How to Make Money with Twitter

By Affilorama Group
How to Make Money with Twitter


Hi Guys, 

Twitter is a relatively new (launched July 2006) microblogging and social networking website that allows you to make short text posts (140 characters max) to the twitter website, via twitter itself, or even craftier... though your cellphone, or a third party application such as Facebook.

Sound complicated?

Actually it isn't. Perhaps many of you reading this are Twittering already. There are millions of people using this service, posting over 3 million messages a day.

I've recently set up my own personal twitter profile (not to be confused with the twitter profile's I set up under a pen-name for my affiliate sites).

Here it is:

The way I twitter is pretty much whenever I suddenly remember to do it, I spend about 60 seconds, log into twitter and make a post (140 characters max) about what I'm up to right now.

It is just a short snapshot of my stream of consciousness.

I've been encouraging my writers lately to do the same and have recently developed a plan for using twitter to assist me in my search engine rankings (actually Mr K of my web 2.0 traffic secrets interview created most of this plan).

Many other marketers use twitter itself to make money (not just to help their organic search rankings improve for their websites).

Here are the most common ways of using twitter to make money:

1. Every 10th post you make, advertise a product that is relevant to the market that you twitter about. E.g. if you are always twittering about golf and your golf results, then every 10th twitter post could recommend a different affiliate product that you've found success with (or every 20th if you twitter often).

2. Business networking. It is a great way of keeping up with the play and actually getting to know some people who are high up in your industry that you are interested in. For example, it is not difficult to post a message and get a reply from John Reese, or Robert Kiyosaki (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

3. Getting more visitors to their websites from people who search twitter and follow people who they are interested in. For example, an avid dog lover might follow you if you regularly twitter about stuff to do with dogs. It is simply another avenue for getting traffic.

4. This is what I do, I follow what Mr K recommended to me and am implementing a cross linking strategy to get higher rankings in organic search results. Listen to my interview with Mr K for details on that. I'll let you know my results in a few months. I have a lot of confidence in this as it makes a lot of SEO sense to me.

Anyway, if you haven't set up a twitter account for yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes. I recommend that you set up a test account for yourself today and post about a topic that interests you (preferably one that you are an affiliate in).

All comments are welcome.


p.s. Sign up to twitter and follow me:

Brad 16 years ago
I don't suppose you want to share your pen name twitter url with me so I can get an idea of your technique?
I've become a man possessed with Affiliorama. Trying to balance my day job but always thinking of AF. I just set up my hub pages and squiddo as per Mr K recommendations for one site.
Andy Xie 16 years ago
Hi Mark,
Have heard everybody talking about twitter for a while, but never understand how to make money from it until now. Thank you very much.
I just created an account
Bob McGuire 16 years ago
Actually what I use Twitter for is getting a web page indexed.

I make a comment like
"I just built a web page at "

And that is all. Google gets that within minutes. I do the same with a hub page and with a ping site called .

I usually get indexed within a few days.
When I registered this web page I started on Sunday (Mothers DAy) and was indexed on tuesday night/ wednesday morning and then placed in Google page 4 number 6 for the term 4 minute money on Wednesday.

Bob McGuire
Dee-Dee 16 years ago
Hiya Mark,
That's a great strategy and a good use of social networking media. I've been using twitter for almost a year now. There are also lots of twitter tools to make your twittering easier.
Twitbin: adds a sidebar to your Firefox browser so you can do tweets while you browse,
TwitterBar: Firefox plugin allows you to tweet straight from the address bar. Great for referring sites you like and a personal favorite.
Facebook: allows you to add your Twitter feed to your Facebook page,
Wordpress Blogs: Add feed badges, twit this button and daily summaries to your blog. Use the Twitter Tools plugin so that whenever you do a post it automatically tweets for you.
TwitterFeed: will do this also.
Twhirl: a twitter desktop client that notifies you when someone tweets. The great thing about this tool is that you can privately tweet to someone without it going to all your followers. The tweet does show on your twitter feed though.
As you can probably tell Mark I am a FAN of twitter and I agree with you that is is a great tool to use for marketing if not abused.
Dee :-)