How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page

By Mark Ling
How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page


Creating a Facebook fan page is a great way to build a large fan base. Whether it’s to send traffic to your blog website, a product that you are selling as a merchant or promoting as an affiliate, Facebook fan pages can generate a lot of free traffic to your site.

Here’s just a few benefits of building a facebook fan page:

  • It’s a FREE form of traffic
  • It allows you to build trust and engagement with your audience
  • It can increase the awareness of your brand/website
  • Allows you to be seen as an authority
  • It is a way of capturing leads

If you do not wish use paid methods to get leads or reach potential customers, a Facebook fan page is one of the best ways to start. 

In this lesson I am going to teach you step-by-step how to set up a Facebook Fan Page and how to make your first post.

For this example I am going to build a fan page from scratch using an affiliate website in E-com niche called E-com Space.

Step 1: Click the down arrow and create page

So we firstly want to click on the drop down arrow on the top right of our page then click on “Create Page”.

Step 2: Select what type of fan page it is

Next, select what type of fan page you are creating. If you’re reading this I take it you do online marketing of some sort. If you do, you’re going to want to choose “Brand or Product”.

You’re then going to have to select category it’s in. I want to to create a fan page so I can send traffic to my website, so I am going to select “Website”.

When I’ve clicked on website, I’m then going to type in the name of my website. In this case, I’m going to put E-com Space.


Step 4: Add a profile picture

This could be a picture of your business logo, a picture relevant to your niche, yourself or maybe a freebie that you offer in exchange for someone e-mail address on your site.

For this page, I’m going to set my profile picture as the logo for my site.


So I click “Add a Picture” then “Upload Photo” where I’ll select the image file I want to set as my profile picture.

And this is what it should look like:

NOTE: If you don’t have a personal logo there’s a bunch of sites where you can download amazing images for free. Here a few below:

Step 5: Add a cover photo

After you’ve created your profile picture, you can also add a cover photo. Simply click “Add Cover” and “Upload Image” to choose the image you want as your cover photo.

I want to direct people to a free eBook being offered on this site, so in my cover photo I am going to direct followers to go and get this.


Step 6: Write your first post!

Now you’ve set up the face of your fan page, it’s time to create a post! This can range from image quotes, to asking your followers questions or linking to an article on your site.

For my first post I’m going to post a link to one of the articles on my site which they can go and read.

And that is how to create a FaceBook fan page! It’s real easy to set up and if built properly, can create a very large fanbase for your online business!

From here onwards you should be posting daily to keep your followers engaged. To run a fan page effectively, here a few quick tips:

  • Like and share other peoples stuff on other pages. This is a great way to interact with your audience from similar pages as you.
  • Give them an informative article. Be sure to offer them information that they can actually learn from. Take care of your followers because they are the people who will potentially become your customers in the future.
  • Hunt for content. If you’re struggling to create your own, look for other related content which you can link your followers to.
  • Schedule posts. You’re not always going to be available to post on your page, so be sure to schedule your posts so Facebook can automatically put them up for you at your designated time.
  • Post every 2 or 3 hours. Research has found that the more you frequent you post the more engagement you will receive from followers and the more likely your fan page will grow. Keep on top of your content game and make sure to post every 2 or 3 hours to keep your followers happy.
  • Boost posts. This is a great way to reach larger audiences quicker. If you don’t mind spending money, pay to boost a post to increase engagement and followers to your fan page.

In this lesson you have learnt:

  • How to set up a Facebook page
  • How to add a profile picture and cover photo on your page
  • How to write a post on your page
  • Ways to improve and maintain your Facebook fan page
John Shen 7 years ago
Great article mark. Thanx!
Moses Apeabu 7 years ago
This is great and its so simple to follow,
I wish setting up the affilorama free web page was explained like this, I wouldn't be having the challenges of setting up my page by now.
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Moses! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with an Affilorama product. If you reach out to our support team, they will be happy to help you with getting it set up:
Mark 7 years ago
Great information. Facebook fan page is really important to promote a business online.
Anthony 7 years ago
thanx so much great post!!!
where can we learn to make the ebook in our cover photo clickable?
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Anthony! Mark asked me to pass this reply on to you:

In order to do this you need to put your URL you want to link to in the description.

The CTA isn't actually clickable, but it sends you to the description, where you can direct people to go and click on the URL.

Hope this helped!
Jack 7 years ago
Great Post. Covered everything in 2 minutes of reading.
Ctrell 7 years ago
Thank you for making this easy for us!
tom 7 years ago
Thank'you, for information
Getty 7 years ago
Show me how to be a successful affiliate marketer.
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Getty! We explain how to succeed at affiliate marketing in AffiloBlueprint:

It's a complete step-by-step guide to going from zero to making the big bucks. :-)
Phyllis Hofer 7 years ago
It's simple but not everyone knows that. Thanks
Helena Sebastian 7 years ago
I already have a FB fan page set-up but there are always new things you can pick up and learn. I like the way you laid it out in a step by step process. Very handy. Thanks for sharing.
ronald 7 years ago
it's a great article very helpful, thanks mark
7 years ago
Thank you for the lesson
Very cool! I had wanted to do my Fanpage for some time, but I always left it for later. Today I finally followed that step by step and it's ready.

[email protected] 6 years ago
I am new here and I want to become an Amazon affiliate marketer utilizing Facebook Fan page. What is the process? And would also like to know how to obtain my fan page URL to send to Amazon. Please, help.
Cecille Loorluis 6 years ago
You need to go the Amazon Associates page at

You can follow the above steps to create a Facebook Fan page.

Hope that helps. All the best!