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Internet 101 Overview Part Two

Internet 101 Overview Part Two

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to finish talking about Affilorama’s new beginner’s guide to the web, Internet 101. Last week I talked about the Internet Basics and Internet Navigation sections.

Today we’re going to look at the social media and ecommerce sections of the site.

Social media may be all the rage these days – but if I was to actually ask you, “What is Social Media?” what would you say? In this section, we try to answer this. You see many people look at social media as some kind of quaint toy… kids just having fun online. The reality is that social media is redefining how information is shared around the world. Learn the fundamentals of blogging, social networks and media sharing sites, as well as the other kinds of social media.

Next we move on to eCommerce – how people and businesses sell things online. We also look at digital products, spotting and avoiding online scams, as well as explanations of online advertising and of course, affiliate marketing.

While you may familiar with some of the content already, this should help fill any gaps of your knowledge, as well as give you a resource to help explain these things to other people!

I hope you enjoy this new Affilorama resource – we’re going to keep adding to it. So if you have any suggestions, just email them to us!

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  • Reply 3531 days ago

    Great post Chris, loving the series :)

  • Reply 3528 days ago

    This is going to be helpful for so many people!

  • Reply 3526 days ago

    Wow this was really helpful, thanks!

  • Reply Andi Putra3526 days ago

    Very useful to teaching my Dad social media. Haha

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