Google PPA, Google CPA - Will you make more money?

By Affilorama Group
Google PPA, Google CPA - Will you make more money?


If you are an adwords user, then this will really interest you. If you're not, then now it's a valuable opportunity to get yourself up with the play.

What is Google PPA?

Google Pay Per Aquisition (PPA) is a new model that, instead of paying per click, or per impression on content network ads, adwords users only pay if the user completes an action that has been pre-defined (such as purchasing a product, registering for a newsletter, clicking on an affiliate link on the landing page and so forth).

Google has just released this PPA model to advertisers who use conversion tracking and have over 500 conversions from cost per click or cost per impression based campaigns in the last month.

Even if you do not fit into the above who are on the first wave of this release, this will likely be released soon to all adwords users, so read on.

Some adwords users feel that they are getting poorer and poorer returns on their investments from google content match ads. And this new model that google has just released, MAY (and I feel has a very good chance) make advertising on the google content network a lot more profitable market. BOTH from the advertisers perspective AND from a publisher's perspective (if you publish google adsense ads on your site).

What you can now do is set up PPA campaigns and then publishers (adsense earners) can choose to place the PPA ads on their sites. You have the ability to choose which site you don't want to appear on and which sites you do. And adsense earners can choose whether or not they want particular CPA (cost per aquisition) ads on their site.

To me this is extremely exciting, looking at it from an affiliates perspective, it means that you can basically run your own Google CPA affiliate program, while not actually owning the product you are promoting.


Well, suppose that 5% of people who subscribe to your free 'save marriage' newsletter, purchase 'save my marriage today' via your affiliate link. Lets say on average you earn $30 per sale.

Well that means that you earn $1.50 for every subscriber to your newsletter (and perhaps more over the course of a year or more).

So, now you can place a PPA offer where you might be willing to pay adsense publishers 75 cents (say) for every subscriber they send your way. Or you may choose to be conservative and offer 30 cents per valid subscriber.

Adsense publishers can then choose from the various CPA offers and they will be motivated NOT to get clicks like the pay per click model, BUT by making actions. Which means that they will have to make their sites more relevant, place ads in places that are more likely to lead to clicks that are not by accident. And you won't have to pay for bogus clicks.

I think this is really exciting, and adsense publishers should be looking forward to this too because it promises to give them even more opportunities to earn income from all the CPA offers they'll have the opportunities of promoting, while adwords bidders will be much less likely to get burnt by bogus clicks and poor converting content network bids.

I'm also guessing that google will probably allow adsense publishers to encourage people to click on the cpa ads, which is good for you as a advertiser who isn't paying per click, and is good for them as they can send more people to the advertisers site and potentially make more money from adsense.

Win - Win.

Ok, so that's my take, and it's early days.

What's your view?


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Elango 17 years ago
Yeah, i accept your view, and its always been a rule for GOOGLE "Not To Be Evil" and always they think "WIN-WIN-WIN"
winning advertisers
winning publishers
and thus Amazingly winning Google.
This is the main reason google has achieved great and this is the model which we should all use in our business model
Another important concept which is critical for ultimate victory in a business is this single concept
"OVER DELIVERING" as John Reese recommends.
Ken Troyer 17 years ago

Hey thanks for letting us in on this, I didn't realize that Google had something like this in the works.

My view is similar to yours with a few exceptions...

I'm afraid publishers won't bite as quickly.

Think about it...when the prospect leaves their site, they have earned NOTHING so far...and worse yet, they have no control of the prospect AFTER they leave the site to encourage them to take the appropriate action. This could easily result in a big waste of traffic.

For those who just want a quick and simple way to instantly monetize traffic without much effort...adsense is still the ticket.


Just my opinion,
John 17 years ago
I am actually a little worried about this Mark. As an Adense publisher I can see advantages, HOWEVER....
There is a big but! Good Adsense publishers have to make their sites relevant in order to get the right adverts on their sites, (at least that's how I operate). What worries me is that eventually this will be phased in and the current PPC option phased out. This means that I will no longer be earning each time someone clicks on my Adsense advert.

I obviously have no control over the user once they click an ad' and leave my site which means that my earnings could potentially plummet.

Using this method, (unless I am mistaken) I have to rely on the advertisers site being able to convince the user to buy or sign up (or whatever they are aiming for) despite my efforts of making a good relevant website.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Preben 17 years ago
Wow, that's good news. Especially when Google allows all that uses convertion tracking using this PPA. Haven't had time to give this very much thought yet, however it seams you view will stand ;-)

Imagine be able to set a PPA = $5 , when you know you'll make $10 Easy figure...