How to Build Quality Links in 1 Hour a Day

By Samuel Frost
How to Build Quality Links in 1 Hour a Day


Link building can be an imposing task, but it is crucial for your ongoing success as an affiliate marketer. Unless you are willing to rely entirely on paid traffic sources you will need to get your website ranking in the search engines, and the most effective way to do this is with link building. Unfortunately, the words "link building" conjure up thoughts of slaving in front of a computer for hours on end in the minds of many affiliates. 

In this blog post you are going to learn how to build links quickly—in an hour per day or less! If you have always wanted to ramp up your SEO efforts but simply have not had the spare time to do so, then pay close attention to discover exactly how to maximize the return on your invested time.

Step 1: Find Your Link Sources

When you are on a shoestring "time budget" for link building, you cannot risk wasting any time hunting for link sources. If you have only one hour a day to actually build links, then you don't want to waste a second! Therefore, you need to organize all your link sources in advance. I use the AffiloTools Link Finder to make uncovering link sources an absolute breeze. This tool scours the Internet to find link opportunities based on your keywords, which means that you have no need to manually find links.

Using the AffiloTools Link Finder is as simple as entering a relevant keyword in the search box and selecting the link types you want to find:

link finder basic search

As far as link sources go, guest posting, commenting and article directories are the easiest and will give you the biggest possible return on your time investment. You can also experiment with other link types, such as resource and directory pages. Once you have decided on your link types, AffiloTools will proceed to work its magic and return a big list of potential links. You can order the results based on a number of different factors. I recommend ordering the results based on page authority so that you have a large list of link sources ordered from most to least valuable. 

You can see my list here, ordered by page authority. Click to see an enlarged image:

affilotools pa link list


Step 2: Develop a Plan

You have now found your list of link sources, all thanks to the incredible power of AffiloTools. Now you need to develop a plan for your link building so that you maximize the return on the time you invest. You are already one step ahead here because your link list has been ordered by page authority (this means that you will be targeting the most powerful links first). However, blasting down your link source list in a methodical fashion isn't ideal because Google prefers websites with a diverse link profile. You don't want to spend all your time building blog comment links, for example. 

To make your life easier I have developed a five-day link building plan for you, which encompasses a few different types of links for a balanced profile. Work through this plan, and then repeat it once you have finished day five. This gives you a realistic goal to aim for and will help you build links quickly. All you need to do is ensure that your link list remains ordered by page authority, and then instruct AffiloTools to display only the relevant type of links:

Day 1 - Commenting (blog & forum) 
Day 2 - Write & submit guest post
Day 3 - Commenting (blog & forum)
Day 4 - Write & submit article to article directory
Day 5 - Directory submissions

In case you're still confused, on day one you will spend your hour targeting blog and forum comment links you have found using AffiloTools. On day two, you will write and submit a guest post, and so on. Just follow the template for easy results; it is almost impossible to get this wrong! 

Step 3: Increase Your Link Building Efficiency

If you only have an hour a day in which to build links, then it is crucial you increase your efficiency so that you can build more links in the same period of time. Fundamentally, you want to increase your "linking rate." If you can get an average of one extra link per day, then you have an additional ~30 links each month, and with no more time invested.

Here's how you can increase your link building efficiency:

  1. Set up an Excel spreadsheet that follows your plan at the start of each week with the link locations you grabbed from AffiloTools. Smash your way through this list and save a few minutes each day (it all adds up in the long run).
  2. Learn how to touch type so that you can get more words written in less time. Touch typists can generally type as they think of what they want to write, whereas you might currently think of each sentence or paragraph first, and then subsequently write it down. Touch typing also reduces the rate of typing errors, meaning you can spend less time proofing your link content and more time actually doing link building.
  3. Write your blog and forum comment links using bullet points, rather than full paragraphs.
  4. Make "inline" replies to other comments as you generally do not need to write so much for these. Furthermore, inline comments have a higher chance of being approved by moderators, which means less wasted time.
  5. Use a tool like LastPass so you can log into accounts faster, without wasting time remembering passwords for forums and article directories.
  6. Use a spinning tool to create a whole bunch of unique website descriptions for submitting to directories. Have these ready in a notepad file so you can copy and paste when doing your directory submissions.
  7. If you notice your links being rejected by any given blog, forum, or website, then strike it off your list. Every link you build that does not wind up live on the Internet is a waste of time.

Step 4: Outsource

When push comes to shove, the fastest way to build links is to pay someone else to do it for you. If you have started to see some profit from your affiliate marketing campaigns, then you should strongly consider reinvesting that money back into your business. Hiring an SEO outsourcer helps to free up your time and energy for more "productive" tasks, namely things like market research and content creation. 

There are a few different ways to outsource link building, but as a general rule you should steer clear of purchasing "link packages" for a fixed sum. These are usually automated links, and hundreds of others might wind up with the exact same link profile as you. Instead, you should use a service like Upwork to hire an independent worker who can manually build links for you. 

Once you've hired an outsourced worker, you can provide him or her with your link list and linking plan (described above). By providing your outsourcer with a predefined list of links to build, you can ensure that you get a better return on your investment, as he or she will spend more time linking and less time searching for link opportunities! While your outsourcer is working you should tweak your website for higher conversion rates, and expand your content marketing efforts, in order to improve your profitability further. You should also read Mark Ling's blog post about Elance (now known as "Upwork") outsourcing for more tips on getting the best results from your workers. 


Link building doesn't need to consume your entire life. In this blog post you have seen how just one hour a day provides you with ample time to build quality links to your website and boost your SEO effectively. For more linking and SEO strategies you can put into practice immediately, check out the free Affilorama SEO videos here. You will learn the essential methods you need to get your website(s) ranking high on Google. 

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions, then please leave a comment below. I would love to hear your tips and tricks for rapid link building as well, so don't hesitate to share them.

Gabor 11 years ago
Very good and usefula article. I'd like to ask if I have the professional license for Traffic Travis, can I use the link finder of this software as same as the affilotools? Is it good as well?
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Thanks for sharing this resource. Never heard of it but I'll give it a try!
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Great information as usual.
Right now I am making an experiment with social bookmarking. I built a new site and did the inbound SEO and just bookmark on everywhere to see the real power of bookmarking. So far it didn't show any backlink to my site.
I have been doing it just for a couple of days.
Antares Enterprises 11 years ago
True that link building can be an imposing task, but it is crucial for your ongoing success as an affiliate marketer. This post really adds more information as well as the steps that you shared to us. Thanks!
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Nice sharing. Link building is part of SEO and should look for high quality link.
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