Live Coaching Workshop

By Affilorama Group
Live Coaching Workshop


Hey Guys,

A few weeks ago in my email newsletter, I mentioned that I was going to be selling a live coaching course.

This course is for newbies to intermediate internet marketers who are interested in participating in an online 'live' classroom type course where you'll go step by step, from nothing to having a fully working affiliate website on the internet, complete with newsletter series, marketing plan, and the confidence that you can repeat this whole process again for new affiliate sites in the future.

All classes will be recorded so you can download them if you can't log in to participate live.

All participants will receive unlimited website critiques from me, until the end of the course.

Currently 6 of the places have been taken.

I'll put a notice up on this blog when all 25 sell out.

The price is $1100USD (that's a very reasonable $137.50 per week for the 8 weeks).

The course runs for 8 weeks and here is a breakdown of what you'll get out if it:

The class will start in a couple of weeks from now, I'm going to finalize the exact time that it'll run after finding out from all participants what their requested time is and I'll do my best to accommodate. Of course you can always download each lesson at any time as I'll record and upload them.

Just to recap. What will be involved in this course is that
I'll be teaching you:

* How to build an affiliate website (from registering a domain name to hosting, to marketing and making money)
* Finding profitable markets
* Keyword Research
* Search Engine Optimization
* Outsourcing (so you can get your articles, and so forth created for you if you wish)
* Getting visitors to your website
* Setting up a newsletter
* Creating a high quality, profitable affiliate newsletter sequence
* Dirty tips and tricks (legal, but sneaky and highly profitable affiliate tips).

By the end of this course, you'll have your very own high quality affiliate website set up, marketing will be underway and you'll have a marketing plan for the future.

You'll have the know-how to set up future affiliate websites in the future and can refer back to these video lessons at any point in time.

Sound like a good deal?

I'll be personally critiquing your work as you go along, plus you'll meet the other group members so you'll have others to get to know who are on the same path as you.

I'll run this course weekly over 8 weeks.

If you want to reserve one of the 19 remaining spots (out of 25) then simply send $1100 via paypal to [email protected] or click the button below


Kind regards,
Mark Ling

Photo: Rick McCharles