Mark Joyner and Simpleology Marketing Magic

By Affilorama Group
Mark Joyner and Simpleology Marketing Magic


Hey Guys,

Just a little news flash here in the middle of our normal updates.

I forgot to mention in our last update that when we were in
Melbourne I had a chance to meet Internet icon Mark Joyner.

We had some really fascinating conversations which will be in
the members area in next months affilorama update, but for now I
want to alert you to something important he's up to that's
happening right now ...

He has orchestrated what may just be the biggest Internet book
launch ever and is using some really cool marketing tactics.

This is important for you to look at for several reasons.

First, the buzz about the content of the book is extremely
positive.  I haven't seen the book myself, so I can't attest to
this, but I suspect it's some pretty far out stuff.  It's not about
marketing, though - Mark has moved on to talk about more important

Next, he's put together an offer the likes of which I haven't
seen before.  Giving out a ton of bonuses in relation to a book
launch is sort of the tactic du jour these days, but he's
"flipping the script" on this to pump some life into the tactic.

Instead, Mark is having physical bonuses shipped to your door for
purchasing the book.  It's a genius affiliate marketing ploy,
really.  Mark doesn't have to ship out the bonuses - his partners
send them.  The partners benefit by being able to send out
marketing materials along with the bonuses.  The customer benefits
by having an xmas-in-March wheelbarrow full of really cool stuff
shipped to them for spending 15 bucks on a book.

Pretty cool all the way around.

So, thirdly - you should go there just to snatch up the cool
give aways while they are still available.

I think there are a few other surprises in relation to this that I
haven't figured out yet, so go sign up and keep your eye
open ...


Now I'm off to packing my bags for my big OE!