Making Doodle Animated Videos With Doodly

By Mark Ling
Making Doodle Animated Videos With Doodly


You know those videos on YouTube you sometimes see?

You know, the one with a hand doodling on a canvas with someone talking in the back?

I'm about to show you how to create these for yourself.

These videos can be used in YouTube videos, Facebook videos,... salesletters, and more...

Have you ever thought of learning how to make videos like this?

Probably not. 

It seems way too complicated, right?

Like me, you’re probably thinking that to make videos like this you need to be some expert at doodle animation or have the money to hire someone to make them (and this is usually very expensive).

But ever since I started playing around with Doodly lately, creating videos like this has literally been a breeze.

Doodly is a tool that lets you easily build animated videos you can keep visitors more engaged and offer a more enjoyable experience.

In a nutshell, it lets you produce the type of content:

  • Your audience will LOVE you for and keep coming back for
  • Unique content 90% of your competitors can’t or aren’t making

But you’re probably thinking…

Do you seriously need to go as far as creating animations in order to produce engaging content?

Absolutely not. 

Affilorama’s run for years now simply with informative blog posts and video lessons and we’re the biggest educational Affiliate site on the net.

But according to the Social Science Network, 65% of humans are visual learners, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

There’s no doubt video marketing opens the eyes of your customers.

And because at Affilorama internet marketing is what we do and teach, it wouldn’t be fair not teaching you guys some effective techniques for those into creating content through YouTube or video.

So created this post to teach you how to make these doodle videos using Doodly.

And since it wouldn’t make sense to only show images on how to use a ‘video’ software…

I included a video as well as screenshots so you get the fully understand how the whole thing works. 

Read on to learn more…

What You’ll Learn:

The main objective of this lesson is to learn how to create awesome visual content using Doodly.

You’ll cover:

  • How to create a series of video slides with doodles on each one 
  • How to add characters, text, props and other tools to your slide
  • How to record your voice along with the slides so both are in sync

Setting it Up and Starting Your First Project

So the first thing you need to do is open up Doodly and create a new project.

You then need to choose what board you prefer to work with. Doodly give you three: a whiteboard, chalkboard and glass board.

When you’ve picked your board give your new video a title

Now you can get started with making actual videos.

Creating Slides, Adding Text, Meeting Mark and the Magic Hand…

So you’ve learnt how to crawl in the first step…

Now you’ll learn to walk in the second step by creating your first video.

You’re now inside the video creation hub and I’ll start by showing you what you’re going to be working with.

Over here is what we’re going to be using the most: characters, text, props and sounds to add to each slide.

And here is where each slide will be shown. It’s also where you can see your voice recordings and background music if you wish.

So first, I’ll start by adding some text.

Simply click on the text icon, choose a font and add whatever text you want like I’ve done here:

Now you’re probably wondering how I added the Mark on the right…

All I did was clicked on the characters icon, selected him and placed him on the canvas.

And l i t e r a l l y guys, that’s our first slide done.

And if you want to shorten or lengthen the duration of each slide you can adjust the timings on the bottom right corner over here.

Got it?

Now to finish off this piece all I need to do is carry on adding slides by clicking the plus button on at the bottom.

I could make this as long as I wanted to. 

But you’re here to see a tutorial, not watch me create a whole video sales page for fun.

So I added a few more slides so you get the idea and made a recording to go along with the slides.

Now how easy was that?

A couple doodle slides done in 10 mins.

If I wanted I could:

  • create a YouTube channel
  • and make 5-10-minute videos on topics in my niche using doodles like this to present my content

These videos would give me a ton of engagement and allow me to build free traffic that I could push to a freebie or landing page of some sort.

If you're keen on doing video marketing, and don’t want to show your face, then Doodly is well worth using.

It’s a unique, authentic and eye-grabbing form of video creation. 

It's ideal for YouTube videos, Facebook Videos, Video Salesletters, and more. 

Using Doodly you can create your first animated video in as little as 10 minutes.

Click Here to Visit Doodly and try it for yourself


Update: I've talked to the owners of Doodly and they've agreed to take an additional 30% off the already discounted 50% off special they are running on the annual membership.

To claim your additional 30% discount, simply use the coupon code: MARKLING


7 years ago
Really interested to learn more about Doodly and how can I take the benefit out of it
Neelam Shah 7 years ago
But it's not free, it's a paid service.
Sally C Austin 7 years ago
This couldn't have come at a better time and I will certainly look at using in my upcoming launch campaign.

I am sure it will pay for itself in no time.

Thanks for negotiating the terrific discount for us, Mark, really appreciate it.
magdldne 7 years ago
I would like to see if I could do any of the things you have listed.
Seth Tyrssen 7 years ago
Any time I can't see a price right up front, I leave.
Cecille Loorluis 7 years ago
Hi Seth,

Pricing information is on the Doodly website:

You can click on the "Pricing" tab on the top left.

Please let us know if you have further inquiries. All the best!
Linda PetersS 7 years ago
Like me, you’re probably thinking that to make videos like this you need to be some expert at doodle animation or have the money to hire someone to make them (and this is usually very expensive).I included a video as well as screenshots so you get the fully understand how the whole thing works.
This is very nice post silo because it was added animation with a doll.
Eliza 6 years ago
It's amazing tips just like whiteboard can i make marketing video with doodly ?