How to Create A Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page

By Mark Ling
How to Create A Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page


Do you want to learn how to create effective mobile squeeze pages? 

One that can be done in 10 minutes but still powerful enough to boost your opt-in rates?

Because let's face it, there is truth in the saying:

"The money is in the list."

And whilst other methods like marketing with social media may work, you can't sustain a viable business without building a personal relationship with your audience.

Take a look at this:

  • A whopping 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by email.
  • 17% difference in value between email conversions and social media conversions.
  • 66% Online consumers that have made a purchase as a result of an email.
  • 80% Content marketers that use email marketing.

(Source: GetVero)

So the reality is, if you're not taking your email marketing seriously, you're leaving money on the table and stabbing your own self in the foot.

But that's not even the point of this post.

The main point of focus is HOW you get you're going to get subscribers on your list, using a mobile squeeze page.

And creating one is EASY, thanks to Thrive Architect.

It's a premium WordPress plugin that lets you to build awesome landing pages using hundreds of done-for-you templates.

To create a landing page you simply drag and drop features you want on your page.

And here's the cool thing:

Templates are themed together so you can use the same design throughout your ENTIRE funnel. 

Like this here:

So you can create a fluid and formal experience for visitors.

Want to learn how to turn simple looking default templates into eye-catching squeeze pages?

Read on to find out...


What You'll Learn:

   > How to create a mobile squeeze page using Thrive Architect.

And that's it. 

Nothing more to this lesson really. Just a flat out step-by-step "how to" post but still a lot value to take from and apply.

On we go to…

Step 1: Open Up Thrive on WordPress

(Let's get all the boring stuff out the way first.)

You want to go onto your dashboard and create and click Pages over here on the side.

Once you've Pages you'll land onto this page. You then want to click Add New as shown below.

Now add a Title and hit Publish. This will be the page we'll use to create our squeeze page with Thrive.

Now assuming you've downloaded Thrive in WordPress, you should see this button here that says Edit with Thrive Architect.

Just click it.

And now we can start editing. 

Fun right? 

Now for the 'fun-ner' part...

Step 2: Creating Your Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page

Now Thrive have LOADS of landing pages to choose from. Asides landing pages you can also use Thrive to design other features on your site too. 

But we're only focused one thing: building  a  squeeze  page.

So to start off, we're going to come here and click on Template Setup.

Then click Change Landing Templates.

This is going to pull up a range of default landing templates to choose from. 

All you have do is find a squeeze page you can personalize as your own.

I chose this one over here:

It's simple, not too much to work with up but most importantly easy to read for this post.

So here's the important bit: making your page mobile optimized.

To do this, you want click on the little icon at the bottom over here.

Thrive let's allows you to preview your page in desktop, tablet and mobile mode.

We want mobile mode so simply click Mobile and Thrive will show you how it will appear on your smartphone.

(Then hit Save).

Now it looks like this:

Easy right?

Now let's edit.

Add Your Heading, Subheading and Call-To-Action 

Let's go from top to bottom.

So first, the heading. 

This squeeze page is going to be offering a freebie to help people on how find the perfect niche. 

So I'll call it "The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Niche".

Everything on Thrive is basically drag and drop, so to change default writing that's already there all I have to do is click it and put in the title of the freebie.


Now to quickly add a paragraph, click on the section between the header and the opt-in box and add your own text. 

Word of advice: When making squeeze pages for mobile, try to keep text as minimal as possible. Even go as far as cutting out words that don't need to be on your page. 

You don't want to add too much writing and pictures to distract people. 

Plus, there's only so much you can write on a mobile squeeze page until people have to start moving the page around to find text that doesn't fit on the page.

Now to change your call to action you want to firstly click on the button ( which is the Start Download button if you were unsure). 

Then on the side options click on Edit Form Elements.

Then click on the call to action again and change it up. 


CTAs are absolutely ESSENTIAL. 

Why? The answer is simple: they tell you exactly what do.

You don't create squeeze pages just so they look nice, you create them because you want people to make a specific action. 

  • According to Unbounce, 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy.
  • And ContentVerve also saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by using first-person phrasing: "Start my free 30 day trial" vs. "Start your free 30   day trial."

So it's clear writing CTA copy but also placing it in right position is also effective in boosting your conversion rate.

Which is Neil Patel found conversion rates dropped by 17% when placing the CTA above the main offer.

Which makes the template we're working with excellent in this case.

But if you're unsure of which call to actions are effective, you can choose from these here:

  • Get started now!
  • Get started!
  • Join now
  • Sign me up!
  • Give me it now!
  • Get *whatever your offering* now!

Adding your email connections

Now you've edited the main bits of the page, you want to add our connection so when visitors opt-in their details go straight to your email software so they can get added to your list.

This is not hard at all.

You start by clicking the opt-in box then clicking Connect To Service on the side options.

Then select your email marketing software (I'm using Aweber).

Then add all the fields you want. Obviously the two most important details you want from your visitors are their name and email.

  > You need their name to address them personally in your autoresponder

  > and you need their email to market to them in the backend

But depending on your own sales strategy, you may require visitors to add other details too (like last name, DOB, address).

To add more, click on Add New Field at the bottom.

Lastly, you want to direct people to a page once they've hit your CTA. A thank you page is the most common, but you can send your visitors to you own custom URL.

To choose click one of the options here:

Then lastly Save your connection.

Now to finish off your page, you could change its current background.

By going over here and clicking on the settings icon:

Then click Template Setup.

And then click on Landing Page Settings.

(This is the last ‘click’ I promise).

Now over here’s where you can change up the background of your page.

You can add your own image, or make the background a different colour (I’ll just change the colour). 

So it looks like this:


And that, my friend, is how you create a mobile optimized squeeze page, that when viewed on your phone it will look like this:

Creating this post was easy (setting up this squeeze page and taking screenshots along the way literally took under 10 minutes!) 

The background picture can be easily changed to anything, this theme makes it easy to move around elements on the page if you wish and there are several other templates also if this one isn't for you.

Here's the link to Thrive's website if you want to get this plugin for yourself: Thrive Plugin.


Mohammed 6 years ago
Thanks for the post. I have a call to action on my website. It hasn't been effective in converting visitors to customers.
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i enjoyed that information,, I think i will try this.