Introducing Chris

By Affilorama Group
Introducing Chris


Hi everyone!

With all the new people in our team you might start getting sick of these, but I think it's about time I introduce myself. My name is Chris and I'm the newest addition to the Affilorama team. I'm mainly going to be working on SEO and social media marketing for Affilorama (so make sure you're following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, to see some of the stuff I''ll be doing!!)

So just a bit of background about me. I just finished a bachelors degree in marketing. A lot of my experience has been more on the traditional end of the marketing spectrum (I spent a number of years working in sports marketing and sponsorship) rather than online, so like many of you, I am new to affiliate marketing and am really excited to learn more. I also lived in the US for the last year in Seattle (fantastic city!) while I went to the University of Washington Business School. Go Huskies!!

I really love the Internet and online marketing! I think the Internet is shifting the balance of power away from those with the biggest advertising budgets to those with the best ideas, the most creative and the most innovative. Which means there's nothing stopping the little guy doing big things online!

So what am I going to be talking about in these blog posts? Well, like I said my job has a lot to do with marketing, social media and SEO, so I'll be looking at new and emerging trends in this perpetually changing online world and how they apply to affiliate marketing. I also hope to examine some offline marketing examples and theories and see what we as online marketers can learn from them. I want to try and have as much diversity in my blogs as possible, and I'll definitely take suggestions! After all, we want our members to be getting the most benefit they can out of our content!

Hopefully I'll be able to share content that people will find valuable. I look forward to interacting with more of you as I settle in here.

Drop me a comment and introduce yourself! I'd love to hear from you.


Simon Slade 15 years ago
Welcome aboard Chris. Solid first post :)
15 years ago
Glad ttp have you here Chris, I'm new too started today. I look forward to the journey ahead. I haven't been home for a while so the accents have let me, you guys and girls are kiwi's right?

GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS, I still love my rigby!
oscar mccauley 15 years ago
hello chris,
welcome aboard... and if you have any suggestions on your marketing tips i would love to here them or you can drop me an email... new to this arena and im trying to be like a sponge....
Troy Todd 15 years ago
Welcome Chris.
mastercands 14 years ago
Welcome Chris. I will be asking several question to you on the next weeks. So .... prepare your self. hhehehe