Hello from Croatia!

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Hello from Croatia!


Hey Guys,

Update from the road! Michelle and I are currently hanging out in breathtaking Dubrovnik, Croatia. We've spent the best part of the past few weeks travelling through Europe and seeing the sights, doing some tours, checking out the historical sites (remember we're Kiwis... not all that much "history" where we come from!) and still finding time to watch some Rugby World Cup action! (We went to the All Blacks Vs. Scotland game not long before traveling to France!)

(By the way, I'm still trying to get over the All Blacks losing to France in the quarter finals. The All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby team for all you non-rugby fans out there. We had beaten France nine times straight before playing this match, so losing was an absolute shock. I guess pressure does funny things, and admittedly France did play exceedingly well. Oh well... four more years until the next World Cup!)

But enough about sport. In the past few weeks we've visited the south of France (Nice, Monaco, St Tropez) before meandering out way up to Paris, Prague, and now on to Croatia! If you're wondering how I can manage this while still running a business... well, that's the joy of modern technology for you. I can communicate with my companies in New Zealand by talking over Skype, chatting over MSN and using project management software. If you need any more encouragement to start an online business... the ability to travel with it is a definite bonus!
And if you need any more encouragement to travel... here are some photos from our trip:

Michelle and me shortly after arriving in Nice

Our first sunset in Nice

Eating yummy ice cream in Nice :)

Nice photo of Michelle in Nice before sunset

We spent a couple of nights at the famous Monaco Monte-Carlo Casino. Here's a photo of it. Michelle is there too, but it's hard to spot her in the dark!

Me playing the baguette in St Tropez - A beautiful harbour town in the south of France.

Guess where we are. Go on, betcha can't.

Anyone seen the Da Vinci Code? (The book was better. I just can't get the hots for Tom Hanks anymore.) You might recognize the structures in the background: It's the Louvre Museum in Paris, and Michelle in the foreground. 

We weren't supposed to take photos in here, but everyone else was doing it... so... here's me with another lovely lady: The Mona Lisa. She's smaller than you'd expect.

More Louvre artwork. Seriously you could spend a few days in here and still not see everything. Here's me with another painting... this one's a little larger than the last. 

From Paris we moved on to beautiful Prague, where we dodged the hordes of umbrella-led tour groups. I had a cunning plan to get my own umbrella, hold it over my head, and attempt to steal a tour group and march them into the Vltava. Kind of an umbrella Pied Piper, if you will. But Michelle said no. 

 Me and Michelle in a park in Prague.

Now on to Croatia! Here's me on a boat heading out to an island off the coast of Dubrovnik.

Michelle enjoying the old town in Dubrovnik.

Well that's it from me. Just a quick "Where in the world is Mark Ling" post. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Mike Pedersen Golf 17 years ago
Mark...what you are doing with your new bride is amazing! I'm so jealous! And staying "wired" while you're doing this is even more impressive. You're a person, mentor and you lead by example, which is priceless online.
Mike Pedersen Golf 17 years ago
I mean to say..."you're a great person"...but hit submit too fast to correct it...LOL!
Josipa 17 years ago
Hy! I am from Croatia, currently in Split- that is near Dubrovnik. I hope you like our country. Wish you all the best!
Best internet marketing training 16 years ago
Mark, I was thinking could this be your wife or what? Now I know better - your new bride.

Well, I haven't gotten married yet, but now I know some of escapades I will embark upon with my own bride next year. I hope my own pix with you. :)

Thanks for sharing Mark