How to Make Money with PPC

By Mark Ling
How to Make Money with PPC


Hey Guys,

Late last year I recorded a detailed interview with Amit Mehta where I grilled him for over an hour, while he revealed exactly how he goes about making over 2 million a year from pay per click.

Feedback from that interview has been incredible:

"That, how to make money with ppc, interview that you recorded with Amit was the springboard in knowledge and motivation that I needed to finally make this work. I've finally been able to get myself over the 100 dollars a day hurdle"
- Jeetan Singh, Indiana
"Your ppc interview with Amit was incredible, I've been tweaking my campaigns with great results so far, thanks so much for providing that for us" - Paula Knowles, San Diego, California 

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here

News: I'm going to be interviewing Amit again in a follow up interview where he reveals even more cutting edge ppc strategies on the 18th of February at 9pm EST at:

This is one teleseminar you won't want to miss (set your alarm in your phone). You'll be able to ask your own live questions too.

In further news, Amit Mehta has just released a cutting edge free report called:

"The 5 Deadliest Mistakes Affiliates Make"

In it, he reveals the 1 critical secret to all ppc success, why 98% of affiliates fail, and the 5 deadliest mistakes that you're probably making or about to make.

You can go download it right now here, enjoy!:

Steven Hall 15 years ago
Just joined up will check out the last interview, great site you have here
Marc Lindsay 15 years ago
Mark thanks for the interview, I saw a few of my questions answered in there :) ripper :)

Enjoyed it
Nick Fauchelle 15 years ago
Thanks Mark
Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

How do we get our hands on a copy of "The 5 Deadliest Mistakes Affiliates Make"?

ampie_g 14 years ago
@Crystal01 It appears that the report is no longer available on Lurn's site.