How to Install a Wordpress Blog

By Affilorama Group
How to Install a Wordpress Blog


Hi guys,

This afternoon I recorded a video showing you how easy it is to set up a wordpress blog. You'll see it can be done in about 10 minutes (in fact I could probably do it in 3 if I had to!)

I'll be showing you how to drive traffic, monetize and even how to customize your blog soon, but in the meantime, this video will show you exactly how to get a blog on the internet.

If you have never set up a blog before, then I challenge you to follow along with my short video and set one up today!

Newsflash: On Sunday Night at 6pm EST I'll be running a LIVE teleseminar with 2 of the world's best blogging experts. It promises to be packed full of great value and you'll also get to ask questions live on the call, so be there if you want to discover web 2.0 blog traffic strategies, monetization strategies and much more! I will post the audio version of this call on this blog soon after it is released.

Here are the teleseminar event details: Teleseminar closed 

All the best!