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Just Released: Latest AffiloTools Changes

Just Released: Latest AffiloTools Changes

Hi everyone,

We've just rolled out a huge release to AffiloTools and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

A New Dashboard

I previously hinted at a new dashboard coming to AffiloTools; today it's here!

It's been a lot of work, but it's a huge improvement over the old version, and the AffiloTools team have been working really hard to make it look and function great!

Brand New Dashboard

Click for a larger version

The dashboard also brings a few major backend changes along with it; you'll notice the effect of these over the next few months, as they allow us to make changes to other sections faster (starting with the SEO Rankings module... but more on that in a moment)

Supercharged Site Switcher!

We've supercharged the website switcher!

To use this new one, simply click on your Website's name in the top navigation. You'll get a list of your first five projects. If you have more than five, you can click to view a list of all of them on a single page (which is a lot easier to scroll than a dropdown menu!)

Type in a website name

But you can also start typing the name of the website you want to switch to; the site switcher will only show your websites that have a matching name or web address. You can even start typing partway through the name, and we'll find all the matches

Adding a new website

We've also simplified adding a new website; now you only need to type your website's URL (e.g. affilorama.com), and AffiloTools will auto-detect the name to use for the site.

If you want to change the name (or url!) of your website in AffiloTools, just use the 'Website Settings' option from the side menu

Small Caveat

Currently the switcher is only available from your dashboard; every other section of AffiloTools still uses the old dropdown menu. However we'll be rolling out the new website switcher to every part of AffiloTools over the coming months

A few smaller changes

We also sorted out a few major bugs, plus some smaller nifty things in AffiloTools; here's a few of these changes:

  • Added: The new Dashboard has a design that works on mobile devices
  • Changed: New color scheme across all of AffiloTools
  • Major Fix: Session issue caused very (very!) slow page loads
  • Fixed: Error when connecting AffiloTools to Twitter
  • Fixed: Twitter profile pictures weren't working correctly

Next: SEO Rankings Module

When we first opened AffiloTools, we knew certain sections, like the SEO Rankings section, would be more popular than others... but we didn't plan for just how popular.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the SEO Ranking tool has meant that it's currently overwhelmed; we aren't processing ranking data as quickly as configured (i.e. even if your projects are set to 'daily', you're probably not even getting weekly updates)

That's about to change! Over the next month, this section is getting a whole lot of love - a new design, new features, and a backend overhaul.

Here's a sneak preview of the new design: 

Coming Soon: New Search Rankings

Click for a larger version

Check it out

That's everything from today's update! As usual, if you find bugs, please use the 'Feedback' button inside AffiloTools to let me know!

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    The site is amazing, I need help on the editing my twitter for one site, how do I do that?

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