Home Affiliate Marketing Blog A Happy New Year to all of our Affilorama members

A Happy New Year to all of our Affilorama members

A Happy New Year to all of our Affilorama members

2010 - A new decade! That can only mean bigger and better things - and that's exactly what we've got in store for you here at Affilorama.

But let's not downplay how great 2009 has been. A big thank you to all of our existing members and new Affilorama members who joined us this year, we really appreciate seeing Affilorama flourish into an even greater community.

It's great to track our member's progress and see them achieve their affiliate marketing goals. Well done to all of you, we know you've worked hard this year and you deserve a big pat on the back!

Happy New Year from the Affilorama team - we are looking forward to tackling 2010 head on!

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  • Reply clifton waldrep3517 days ago

    Happy New Year to the ENTIRE Affilorama team! Oh, and you too Mark, Hehehe!

    Wishing everyone around the world all the prosperity, happiness, and money you can handle...

    I know that 2010 will be the year that I'll be giving my Boss his PINK Slip, and moving on to bigger and better!


  • Reply mastercands3517 days ago

    Affilorama Team and All Members,

    I also would like to wish a Happy New Year for everyone. For sure Affilorama helped me a lot.

    Thanks you all.

  • Reply Philippe ZAMOR3517 days ago

    Happy new years to you to guys and girls at Affilorama. You did a great job showing us the way and may 2010 be a prosperous year for all of us.

  • Reply Rudolf vda3517 days ago

    Happy new year ;)

  • Reply Magnus Dahlgren3517 days ago

    Happy Happy New year.

    Still 7 hours of 2009.

  • Reply Michael Curtis3516 days ago

    Happy new year to everyone here.

  • Reply Emmanuel Ampere3516 days ago

    I am starting my affiliate marketting as a newbie right here on affilorama...I think I need to really educate myself....and affilorama has what it takes.....

  • Reply Troy Todd3515 days ago

    Happy New Year...
    "What you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match"
    -Esther Hicks

  • Reply Danielle Bernier3514 days ago

    *To tackling 2010 head on!*
    We can do this! We all have great support with this super team.

    Thank You all, & HAVE A STRONG 2010!

  • Reply Joe Wa3348 days ago

    For this new year, 6 months ago I had Great expectations.

    Even I am far from reaching my basic goals (example: $100/mth consistently) I must be grateful.
    Those last 6 months taught me a lot of things.

    The 1st one may be is that it will take more time than I expected to transform me a full time internet marketer.

    The 2nd is dont expect to be (incredibly) successfull if you rely on just 1 site/blog.
    Dont put all on your eggs in the same basket!

    Put some goals (google rankings, organic traffic, sales, conversions, things you wanna learn, etc.) in front of you (stick them in your wall) & as Mark said reinvest the money earned to build more sites ...

    I am still hesitant but may be I will create a blog where I could share those moments:
    - moments of joy after 1 sale (after 4 weeks w/out any)
    - moments of doubt (is that for me)
    - etc.

    I also plan to work on a project to introduce myself as a key element in SEO.
    Its quite harsh as here in France Affilition Marketing is almost an unknow topic for many companies.

    May be in 5 years we will see some companies like yours popping...

    Happy 2nd haf of year to everyone!

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