Link Building Tips Audio Interview

By Mark Ling
Link Building Tips Audio Interview


Hi Everyone,

A couple of days ago I recorded a really intriguing interview with Search Engine Rankings expert, Matt Carter, on the topic of link building.

He ended up covering a lot of other important aspects of getting a high search engine rankings, such as how to manage your link building process, the importance of variety in your links, several link building methods that he uses and more. 

Here is the link to download the mp3 version of the interview:

Right click this link here and select 'save as' to download to your computer

Also, I highly recommend you check out Matt's free videos where he shows you how to build high value links to boost your search engine visibility

Click here to check out Matt's free videos

Kind regards,

Mark Ling

Ivanov 13 years ago
As always, Matt is delivering high quality education. I'm glad when I see other marketers like Mark support him and cooperate to help internet marketers to impove their rankins.
13 years ago
Thanks Ivanov, I'm glad you like my stuff.


Timothy Monye 13 years ago
Because of Matt Carter, now I think like a search engine and I have big dreams for my affiliate marketing career. I got his videos as a bonus for an article re-writer software that I bought last year. This man (Matt Carter) is a certified Genius when it comes to SEO. I just started putting his techniques to practice and I am seeing results gradually!
anand 13 years ago
thanks matt as always u rocks very informative
Avy RBW 13 years ago
thanks a lot mark
tima 13 years ago
thanks good idea!
Darius 13 years ago
mike griffin 13 years ago
Thanks for this great interview, links are the heart of web promotion.
lance ringler 13 years ago
This was very imformative. Im not getting any traffic, and i have plenty of good content so im thinking of outsourching backlink building.
Val Wilson 13 years ago
Fantastic video Mark. I've signed up to Matt's free videos, and the free techniques are awesome - highly recommended!
13 years ago
Hi Val

Great to have you onbaord with the free videos, and I'm glad you are enjoying them!


Larry Mac 13 years ago
Hey Mark, Thanks for the info...I do use Traffic Travis....Also I think I could learn a ton from you...really like this site..well put together and simple....93,000 plus subscribers that says a lot....

Anyway Cheers....
rafel 13 years ago
Hi Matt, i receive this information thru my email, and i had watch video about how to get backlink from PR7 website too, now i am become your loyal member, thanks for this great education.
13 years ago
Your welcome Rafel!


Srigrace 13 years ago
i think link building is one of the better way to spread our information, it very simple & user friendly. keep going!
Norman McCulloch 13 years ago
Mark I appreciate you doing this interview with Matt and sharing it with us. I have learned a few things here and will be learning more from Matt's free videos as well. Thanks again
Francois Lupien 13 years ago
Matt is a great guy that always come up with great techniques to help out everyone...more importantly, his techniques really work.
That's why I like the fact that automation in good techniques is a great time saver.
All the best.
Positivep 13 years ago
justbeenpaid 13 years ago
This links is great thank you.
Michael hutch 13 years ago
Excellent, rounded informatiom - great context! Thanks Mark and Matt
Mike 13 years ago
Great interview and and I am looking forward to the seeing the course that you will be releasing regarding seo, as it is a very much needed edu.
13 years ago
Thanks for the great content Mr. Carter and Mr. Ling,
Australia's & New Zealand's Coolest Aff. Teachers!

Mark Ling 13 years ago
Actually we're both from New Zealand, though Matt is now living in Australia :)
Timberland Earthkeepers 13 years ago
Have already watched Matt's free videos. Really impressive free link buildings.
zohaib 13 years ago
valuable info
Steve Matthews 13 years ago
Very intersting video, thanks.

I watched one of the additional videos showing the Tumblr backlink strategy.

I noticed that the website you were linking to had a .cc extension. The site was for a personal trainer in London. When I looked at the site the mobile number appeared to be one in here the UK.

So my question is does a .cc extension get indexed here in the UK? I have previously been told to stick to, .com and .net.

Look forward to your comments.

PS Good luck against the French in the rugby cup final.
Matt 13 years ago

You can use alot more domain extensions than just and there is absolutely no evidence that Google doesn't rank these, and in fact we have tested this a lot and lots of domains rank perfectly well, for example .cc


Andrew Spengler 13 years ago
Thks guys. Best of luck with RWC tomorrow. About time you won it for a change.
best ptc 13 years ago
thanks for posting this interview on SEO tips.
Nick Struan 13 years ago
Hey Guys, well done excellent interview, I learned a lot from both Matt and yourself. Keep up the good work, Cheers, Go all Blacks
Erhard Kotze 13 years ago
Thanx guys this is so much information for free. I Think you must compile a step by step blueprint on how to do backlinks From A - Z. Hey I hope you beat the French tomorrow in the final. I am a Springbok but will be shouting for you guys tomorrow. I think you can be glad we did not playd you guys in the semis. But Go Kiwis
Uri Binsted 13 years ago
very nice interview, keep on the good work
Gina Romero 13 years ago
Thanks Matt & Mark,

I felt like I have waken up from a long long sleep.
dkbambu 13 years ago
contents of the article is very nice and helpful.
Thank you for sharing with me.
Thank you very much
terrell owens 13 years ago
very helpful
Margene Smith 13 years ago
Hi Matt,

Highly interested in your new course. Have been using your suggested techniques since purchasing "Rapid Rewriter" a couple of years back. Great software. Even greater SEO videos.
Again, thank you.

Margene Smith
affiliate network 12 years ago
awesome video tuts matt very useful thanks for sharing this video with us
the diet solution program review 12 years ago
i receive this information thru my email, and i had watched the video about how to get backlinks from PR7 websites too, now i am convinced you know what you are talking about and i am a member of Affilorama.
devine power 12 years ago
I have been searching for link building resource for a while and I think it is the most important step in building a website which receives regular visitors.
I appreciate your help!
mkv player 12 years ago
Matt Carter is really hot!
ptmvictor 12 years ago
Hi Sir,

Good Day! I am a newbie about SEO. Specially in backlinks and linkbuilding. I would like to ask a good advice from your best team on how to make the link building successful.


New Follower
Prude 12 years ago
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Bilal Ahmed Malik 12 years ago
4 Months ago, Matt Carter's Rapid Profit Formula changed my entire life. My room looks like a prison cell. There're wall charts, diaries and sticky notes all over the place.

I am obsessed with his techniques. N m not gonna give up until this system starts making me money. Already learned an applied a lot.

My Blessings to you Matt and Mark.
helpfull34 12 years ago
This information is priceless. Information like this usually cost. What a great interview and very informative information? Thank you for the lesson and sharing!
Pat Ha 12 years ago
Great SEO tactics and solid specific tips that apply directly to effective web design. Rare and valuable !!!

What do you use to track the links to your sites??
Cecille Loorluis 12 years ago

I use . It's a great SEO tool that let you do keyword research, site analysis and more.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
Catherine 12 years ago
Great to see fellow Aussie Matt pop up here on your website. He certainly has a fabulous, informative site. Thanks for the reminder and shake down on your link building strategies.

Christian Sarono 12 years ago
Amazing! That was really a nice post. I found everything that I needed; it has a lot of great and applicable ideas. And by that, I will recommend this post to my buddies. Thanks for posting useful thoughts.
admin21 12 years ago
Thanks for sharing,
Great info.