most importantly, I recorded this video out of an intense desire to see you make 2011 THE YEAR that you turn your financial destiny sky high.

These are my biggest core fundamentals that make me over 7 figures EVERY YEAR online. Pay close attention.

I apologize for being a little rambley, and for the audio sometimes not matching up with my face - that's because I used Camtasia to record the video off my webcam on my laptop, as I wanted to try it out.

The key thing I want you to get out of this video is that the 3 core fundamentals that I mention in this video are the exact 3 fundamentals that I've religiously followed over the years in order to build a 7 figure a year online business. More importantly, every other 7 figure a year marketer that I know follows a similar pattern with their wealth creation (even if they make their money outside of online marketing).

Here's the video, please comment too, I love to hear feedback:



Also, don't forget that tonight's incredible wealth building webinar with Eben Pagan commences on Monday at 9pm EST (yes you read that correctly, the date has changed to Monday).

Isn't it time that you made it a priority to learn about money and wealth - so you you control it - rather than it controlling you?

Full details are below, register now and I'll see you on the live webinar!



To your long term success!

Mark Ling


Darryl Hudson 13 years ago
Nicely put, I agree, money must be compound & multiplied on a daily basis and reinvest back into your business to achieve wealth.
peggy hurd 13 years ago
This insight is right on the money!
Abbahson Kalu 13 years ago
i need the affilojack pack but the price show be reduce to 100$
AlexCH 13 years ago
Well put Mark!! You make it sound so simple and logical.

Charisse Eaves 13 years ago
Thanks Mark, I think I have read and listened to everything you have shared. I also recently joined SaleHoo and can't wait to see that grow, as I test, test, test!
Pablo Edwards 13 years ago
Great advice! I love that you can share everything you've learned and also include the "What I should have done or thought" Very wise information.
Curt Reves 13 years ago
Thanks Mark. These 3 steps are helpful. It's great to be reminded of the 4 part formula. I have a copy of it on the wall next to my computer so I can see it everyday. The conversion rate seems to be the biggest challenge.
rocketdocket 13 years ago
Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Mark. Out of all affiliate and Internet marketers I've listened to, you're the most upfront and honest person I've encountered.

You didn't directly mention the main reason why people don't make money--and that's time. Committing to and spending the time to become successful is critical. Chris Brogan, one of the most successful bloggers, said that giving up watching TV was one of the most important things he did to earn 7 figures.

When starting as an affiliate marketer, selling your own products or legitimately making money in other ways on the Web, you must initially invest the necessary time to get going. Only later can you pull back and let money accumulate while you sleep.

I wish more Internet marketers would eliminate the landing page garbage about "only spending a few hours a week" to make a six figure income. It simply isn't true. Creating and growing any business requires a great deal of time, although as you point out, you can leverage your time by outsourcing.

Taking an hour a day to think about your business' direction and how you'll spend your time is also important.
Reader 13 years ago
Excellent material. And nice canterbury of nz rugger shirt! lol
Tod Woodward 13 years ago
Thanks Mark. After bugger all traffic and no sales after nearly 6 months I needed a Mark fix to try and get me over the hump. :-)
John Field 13 years ago
Thanks Mark,
As always helpful and practical.
Alan Wayne Browning 13 years ago
I would like to learn how to make money without owning a website. Is this possible?
Peter 13 years ago
Very inspirational and motivational. This is by far your best video I have ever seen, and also one of the best on the net. Great work! Really appreciate it!

Tim 13 years ago
Much appreciated, thanks Mark!
Alcides 13 years ago
I agree, thanks very much for the video, will for sure follow some of the tips....
hiwaarco 13 years ago
Thank you for the great share
Ashton Pereira 13 years ago
So true mate, a great books to read - "Rich Dad Poor Dad". And if you read/watch some of Robert Kiyosaki's material and understand it, will teach you the whole concept of cash flow, and asset investment.
Ronnie 13 years ago
Mark you have really shown that you care about your readers, and have given so much to us.Thanks so much for everything you done and do. You really helped me build my online business. -Ronnie
Chris J 13 years ago
I love the simplicity of your statements and what you say is true.

Personally I have applied the first two principles to property investment to good effect. Now my primary interest is to succeed on the internet. Adding in that third fundamental and understanding that the right combination of components is the key to success is very helpful.

It is all too easy to look at the the components in isolation and get discouraged.

You remind me a lot of a diesel engine. Tons of torque. The internet business seems to require plenty of perseverance. Having the benefit of your insights and being able to see beyond the apparent obstacles is very encouraging to those following along behind.

Well done once again!
Markus 13 years ago
Thanks Mark.
It's always good to be served a dose of reality backed up by common sense and real-world experience.
Your genuine, no nonsense approach is so refreshing compared to the many over-hyped flim flam men (and women) out there.

Shalisha Alston 13 years ago
Mark, you always outdo yourself! This is such a value packed video. I love your sincerity and the effort you put into making sure we understand how to make money online and more importantly, you stress that riches don't come overnight, you need a plan - a solid plan - which is what Affilorama offers. Great job!
Gwen 13 years ago
Thanks for sharing your experience and encouragement. And it does take a lot of time as well to get any business off the ground.
Sonam Lama 13 years ago
I totally loved your advice Mark. As I listened to you, I thought to myself, hey It really does just come down to 3 fundamentals.

I've been working hard trying to perfect the 2nd and 3rd fundamentals, but the first one is something that's been kicking my a**. Awesome advice mark! You're making an impact man. Keep on rocking!
Marc 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your peptalk and advice. Last year I started with one website and listened very close to what you told. Now I have a website that is making $200 a month. Next two months I will be putting another 20 websites up on the internet. Just replicating what I have done..and I never even bought anything from you, I just watched all your video's!

Regards & Thanks!
Jamie Toelle 13 years ago
I love the quotes "Money is a payment for clever thinking, leveraging of your time and reinvesting money to make money." which leads into "Big wealth is not made by selling your time for money."

That's certainly my focus this year, leveraging time for money and investing in potentially money multiplying activities (i.e. Affiloblueprint).

And to anyone struggling with making money using Affiliate Marketing, I would highly suggest you take a serious look at Affiloblueprint. My first 2 "Affiloblueprint style" sites are already profitable.
Neo Kanobi 13 years ago
Great video Mark,

Some of your principals reminded me of Rich Dad's (Robert Kiyosaki) philosophy. In the end you start to notice that all successful perple follow similar basic formulas consistently. The names may change but the principals are there and they are basically the same.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for caring for your readers and members.

I see you :-)

Mark Ling 13 years ago
@Neokanobi Would you believe I've read hundreds of great business books in my time, but 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', while I own it, is one I haven't spent more than 5 mins skimming through. I really should give it a good read as it's one of those wealth strategy books that everyone seems to refer to frequently.
Leonard Aberts 13 years ago
Great info Mark! You always provide good tidbits of information.
Joe Young 13 years ago
Is Eban Pagen the same guy as David DeAngelo? He looks like him anyways. If its the same guy I'd like to thank him for helping get lots of tail.
Terry 13 years ago
Great advice, Mark. I couldn't agree more.Thanks for sharing.
Paul Jackson 13 years ago
Hello Mark,

Great job done, Thanks for this Unique one, it is really appreciated and very helpful.

Thank You
Neo Kanobi 13 years ago
Hi Mark

Thanks for your feedback, you are a natural hehehe.

You already have one of the most important quadrants that the Rich Dad phylosophy talks about already up and running and you are successful on it. You are in the Business quadrant and on his definition is you have a Business when you can leave it for a month or a few months and it would continue running and generating money for you without the need for you to be present.

If you need to be present in your business to make money you do not have a business you are self employed. And the E (employed) and S (self employed or specialist = doctor, lawyer, etc) quadrants are the ones that works harder for their money and have higher taxes.

While the B (business) and I (investments) is where you can make the money work harder for you and have lower taxes, if you do it right (at least hear in the USA).

I really enjoy your insights videos of the challenges and how to overcome it based in your past experiences it help us see that what we are going through is normal and there is a way to overcome it.

Keep up your great work.

Joan Stalker 13 years ago
Thanks, Mark, great video full of valuable info as usual. So glad to hear you are OK after the earthquake and that your son is thriving....and yes, you should read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, although I suspect you don't need the lessons :)
Brian Barlow 13 years ago
Hi Mark, i am very impressed with the quality of the information and advice you give to your subscribers. This video no exception. Thanks for sharing.
Kindest regards
William Bradley 13 years ago
Great Mark. Good basic, but powerful stuff. It is good to have this stuff reaffirmed and an incentive to keep going.
paulita 13 years ago
Is always very good to hear your ideas and advices!
Reevo Anders 13 years ago
Hi Mark
Thanks for that inspiration….again....I need it.
I have been working very hard on my 3 AJP websites since July 2010, but find the last step (article re-writing, using MAR and/or Rapid Rewriter) REALLY really really hard, and am struggling to get past it successfully......! Although some of the other steps along the way were quite challenging, I got past them eventually. Do you have any pointers for me in this regard?
Secondly: I have also put my websites somewhere on your site here (as suggested by Fara or Michelle, I think, who are so helpful, and I am very grateful for them, especially!), but got no reviews of my sites yet. Do you have any advice, comments to make?
Thanks very much for the business ethos you and your company stands for, and also for your sincerity in your work.
Reevo Anders 13 years ago
PS, Mark: I meant to include in my last comment - I haven't made a single sale, hanging in there.
Dan Berthiaume 13 years ago
Great and simplistic information Mark!!
now it's just a matter of ACTUALLY DOING IT!!! ;)
William King 13 years ago
I guess I should also take a long trip to several places so I can come up with great ideas like you did. Atmosphere change is gooood ;)
13 years ago
I really like the word 'relationship'. I got into buying things online, not because of the product itself but due to some kind of obligation towards the affiliate for being so nice and helpful.