How to Make Money From Affiliate Programs - Your Questions Answered

By Affilorama Group
How to Make Money From Affiliate Programs - Your Questions Answered


Hey guys,

As the first blog post for 2007 I thought I'd take the opportunity to answer a few commonly asked questions from Affilorama members. While it's easy to focus on the specific tricks and tools involved in internet marketing, often it's the more general questions that can be the most paralyzing: "How do I find a good market?" "When should I use pay-per-click and when should I use search engine optimization?" "Should I be focusing on quality or quantity?" "How do I know when it's time to move on and make a new site?" 

We're trying out a new audioblog format -- be sure to let us know what you think. There are also some accompanying notes available in PDF format below the play button.


P.S. This report is public and can be freely distributed to whoever you wish. If you've got friends or subscribers who you think will benefit, feel free to pass it on!

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Steven I Davidson 18 years ago
Hi Mark,

Great audio blog, persistances is the greatest tool an internet marketer can have. More is best in that if you have one site you are but an island. If you have many then you can use the lessons learnt for one site to put into place on others. Plus you can cross promote your own site. Keep up the great work.
Finally this is giving me a full time income. Love the independants, and I owe alot to your affilorama videos.

Steve Davidson
Mandurah West Australia.
Ken 18 years ago
Mark...I really enjoyed the audio blog! I enjoy hearing it in the interview style that you used. And by the way...the information was extremely helpful! I was very impressed!

Take care,
Randy 18 years ago
Awesome Guitar riff on the audioblog Mark. Did you learn that on Jamorama!!

Randy 18 years ago
Just listened to the audioblog Mark and it was wonderful.
In this business, especially starting off you spend so much
time looking at that computer screen reading. It was so nice to lay down and close my eyes and relax while listening
intently to the information. It would be nice if it were
downloadable. I could then put it on a cd and listen to it while I was driving or making supper ect and I wouldn't have
take the extra time to sit at the computer and read it.
All and all I think this is a great thing.
Gary 18 years ago
Hey Mark,

I picked up some good information and I like your new audio blog.

It's much clearer and easier to learn from a conversation like you had than reading.

Franck Silvestre 18 years ago
Audio blog is a good Idea Mark. I take notes. Thanks for giving us great stuff. I really enjoyed your last mindset of the super affiliates in the member area.
Dee-Dee MacLeod-Wilson 18 years ago
Hiya Mark - Great Audio
(It's nice to hear the good ol' Kiwi accent - I'm a Kiwi too)
I liked the conversatoinal delivery of the valuable information provided.
I like audio as I have more listening time than reading time. I download to my mp3 player so I can listen while driving, working out or doing other "mundane stuff"
Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago
Hi Mark and Aletta,

I liked the conversational delivery of the invaluable information provided by the two of you. It's much easier to learn from an oral conversation than a written essay, especially when so much information is provided. I was very impressed!

However, if I may suggest one thing, please. A photo of yourself an Aletta would be so much more drawing than looking at the screen that you currently use. Watching you live would be even better!!

All in all, well done.