I'm Getting Married

By Affilorama Group
I'm Getting Married


Hey Guys!

I'm getting Married tomorrow! (That's Saturday NZ time)

My fiance's name is Michelle, she is the girl behind me in my avatar photo (in the affilorama private members forum).

We just finished the wedding rehearsals yesterday, so exciting, all went well.

I'll be away on honeymoon next week. I will be back the following week, and lots more affilorama updates are on the way.

All the best, I'll be back soon! (just away for 1 week)


Bob Marconi 17 years ago
Congratulations to you both!!!

Have a great week.

Bob M
Robert Williams 17 years ago
Let me be the first to CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish you and Michelle all the hapiness in the world.
Russ 17 years ago

I wish you the best. I've enjoyed the tips and information gleened from Affilorama and from someone I consider to be a sincere and kind young person.
Take a nice BREAK, devote some time to yourself and your new mate. We'll be here when you return :)

Susan Forbes 17 years ago
Hi Mark,
Congratulaions to yourself and Michelle,that is so sweet that you took the time to let us all know that you are getting marrried, makes Affilorama much more personal. Have a fantastic break away on your honeymoon and try to leave work behind. Don't forget to come back now you hear...I need you..
The REAL Newbie, No experience necessary mmmmmm don't know about that..
Best regards Susan
adwin 17 years ago
congrats mark! Finally you decided to give up your wealth and share it...haha!
Clifford 17 years ago
hey, all this time of preparation and finally the Big day has arrived. Congrats and remember, stay clear from your laptop during your honeymoon!

Scott Patterson 17 years ago
Congratulations Mark,

It's so exciting! Hope all goes well and you have a wonderful day. Enjoy it man, because the day screams by and just as your getting into the groove, your hurried of in the Limo. I just celebrated 10 years with my adorable wife this year ;) Life is good.

Great news!
Robert Attebery 17 years ago
Congratulations: Sounds like there was no time for rest or sleep this past few weeks. Good luck to everyone involved. You will have to practice and get used to your new vocabulary: it is now - us - we - ours & May I ! No more: mine - I - you - yours & - may I ! May God Bless

Robert C. Atteberu
Yvonne 17 years ago
Mark & Michelle I wish you both nothing but success in your marriage and union of spirits. Be patient, kind and listen to each other (really listen) and hear, and communicate, communicate, communicate.
Dave Everett 17 years ago
Congratulations to you both!

As someone who has been happily married for 37 years I can certainly recommend it. Children, grandchildren - you have all these joys to come. All the best for the future.
Darcelle 17 years ago
Wishing you and your bride all the best, Peace, Love, and Happiness.
Have a safe and wonderful honeymoon.
dickson 17 years ago
Congratulations to you Mark!

I Bilieved You Will Enjoy God,s Design " Marriage"

ali 17 years ago
Dear Mark and Michelle,

Congratulations! Best wishes for a long and very happy life together!

Phil Miranda 17 years ago
Congratulations Mark and Michelle.
May your lives together be long and happy.
Joe S. 17 years ago
Congrats to you both and God bless your marriage!
Kahjoon 17 years ago
Congrats Mark and Michelle! :-;

"Once you have found her, never let her go"

That's my favorite line from..can't remember the song.

Have a wonderful life!

Tom 17 years ago
Congratulations Mark, i hope you and Michelle have a very happy future together.


Greg Porter 17 years ago

I guessed this was the big announcement. Congrats from a proud, lifetime member of Affilorama. My best to you both.

Gerda 17 years ago
From Switzerland i am sending you my congratulations and
my very best wishes for the happiest marriage in the world.
Take care.
Lori 17 years ago
Oh darn, I was hoping you'd Marry me :o) j/k! Congratulations, I may just be one of your new members you'll notice when you get back!

Again, Congratulations Mark & Michelle!


Congratulations to both of you!!!

Have a roaring time.


Mary 17 years ago
Good Luck!
Sally M 17 years ago

Hope you both have a wonderful day and a wonderful life together.
Best regards to you both,