Get Your Money Back: 5 Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Get Your Money Back: 5 Email Marketing Affiliate Programs


This Niche of the Week was supposed to be on email client affiliate programs, but I changed my mind at the last minute. Yes, you can promote email client affiliate programs, but I can't get beyond the nagging question: Who still buys and downloads them?

While you do have several options, the number is pint-sized compared with the volume of people and businesses looking for email marketing software. Email marketing is a quick, efficient way to reach your customer base. It's less expensive than sending traditional mail, and allows merchants and marketers to reach a large numbers of subscribers in a short amount of time. It's targeted too, as only users who subscribe and opt in receive your emails, so you are assured that these are people who are interested in your niche.

Mind Blowing Email Marketing Statistic

As shown in the above infographic, and as I expected, competition is stiff in this niche. There's plenty of email marketing software vying for the same keywords.You'll need to be creative and target keywords other than " email marketing" and "autoresponder."

Email Marketing - Affilotools Results

Instead of going after these obvious keywords, target long tail information keywords like "how to pick autoresponders" or "how to start your newsletter series." These may have low monthly searches, but they address a specific group of users who are interested in the subject and may actually make a purchase.

It's a bit of a long shot, but it's better than going head-to-head with other websites that have been in this niche far longer. You can always target other keywords once you get a few pages ranking, and getting consistent traffic to your site.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

It's been quite some time since I featured ClickBank products here in Niche of the Week, so I went into the ClickBank Marketplace to look for email marketing affiliate programs. They have products on list building, but not a lot that are specific to email marketing and autoresponders.

So I went online to search. It wasn't that difficult, as there are plenty of email marketing software providers online. The ones you see below are the more popular ones.


Aweber - Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

I think some of you knew this email marketing provider would be here. For years, we have been recommending Aweber as an autoresponder, and it's not because of the 30 percent recurring commission. It has have a user-friendly interface that is helpful to both beginners and advanced users.

Aweber manages its own affiliate program, so you need only go to the site to become an affiliate.


GetResponse - Email Marketing Affiliate Program

GetResponse is yet another popular autoresponder. It offers a slightly higher recurring commission at 33 percent. Like Aweber, it manages its own affiliate program.


Make Noise For Your Campaign

Driving traffic to a webpage is no easy feat, which is why it's important that you have a traffic or link building strategy in place. You can create your strategy after you complete the site, yes, but I prefer to have have at least a few methods jotted down before I put the site up.

Having a list early on helps me transition from site building to link building quickly and smoothly. Some link building methods I have in mind for this niche are:

Press Releases

Press releases are short articles that are written like news briefs. They are usually distributed via news wires and press release sites.

You can write about special offers or any announcements from the merchant or vendor of the product you're promoting and place your affiliate link on the press release, or link back to a relevant article on your site.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site today, and the world's second-largest search engine (with its parent company, Google, taking the top spot). YouTube attracts 1 billion unique users monthly to view, upload and share videos. 

Get a share of YouTube's massive traffic by creating how-to videos on setting up autoresponder and how email marketing works, then paste your affiliate link in the description of the videos along with a link back to your site.

Link Baiting

Link baiting can be a hit or miss, as far as the "baiting" part is concerned. The way this method works is you create high-quality content, using and citing in it several authority sites within your niche as sources. You then inform the website's you've linked to on your content that you have cited them as reference.

They can then take the bait and refer to your content on their own sites, and most do. It's not so bad if they don't, you still end up with great content on your site, but the having popular sites link back to your content is better.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs: Accept or Delete?

The commissions in the email marketing niche are great. They may not look much, but keep in mind that these are recurring commissions so you will be getting them for the duration of the customer's subscription. That alone is enough reason for me to try my hand in this niche.

I wouldn't recommend this as the niche you start with. If you're new to affiliate marketing, then this is not for you. There's just too much competition. If you have an Internet marketing site though, or a blog about content creation or marketing, then you can monetize your site with any of these email marketing affiliate programs.

I hope you find this week's Niche of the Week informative and fun. Please be sure to share this using the buttons below!

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Roy Martin 9 years ago
Thanks for the heads up. I am in the midst of launching my site directed to Mompreneurs and WAHM'S. I want these in my Portfolio.
Also. Thanks for the Traffic Building info. I'm
taking my first steps.
Gley Yahya 9 years ago
Thank for the quality information you provide.
An autoresponder is one of the main tools every online marketer should have, and the ones you cited here are the most used. I'm affiliate with Aweber. The monthly commission is low but it's a recurring commission as you have said. I'm making around $300 each month with this program alone. When compared with other affiliate programs' payment models passive income is far better. Even when my website was down for 4 years my payment checks continued.
danopano 9 years ago
Hi Cecille,

A great reading informative article. Thanks for the stats in your info-graphics. Where'd the data and stats come from and who compiled them?

I also appreciate the suggestions as well as examples for your suggestions with regards to long tail keywords in this niche.

You gave me value plus quality info and for that I again thank you!

-Dan Sacapano
Melissa Johnson 9 years ago
Hi, Dan!

Here's the original link:

I did some digging and it appears to be done by, which is a research/design company that creates infographics for marketers, among other services.
Loretta 9 years ago
I hadn't heard of Fluttermail before just now, so thank you for that. I'm always interested in testing new email service platforms ;-)

I do use and promote Aweber currently (and it seems so does everyone else and their brother) but the bright side to everyone promoting it is that it's well known, it's popular, and the name carries authority so it seems to be an easy sale even to a newbie when they're ready to sign up for a provider.
Henry Kunz 9 years ago
Have you had a look at Active Campaign at all?

Very strong on automation but they appear to have a big issue with affiliate marketing.

Raghava Shankar 6 years ago
I created a blog on email marketing.I wrote few reviews about get response and AWEBER .I am driving traffic through ppc.I am unable to get clicks to the banner and no conversions
We are an email marketing network, WIMOSA SOLUTION. Domain is we have our own website but we need to add some of tools for our affiliate partners.
1.User management for each affiliate with log in id and password,
2.we want a platform where we can upload our email campaigns so that after getting log in access they can view and choose their campaign
3.every campaign tracker ,click, pixel count and lead generation there three variation of campaign which we do.
And last and fourth is performance sheet for each affiliates.

Kindly let me know the per month costing of it,

Cecille Loorluis 6 years ago

I'm sorry, we do not offer such services or tools. I suggest you check with an affiliate network like

All the best!