Introducing the Affilorama YO Blog

By Simon Slade
Introducing the Affilorama YO Blog


We are very excited to announce a brand new free feature available to everyone on Affilorama that we know you're going to love. Introducing (drum roll please) … The YO Blog!

What is the YO Blog?

YO stands for 'Your Opinion' (and appropriately, it's also a casual greeting). The YO Blog is your chance to put yourself in the spotlight in front of your peers, and it’s also a great place to get well-articulated advice and opinions from fellow affiliate marketing friends.

It looks exactly the same as our regular Affilorama Blog, with images and comment functionality too.

Why the YO Blog makes you happy

  • Are you someone who loves to share your knowledge or thoughts on something? Do you love using the power of words to get your point across? Well here’s a place where you can do exactly that, and get your post in front of a large readership.
  • You can place a healthy 'do follow' link from your blog post back to your site. We will be linking directly to the latest YO Blog posts from our Affilorama homepage (that has a pagerank of 6!). That means fast indexing of your content, and a lot of link juice coming your way…
  • This is your chance to build up your reputation as an authority figure among your peers. If you've got a product or service that's of use to Affilorama members then here's your chance to let them know you can be of even more assistance...
  • If your blog post is of exceptional quality, we might even promote it to our regular blog – amplifying the rewards you get from the benefits listed in the previous points.

Why the YO Blog makes Affilorama happy

No prizes for guessing that adding a new stream of frequently updated quality content helps us in the SERPs, and it gives us more to offer to people like you, both of which give us an increase in traffic. It's a win/win situation :)

YO Blog fair play

We want to ensure everyone gets the best experience out of the YO Blog, and this is why all blog post submissions are reviewed by our staff before being published. Publication is not guaranteed, so it would be a waste of your time if you send us a post that links to a spam site, has irrelevant content, or is of a generally poor quality. It must also be unique and not published elsewhere on the web.

There is no word restriction to the YO Blog, but remember this is not the place for a novel nor a tweet.

How to submit a post on YO Blog

1. Click on your Affilorama member profile at the top of your screen:

2. Click 'Create a YO Post' next to your member profile:


3. Click 'Create New Post'


4. You'll then need to fill out the following details:

  • Blog post title - Make this interesting and descriptive, and no longer than 250 characters long. Titles are hugely important for getting users to read your post, so put some thought into this.
  • Images - Ideally, images should be around 400x400 pixels (you must own the copyright on it or have paid for it)
  • Tags - Add as many tags from our list to your blog post as you like (they must be relevant to your post of course!).

5. You'll then need to insert your post content using our WSYWIG editor.

6. Hit the 'Save to Drafts'. You will then be given the option to submit the post or edit it until its just right

7. You’re done! We’ll be in contact if we need further information, otherwise you’ll hear from us when your post goes live :)

YO Blog topic ideas to get you started

If you take a look to the right of this page, you'll see a list of topics that represent all of the subjects our past blog posts have been tagged under. This gives you an idea of the kinds of things that are relevant to Affilorama members, and topics that you can write about.

 Another good place to look is on our forum – what questions and issues are people raising often?

Often the best and most useful blog posts cover a very specific topic in-depth. If you begin tackling a topic that is large in size, you can find it overwhelming and difficult to cover in enough detail to make it useful for your readers. Pick a topic and narrow it down to a very specific area.

Here are some things to consider…

  • What areas of affiliate marketing are you currently focusing on? Maybe you’ve been spending a lot of time link building lately and you'd like to share your experience on hiccups and successes you’ve had along the road, and tips for other users.
  • Maybe you’ve even got a time-saving, simple or helpful plan that others could follow along with.
  •  What’s news in the world of Affiliate Marketing? You might have a strong opinion on something that’s happened in the industry lately, or a new service that’s on offer and would like to warn members of the dangers, or alert them of the benefits.
  • Consider yourself an expert? Maybe you’re a graphic designer and can teach people how to make cartoon images, or maybe you’re a social media expert and can give members the low-down on how best to use a service for affiliate marketing.
  • Consider yourself a newbie? What about a journal-style entry of your progress so far? Tell us about your first sale, or how you finally figured out how to do 'annoying and difficult thing X’, and how others can do the same.

Are you ready to get started? The YO Blog isn't going to be live for a few weeks yet, but we are accepting submissions now. See you on the YO Blog soon!

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navaneeth 14 years ago
Cool Idea .
horksi 14 years ago
I wish I had a website in internet marketing niche, because people with IM niche using YO Blog will benefit very much. I mean if I write a blog and link to a dog training website, people will not click on my link. (However, getting a link juice from a PR 6 site is very enticing)
Caleb Nelsen 14 years ago
I hope to get some useful information out of this.
Juan Mariu 14 years ago
This is great!

Another reputable site to get a back link from as well as a hub of knowledge for IM.

Excellent idea.
Tyler Duncan 14 years ago
Sounds exciting! I'm looking forward to reading all the nuggets of wisdom and hearing of the experiences of other Afillorama members. This will be a fun way to share good ideas outside of the forum and get some copywriting practice in :) Hmm, I wonder what I can write about?
Daniel 14 years ago
Another top class product provided by Mark and the Affilorama Team.
Thank You guys. Good stuff.
Vance Sova 14 years ago
Hi Simon,

The YO Blog sounds like a great idea for mutual benefits. I look forward to it to actually see how it will look in practice. Perhaps it's a good idea for everyone including me to start thinking about what to post there.

Eric Alexander 14 years ago
I have put up a blog for the benefit of IM newbies as being a newbie myself a couple of years ago, I know of most of the problems that newbies face.

The biggest problem is that of information overload and not knowing where to start or how to proceed. I have done quite a bit of research and this website will surely help any newbie to understand what IM is all about and help him or her to save money, effort and time. By saving money I mean that a newbie will not have to buy courses indiscriminately and end up getting nowhere with their study of internet marketing.

I have suggested three training programs for different levels of newbies and AffiloBlueprint is one of them.

I hope this website will be useful to newbies and help them to reduce the learning curve drastically.

Anowar 14 years ago
Ideas are encouraging to launch a Blog using YO Blog to market new products!
Celie 14 years ago
Thanks for the email about your new forum/blog. What I would like advice on from more experienced members, is how to get anchor text in when I am linking to blogs. Putting in my url is easy but how and where to I put anchor text? Many thanks in advance.
Alan Roy Hocking 14 years ago
What a great idea and mutually beneficial. Hats off to you Mark you've done it again!
Mohamud 14 years ago
The YO Blog will serve as a very useful platform where members share ideas and information for their mutual benefit. I'm looking forward to it's launching with great excitement.
geracel 14 years ago
Great idea! It will be interesting and beneficial to share ideas among the Affilorama members.
Tim Douglass 14 years ago
You guys continue to offer some of the best services and innovations in the affiliate marketing world. Keep up the great work!
paulita 14 years ago
What an excellent idea!Thanks.
Harry Cordoba 14 years ago
It is a cool idea Mark, you are enticing people to build content for you! So smart from your part...
Mike Robbins 14 years ago
@ngih thomas tansaat

You do not need a website on IM in order to comment or write a meaningful post.

For example if you did have a website on dog training there are a myriad of topics that would push people back to your site.

1) Write a post about how you did your keyword research
2) Write a post about how you created your new banner {this alone will drive people to your site to take a look at what you're talking about}.

Get the picture?

It's all about common topics. By the way, if you have a website on dog training and you're promoting affiliate products... you are an Internet Marketer!

manuel 14 years ago
Wish you all to your success! Specially to you Mark!!
Bill 14 years ago
Great idea Mark. You've run a very useful and sensible blog up to this point. You are always providing up to date and relevant content for all levels of users. Hopefully this will be a consistently helpful safe place for people to interact and help one another. Thanks, Bill
allan 14 years ago
What a great idea Mark. I'm looking forward to it
Mark Demers 14 years ago
Excellent idea . Beneficial to everyone . I love reading blogs with great writing and great contents , i will be looking forward to reading every ones posts in the future..

Have a Great Day!
TrevorM 14 years ago
This is great Mark. Thanks for always thinking about the people who follow you. Your ideas are encouraging and helping people like me who are struggling with the internet.
Darryl Hudson 14 years ago
Great Ideal Guys, I'm looking forward to contributing to YO Blog and post some of my content as well, always looking for quality back links anyway.
Jhoecannon 14 years ago
Wonderful idea, Mark! Maybe I can do something like this on my website.

I have to make a posting to my website this morning, but I"ll be back to make a YO post.

Simon Slade 14 years ago
Keep the posts coming guys, we have had some fantastic ones in already :)
allanwilson 14 years ago
Yes this is good for everyone, I look forward to being involved.
buddy 14 years ago
Sweet offer and great site so am looking forward to joining and posting my 2 cents as well :)
Chris T Atkinson 14 years ago
Great idea looking forward to posting there! ...
Gordon Jablonski 14 years ago
The changes to results in keyword research was a real pain. I had just got it worked out in my own mind and was developing a system that seemed to be sensible when the figures we were suddenly turned upside down when google switched to their new keyword tool. Words that seemed to have good results suddenly had virtually none. I am wondering how others have dealt with this issue.
Joan Stalker 14 years ago
Fantastic idea, Mark. Just had my first post approved. Yeah! Looking forward to posting more....

Thanks for helping us out with a backlink.
Andrew Pupols 14 years ago
Wow this is awesome! One more way to help people and contrinute good content.
Allan Philip 14 years ago
Thanks Yo Blog, I'm happy I joined today...your service is excellent and I can't wait to submit some content. Thanks for the offer!
what is fish oil good for 13 years ago
Howdy! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!
Chrisi Darrington 13 years ago
Hey Mark, I've got a YO post in draft mode. I'm trying to justify the image to the left of the text but every time I adjust the html it edits it out.

Is this not possible? Or could you tell me the correct way to insert the html for left/right justification of text to the images?

Thanks :)
Cecille Loorluis 13 years ago
Hi Chrisi,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. I checked your draft and it looks in order. Do you wish to move the image of the dog to the left? If so, you can drag the image to the left and the text should wrap around it.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!

Chrisi Darrington 13 years ago
Thanks Cecille. I will try the dragging of the image tip. :)

My other question was with the little box under the article after you click the draft mode button. I forget what it says, but it doesn't say, "Resource box". It looks like it's an area to add a note to the Staff.

So, I add my resource box at the end of my article, but put any Staff notes into that little box before I submit it - yes? or did I get that wrong?

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Thanks for another informative website. The place else may just I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect method? I have a undertaking that I'm simply now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.