Meeting with Clickbank

By Affilorama Group
Meeting with Clickbank


Hi Guys,

I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday, and had a meeting with a couple of executives from Clickbank. It was really good to hear from them what is up and coming in Clickbank, and also was a great opportunity for me and my Rocket Languages business partner Jason to voice our requests and ideas.

There are a lot of things coming up that will be great for affiliates, merchants and Clickbank themselves, which will be great news for us all. Upcoming features include physical products in the marketplace (not just download products), french and german editions of clickbank, the ability to charge in the local currency and more.

I'm in Los Angeles until Sunday because my Rocket Languages company was accepted into the UCLA Global Access Program. Which essentially means that 5 of their 3rd year MBA students will be working very closely with us over the next few months doing market analysis and creating a strategic business plan. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this impacts our current plans and business.

After that, my wife Michelle and I will be heading to Hawaii for a week's vacation. I will probably pop on here to do a blog post or two, but will be taking most of the week off :)

Anyway, gotta go, have a great week and keep up the hard work on your affiliate sites!



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Morgan McArthur 16 years ago
Well done Mark! look forward to the updates

BTW there is one pet peeve of minw with Clickbank and that is one does not have the slightest idea if ones links are wokring properly, clickbank dont show us how many clicks an affiliate link receives.

I have a few clickbank affiliate links that I know are receiving traffic but no sales, but have no idea if the links are working properly. At least with other affiliate tracking programs one can see if onese links are working by test clicking on ones own links and seeing if the click rate changes.

Just my two cents of where ClickBank are behind :-)

Have an awesome time in Hawaii
16 years ago
Hey Mark, I still get your Affilorama e-mails and try to read them as much as I can. Glad to hear you are well. Enjoy Hawaii, and make sure you get to Maui and do the Road to Hana trip around the island. Absolutely fantastic! Good luck with everything and thanks for the good news re: CB! From Mark: Hi James! Great to hear from you. Hope things are going well for you and Jen in London. All the best!
Clint Gray 16 years ago
Hi Mark,

Great news to hear that you are flying high. You truly are an inspiration to us all...I look forwared to see your developments as you continue to kick butt!

Congrats and you deserve it as I know you put in the hard yards.

Dana Clockedile 16 years ago
Wish you and your wife a great, no teriffic, vacation Mark.

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I hope you and your family are having your perfect day,

Dana Clockedile

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jiujiu81 16 years ago
a real good news for all chinese.
clickbank is now opened to china
Trudge 16 years ago
So Mark, Tell us what's going on at Clickbank!!
Jamie 16 years ago
Congratulations Mark on being accepted into GAP, that's very impressive.