How to Compete with Free Information Websites?

By Simon Slade
How to Compete with Free Information Websites?


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This weeks question from Nanette: How to Compete with Free Information Websites?

Mark recorded a quick video explaining his thoughts on how to compete with free information websites when promoting paid products or websites. Enjoy!

Do you have any tips of differentiating your website from your competitors? Let us know in the comments below.

James Pruitt 14 years ago
Thanks Mark, this is great information. You are always inspiring to listen to. Sometimes I kick myself to see someone younger than me with success so early in life. Makes me kick myself for not being more focused. Keep up the great work.
Lead Capture Expert 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

Thank you for your post. Like this kind of short video sharing.

Your good points on leverage on those free sites rather than fear about them.

Take care and hope to hear more from you.

Francisco Acosta Reyes 14 years ago
Be unique!! Just remember, how many songs have ever been written about love? Are they the same? No!!!! Do you like them? Yes!!!!
Chester 14 years ago
Great video. Lots of people fail to understand that to compete they must target the right prospects, not everyone, get their attention and convert them to a buyer. Good question and a great answer.
Margene Smith 14 years ago
Hi Mark!

I agree with you. Another thing to remember about many large sites is that locating the information you are searching for can be difficult and time consuming. Simple sites with content direct to the subject matter a person is needing fills a demand.

When I want information I want it now. I don't want to have to search through multiple web pages searching for it. Simple, direct sites fill a demand as many of us are impatient.
horksi 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

Somehow I really like to listen to the Affilorama music. (played in start and end of every video) It always make me relate to something like 'hope', 'never give up', 'you can make it', 'there is light at the end of tunnel' etc... Though I have not make my first sale yet, but I am seeing some good SEO progress in my affiliate site keywords. One day ...
Lucy Rudnicka 14 years ago
You are already unique, since we all are unique. Just stand behind your product, offer personalized training, etc, and you will be offering something those free websites may not.

I also believe in customers finding their websites and the personalities matching. Someone who will like my competitor's website won't like mine and vice versa. It's the same phenomenon in off line business. My clients like me because there is something that attracts them to the particular way I do business. My competitor's clients prefer my competitor for the same reason. We all find each other in what sometimes feels a mysterious way...
protagoras 13 years ago
In the race x money in this market we have to be real honest people and not just fly by nite hudlums trying to take advance of people who visit the web.