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Has Google Adwords been wrecking havoc with you?

Has Google Adwords been wrecking havoc with you?

Hi Everybody!

I've decided to start producing my newsletter as a blog, so that you can make comments on it and participate in active discussion of up to date topics. I'm sure you'll find this to be a great place to find out all the latest tips and tricks on affiliate marketing... minus the BS!

I will write most of the posts myself, Mark Ling, and from time to time other members of my team (and other marketers from around the world who have great tips to add), will make posts also.

So lets begin with a topic that has been wrecking havoc with thousands of mom-and-pop affiliate marketers around the world recently ... Google Adwords' new algorithm!

What's happened??

Well, if you have been marketing on google adwords recently, you may have noticed that all of a sudden, google doesn't want to display many of your ads. At least not for a reasonable price.

They are saying that you need to up your clickthru rate, or increase your click thru rate. At first I believed them, but after conversing with a google adwords representative, I've since discovered that's not the main point.

UPDATE: From my discussion above, in my opinion this what is happening: 

What google has done is remove websites with low pagerank from their adwords listings. You see, they not only want to have the world's best free search engine in the world. They also want the world's best paid search results too.

You see, they realise that in the long run, if they deliver high quality targeted advertisements, then people are more likely to click on them in future.

BTW If you are wondering what page rank is, as defined by Google "PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more havily and help to make other pages "important.". You can find a more full explanation at Google http://www.google.com/technology/

So where does this leave you??

Well, you've got a few options. First of all, if you have some sites that you want to continue to advertise as is, then you'll have to advertise them via google content match, overture usa, overture uk, overture aus, and miva.

There are other paid inclusion places, like kanoodle, but those are the ones I recommend you use first because they work well for me.

If you want to appear in google adwords again (without paying an arm and a leg!), you'll have to increase the pagerank.

How do you do that??

In short, you'll have to start thinking about producing high quality websites. The kind that other people will actually want to visit and benefit from. You'll have to trade links with other websites. You'll have to keep content fresh, probably via a blog.

Your site will need to come to life. Sounds difficult? Well those are your options. Either produce quality and get your page rank up, or ship out of adwords because google has laid down the gauntlet and only wants high quality sites in there.

They don't human review a site to see if it is high quality, they see based on its' pagerank score algorithm, so you'll have to work hard to beat that.

Just a quick plug for my affilorama course:) => I teach you all about that, including a 90 day roadmap for what to do, and a LOT of other affiliate marketing methods. Remember Adwords is not the only way, it's just a tool as part of your armory!

This new development will help you in the long run, it ensures that you have to start building quality and this is a much better long term business strategy (rather than throwing up a pile of crap and seeing what sticks).

That's my 2 cents, now it's your turn, I await your comments!

Mark Ling

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  • Reply Travis • 4659 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the post...

    Are you 100% positive about pagerank...I make my living with Google and Yahoo...and have not bit hit with pagerank.

    Yes...for sure they are now taking the landing page into much more consideration when calculating quality score...

    And there are some seo factors...BUT...if PR is a consideration at all...I don't think it is much of one...

    Why do I say this?

    Because I have registered 2 brand new domains...and I am running adwords campaigns on them right now...and getting an average cpc of 8 cents a click...

    I would also think PR would not work as even microsoft comes out with new products...and that landing page is going to be brand new and not have any PR...

    I would not throw in the Google towel just yet...yes...you do have to seo your page...and have much more relevant content...but I just don't think PR is a big part of the equation...


  • Reply Frederick Valencia • 4659 days ago

    Hi Mark. If this is the case, does it mean that creating new landing pages for adwords is almost dead or at least going that way?

    In Adwords, they say you shouldn't send the visitor straight to the merchant. You should direct them first to your very own landing page to pre-sell them and then you can provide a link to the merchant itself.

    Well if you have a new website, does this mean before you can do adwords, you should first build page rank now? Is this the case Mark?

  • Reply steven • 4659 days ago

    what is that going to mean for someone who is going to put up a minisite promoting a ebook or something similar from scratch(with no pagerank to start off with)?

  • Reply Jamie Reiner • 4659 days ago

    Wow! And they say "do no evil!". I think you have raised some valuable points and look forward to finding out more in your course.

    Thanks heaps Mark, these comments have hit home for me and its time for me to get my ass into gear (so to speak)

    Thanks again :)

  • Reply zac • 4659 days ago

    i thought google was just weeding out the landing pages which are not relevant enough to their conresponding ads
    its a slight bump for affiliate marketers if pagerank is a factor

  • Reply Wilson • 4659 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    It's the first time I heard that PageRank would affect the CPC or quality score. I think why Google Adwords is so popular is people can test ideas and promote anything almost immediately. They are actually killing their business and pushing advertisers to their competitors if they want to play the game like that.


  • Reply Roxanne • 4659 days ago

    YOU WROTE: "What google has done is remove websites with low pagerank from their adwords listings. You see, they not only want to have the world’s best free search engine in the world. They also want the world’s best paid search results too."
    So what does this mean? We have to pay, we have no choice but to pay through adwords or adsense or whatever to actually have a good pagerank? So no matter what I do in any of my affiliate programs I will not make money unless I spend money? I thought this was going to be a low cost type of work!

  • Reply Gerald Olson • 4659 days ago

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  • Reply Jerry • 4659 days ago

    My answer to Google, is why not use Google to make money. Google will pay you .30 cents for each click through on their ads. Check this out at www.godoonline.com.

  • Reply Bob • 4659 days ago

    Mark--this makes a lot of sense to me. I am just getting started and it is overwhelming sometimes with all the "gurus" out there pitching different programs to automatically generate massive websites without doing any work--the stuff looks gimicky to say the least. And you wonder where the value would be in someone coming to that site more than the first time. Building a solid business that provides value to clients/prospects is the foundation of all businesses--thanks for reminding me that it is really as simple as that. Regards--Bob

  • Reply Graeme Wilson • 4658 days ago

    Sounds tough.
    Have not been into Adwords.
    All mind blowing to me!!!
    From Graeme

  • Reply Jay • 4658 days ago

    I wasted a ton of money tring to promote an affiliate web site, I had to bid high to get a good page rank, but I thought the site had a quality product to offer but I guess I was wrong. I had a pretty good clickthrough rate, but that did not really help me since I only got like one conversion, I am only going to advertise through their content network now, the prices are just too high to use good keywrods.

  • Reply Terrena • 4658 days ago

    Gosh just more work to get ahead. Nice of you to explain this one though. And a question,

    Have you ever done an article on;
    >On January 12, 2005 Google introduced a new rule whereby >they only show one ad per affiliate and parent company >sharing the same domain per search query.

    >What this effectively means is that you need to link to a >landing page rather than use a direct affiliate link.

    Keep up the good work!




  • Reply simon • 4658 days ago

    Hi Mark. I am still to invest in your affiliate training. I have been involved in affiliate marketing, but without a website of my own, so just using adwords along with the clickbank market place. However, I've spent almost £900 and seen a return of $38 which I can't even access because it falls under the minimum payout from clickbank! I must be doing something very wrong... I get loads of recorded clicks but no sales? I had also 'spread' my marketing across 6 entirely different products.. from business to pets! Made no difference! Will your course rectify this and will it help me to turn the losses around fairly quickly? Simon Hi Simon, Wow that's a lot of money to spend without much return! If you follow my course properly and participate on the members forum (ie post your questions so that I can see your progress and help guide you along the way), then yes there is no reason why you shouldn't turn things around dramatically. Mark Ling

  • Reply Lowell • 4657 days ago

    If Google wants to make such rules, they have every right. We also have every right not to be their customer. That is the route I have taken.

    This bid blackmail happened to me several months ago, I got the same sort of unhelpful answers as Mark. I moved to Overture. Google may say they have other motives, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

    Google doesn't run the internet. Google's policies keep a lot of very worthwhile new websites out of their search results. Many of Google's so called relevant search results turn up pages that haven't been updated in years. Among other things, Google is rewarding staleness.

    The natural result of such tyranny is the growth of tagging sites where real people get to vote on worthwhile web pages, whether they were put up years ago, or yesterday.

  • Reply tony • 4656 days ago

    site not uploaded yet, it's strictly an affiliate site with around 10 products or so. I was gonna use google as a source of advertising. Now it sounds as though I shouldn't. Is there a site or service that tells you the highest affiliate percentage and the ratio as far as how many people come and buy on the sites? I know I rambled here but I'm new...help!!