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How to Double Your List Size

How to Double Your List Size

Hey Guys,

One thing that I do regularly in my marketing is keep a close eye on what other top players are doing.

I like to know what people are doing that makes them successful. And I believe that I’ve learnt more from doing this kind of analysis than I have from purchasing home study courses and the like (which I’ve done a lot of as well).

One guy that I’ve been following closely lately is Michael Rasmussen, he’s a multi-million dollar super affiliate. 

He claims to have over 200,000 people on his mailing list and he always seems to be near the top of the leader board in all the various affiliate contests that go on behind the scenes when internet marketers release their products.

I’ve recorded my findings here in this pdf document, I hope that you’ll gain great value here and gain some gold nuggets that will lead you to rapidly grow your own list of opt in subscribers.

I titled this blog post "How to Double Your List Size", but really, if you follow these methods, you should multiply it by 10 or more.

Here’s my insider report on Michael Rasmussen’s list building strategies (Right Click Here and Choose Save As to download to your computer)



P.S. Michael has his own homestudy course launching 28 October, 12pm EST at: http://getmore-buyers.com

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  • Reply Franck Silvestre • 3910 days ago

    Hey Mark,

    Glad to see that affilorama is back.

    As for Michael, it's true that he is a really strong with email marketing. It was a good read, as always. thanks Mark.

  • Reply todd alan • 3884 days ago

    I've been following Michaels stuff for some time now as well and it certainly does work. The whole concept of building a list of "buyers" and the methods he uses to do it are essentially what Mike Filsaime's Traffic Fusion that was released a couple months ago. Traffic Fusion was a software system with membership site that is designed to automate the whole process as well as help you hook up with others who are interested in cross promoting via oto on the back end.

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