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Is your blog personality working?

Is your blog personality working?

There can be a myriad of reasons why you might want to start a blog. Maybe you want a 'make money blog', or you want a blog that reviews affiliate products, or perhaps you want to setup a corporate blog to promote your business. Or maybe you just want the adoring attention of a blog community that hangs on your every post, a devoted group of blog readers who will defend you to the death.

Irrespective of your reasons for starting a blog, there is one thing you must have if you are to avoid spiraling into the pits of blog oblivion. That one thing is personality. Your blog must have a personality. I would type that in caps if it wasn't viewed as rude in the online world. A blog without a personality is about as inspiring as reading a manual about PABX phone systems and will likely end up in the same place – on the shelf collecting dust.

So what does it mean for a blog to have personality and what sort of personality should your blog have?

Maybe the easiest way to explain this is if you think back to your school days. Which kids do you remember the most? The copycats or the kids brave enough to go out on a limb and be a little different? Maybe it was the school bully, the goggle-eyed geek, the sports jock or the rebellious kid with the blue hair. They weren't necessarily the most popular kids but you remember them because they were prepared to be themselves and to let their own unique personality shine through.

Fast forward to today and think about your own personality. Likely you've moved on from your school days and the associated fears of being outed as different (if not, you might want to get some help with that). Now you have the confidence to express your own individuality – your blog needs to mirror that same confidence and individuality. Otherwise you risk being as forgettable as the copycats and followers from school.

Now we're not suggesting that you go crazy here. Bullying your readers might help you become memorable but it can also make your readers turn on their heels and walk away in protest. A guest blogger we had a few months back reminded us of the need to balance personality with pleasantness. Her post, while technically accurate, ruffled a few feathers with some of our readers finding her comments offensive (if you knew her you'd realize she's like that with everyone, in fact it's her well-known blogging personality).

If you feel your blogging personality is a little limp don't stress there's no time like the present to start developing it.

How can I develop my blog personality?

Personalities take time to develop but something is better than nothing so get started injecting more life into your lyrics. Here are a few ideas to breathe gusto into a wimpish web log.

  • Don't be afraid to share personal feelings, thoughts and ideas when you write – it's what makes you human.
  • Don't try to be all things to all people – be true to your personality (without being rude).
  • Make your readers feel like they're having a conversation with a real person.
  • Keep up with the blogging superstars in your niche; take notes but don't copy them.
  • Feel free to break with tradition, be unconventional or even controversial. Sometimes people will disagree with you. That's OK.
  • Encourage open dialog with your readers, making sure that you reply to comments where appropriate.

Picked your personality yet?

What personality your blog ends up having is entirely up to you. Sometimes it will depend on your audience or your niche. For example, if you're trying to target readers in the dog training niche then your personality will most likely reflect someone who loves dogs, is outspoken on cruel training methods and is passionate about well-behaved dogs. Or if you run a fitness blog then your personality may be more about enthusiasm and a goal-oriented, a 'never-say-die' attitude.

Sure your blog's personality may not mirror your own. That's fine. In fact some successful blogs have been built around a fictitious character, such as Tightwad Tony. The key is that your blog has a personality to make it stand out. Sure, not everyone will like it, but the ones who do will like it a lot more because you spiced it up with personality. 

How do you make your blog stand out? Have you experimented with blogging personalities? Are there any blogs you love to read because they have personality? If you're not blogging yet, you might be interested in learning more about how to start a blog or how to write a blog post.

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  • Reply David - Zen Choices • 3365 days ago

    A really great post! I think it is very easy to be pulled into a comfort zone in your niche. If you are writing great content and marketing yourself well, you will start to draw a crowd. However, if you are producing top shelf content, then you probably have a personality that's waiting to shine through. So be unconventional or at least think that way. Ask yourself, how would I describe my blog to someone I just met.

  • Reply Nnamdi Okolie3359 days ago

    This is kool, I never thut personality could play so much part in making my blog to yield well.

  • Reply Bill Wynne3358 days ago

    Glad I came to read this post. People do have trouble being "vulnerable" and opening up but that is the "spice" of life. A blog for the most part should not be like walking into a home where there is covers on the furniture in the living room and you are not sure where you can sit down. The blog should be a place to "let your hair down", to relax and enjoy some time reading and checking things out to educate yourself.

    Thanks for the post Affilorama

  • Reply Dylan Lim3356 days ago

    Great post there. I thought of making my blog rather informal and allow my readers to come in and enjoy my blog posting. I could probably start from that direction. :)

  • Reply Ilka Flood • 3348 days ago

    Really good advice. Thank you for sharing it! As someone fairly new to the blogosphere I appreciate your tips and insights.

  • Reply Stevie • 3348 days ago

    Thank you so much for that piece of info!
    I have just started my first Blog and never realised that the personality aspect could be so important - but of course now that I think about it - it so obviously is!!!
    It made me think about the Blogs I visit and why I visit them and the answer is that I like those particular Bloggers and how their personalities come through and keep me coming back!

  • Reply esselldwebalt • 3335 days ago

    i genuinely enjoy your writing style, very interesting,
    don't quit and keep penning because it just simply good worth to follow it.
    impatient to look at more and more of your own content, thankx ;)

  • Reply Ken • 3334 days ago

    Great post with good information. I have a men's health blog with several posts on various men's health issues. I have used my own issues as a way to relate to readers. What are some good strategies/techniques to boost readership and members? I have started adding some freebies to boost my membership list. Thanks.

  • Reply Kostenlos Wahrsagen • 3332 days ago

    Which Word Press template do you use?

  • Reply Kate • 3332 days ago

    Love the article - very helpful. Thanks.

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