Mass Control Review

By Affilorama Group
Mass Control Review


To watch Frank Kern's video about how he made $23.8 million dollars in 24 hours, check out:

Hey guys,

You may have heard from other internet marketing lists that you are on about Frank Kerns upcoming launch of 'Mass Control'.

I'm a member of Mass Control and have been for 2 months (Frank let me in while the doors were closed), and I have to say that I was really impressed with what I learned.

I don't often find internet marketing training where I actually feel the course is worth the value being charged for it.

For example, I've signed up to SMARTS by Stomper and have yet to see any great value in the course (it runs for 13 weeks, so it might prove to be good yet, I just have to wait and see).

I'm a member of Pay Per Click Classroom which is great for newbies, but I haven't learnt anything from it.

Note: Not to be confused with the very good Pay Per Click Formula by Gauher Chaudry

Anyway, back to Mass Control.

Frank has put up some very insightful videos explaining what Mass Control is all about and actually gives away almost half the secrets (if you listen closely) that are contained in the actual product itself.

So these free videos are of great value in of themselves, even if you don't purchase Mass Control.

If you subscribe to Franks list via the link that I'm about to give you, you'll receive in your email a link to a video which shows how Frank uses Mass Control to earn affiliate commissions via 'PPA Pay Per Acquisition' networks. Incredible.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the free videos are great.

Should you buy the full course?

If you are a complete and total newbie then I recommend that you just watch the f.ree videos and don't purchase yet because you'll find that it'll be too much for you to actually implement.

If you are planning on releasing a product of your own any time soon, then this is very helpful as you'll learn sales letter strategies, email marketing strategies and product launch strategies.

If you want to know how to make more affiliate sales via your email marketing efforts and copy writing efforts, then this is a very helpful course.

Reminder, if you are a newbie, then you'll probably gain enough value from watching the videos without purchasing the course. If you can't gain value from the videos and make money from that advice alone, then you'll probably struggle to implement what is in the course to make money.

It's a great course, but more suited to intermediate to advanced marketers, or newbies who have the spare cash to invest in their future education.

Hope my comments about the course helped.

A reminder, here's the free videos that Frank set up about Mass Control:

All the best,


Albert Grande 16 years ago
Mark thank you so much for your insights. I have watched several of Frank's videos and I thought they were full of incredible information.

I just need to say say I greatly appreciate you and all of the knowledge you freely share. I have been a memeber of Affilorama for a while, and I look forward to see what you have in store for us. Please keep up the great work you do.
Stay well.
Shamir Poojara 16 years ago
Thanks for the review Mark.

Question (that only you and those who've seen the course can answer)... is the '4 Day Cash System' the CPA offer video that Frank has already given out?

I trust you know the answer...

Thanks Mark...

Old George 16 years ago
Hi Mark,

Your review puts a newbie at ease about the suitability of Kern's MC course. Otherwise a heavy-duty package as this will only serve to fill up the library shelf, never to be read again...

Thanks for your sincere thoughts.
Robert 16 years ago
The video about PPA was taken down almost immediately. I emailed Frank and was told he was now recommending another company, but I never saw the email he sent about giveaways. Would you have any information about this tactic?

Thanks in advance