Gurus gurus gurus...

By Mark Ling
Gurus gurus gurus...


Hey Guys,

This is just a quick personal update about me. I've been in the United States for the past couple of weeks. I've met quite a lot of well known internet marketers while I've been here, including Anik Singal, Amit Mehta, Amish Shah, Matt Trainer, Gauher Chaudhry, Randy, Frank Kern and others.

It has been an amazing experience, I've learnt something from everyone that I've met. I believe it is true what they say about how who you surround yourself with effects who you are.

Anik ran a very impressive event at PPC Classroom Live and I'm very impressed with what he is doing at only 25 years old! (makes me feel old at 29 :))

I recorded a video interview with Anik Singal, which I'll make available sometime in the next few weeks, so look out for that!

I had dinner at a very nice Japanese restaurant around the corner from Amish Shah's house in San Diego, with him, Matt Trainer and their girlfriends. We later went back to Amish's house to crank up the RockBand Kit, I was terrible lol, but I have to get me one of those kits now, so much fun!

Today I met Frank Kern and an 'under the radar' internet marketer called Randy. Both are brilliant guys who don't just know their stuff, they are great people. Frank showed me his secret headquarters, very impressive, and he is literally only a stone's throw from the beach! Randy's runs a dog training site and his wife is a dog trainer so I can imagine we'll do some JVing in the future (thanks Frank for the hookup)

Here are a couple of pics from today in San Diego:

Me and Amish from

Me and Randy

Me and Matt Trainer from

Me and Frank


Hope you enjoyed this post, just thought I'd keep you all up to date with what's happening in my life right now.

In a few days I'm meeting with Clickbank and will be pushing for a few extra features there, plus interviewing them for Affilorama. So look out for that too!

All the best to your continued success, keep taking action and no procrastinating!!



James 14 years ago
Congrats on the Trip Mark!

For us Aussies and Kiwis a trip to the US can be very inspiring because we work harder to get there.


Paul Krysinski 14 years ago
How did you get started in the internet business?
Charlie 14 years ago
It was cool meeting you at PPC Classroom Live in Anaheim, Amish gave an awesome presentation. I actually thought you were also going to be speaking. It would have been really cool if you did.

Mark Clayson 14 years ago
Great to see you Mark. You look as though you have been enjoying yourself. Thanks for posting the pics. One day I will post one of ME and you!
Adam Anis 14 years ago
I consider the Shot here is not about all these Very impressive GURUS
that`s about you .

Makr , you desreve more than what you got , i hope you the best luck

and i a gree with you 100% that people whom you surround yourself by
completely affect you

Nice shot mark
best of luck

Raul 14 years ago
Welcome to California and especially San Diego's beaches.

Just want to say you guys are lucky being the age you are ( young ) and having the opportunity of the internet at you hands. It would have been nice if it were around when I was younger a few decades ago..... what an opportunity. Enjoy it.

And 29 is not even close to being old, smile!

FRANK 14 years ago
thanks for the updates and contacts(everyone have a safe and happy holiday).