Gardening Affiliate Programs: Like Growing Money On Trees?

By Cecille Loorluis
Gardening Affiliate Programs: Like Growing Money On Trees?


Growing money on trees. What a wonderful, magical idea. It's not possible in a literal sense, and even figuratively, the idiom is "Money doesn’t grow on trees." But I think gardeners and farmers will be quick to disagree.

Money can come from trees. If you’re smart and hardworking enough to put the effort into planting and growing them.

And so this week, I point the spotlight for the first time ever, on the gardening niche. Can gardening be more than a hobby? Can knowledge of horticulture help you earn extra money?

Websites like and, both popular sites on gardening, seem to prove that gardening is more than just a hobby. It’s part of daily life that you can definitely make a living from.

So let’s dig deeper, and see if the gardening niche is worth getting our hands dirty.

Gardening as an Industry

Horticulture has grown from the science of cultivating plants into a multibillion-dollar industry

I didn’t really think of gardening as an industry until I did some research for this post. Farming did cross my mind, but farming is not gardening. Farming is growing crops (usually corn, wheat and other edible plants) on a large field for consumption. Gardening is planting herbs and flowers in a yard, usually as a form of relaxation or art.

The statistics on prove that gardening is more than just a pastime, though. It seems people spend both time and big money on their lawns and gardens. Americans spent about $36 billion USD on their lawns and gardens in 2015. That breaks down to about $400 per household on average, for the year.

Google Trends indicate a consistent market interest in gardening, with major markets in Australia and the UK, as well as the US. It’s good to note that interest in this niche drops in December (when it's winter in the northern hemisphere) and peaks during the spring and summer.

Gardening - Google Trends Gardening Market - Google Trends

Keyword “Garden”

There’s plenty of keywords in the gardening niche. But you won’t be picking them off trees. You need to get in there and dig them out.

Before you start picking keywords at random, it's a good idea to do some niche research. Get to know the gardening niche and see what others are talking about. That will clue you into what keywords could be most profitable target. 

In the gardening niche, for example, you can find keywords from popular gardening websites, and on sales pages for gardening products. The most common keywords I came across are “garden,” “gardening,” “perennials,” “lawn,” “lawn improvement,” and “garden tools,” for starters.

Gardening Keywords - Affilotools Results


AffiloTools came back with a long list, but the keywords worth going for are highly competitive, such as “garden tools,” “gardening gifts,” and “perennial plants." It’s great that more than 50% of the keywords in the search results have high monthly search values. The downside is they are mostly competitive.

Gardening Keywords B - Affilotools Results


Good thing there’s the “Related Keywords” tab in AffiloTools. There’s plenty of how-to keywords you can use on your gardening website. The monthly search values aren’t that high, but the competition is way low.

Gardening Related Keywords - Affilotools Search Results

It’s best to have a combination of both high-competition and low-competition keywords on your list. At most, you’d need only 20 to start your website, with so don’t let difficult keywords stop you. Also check out Ubersuggest and KeywordSpy for additional keyword suggestions.

Garden Affiliate Programs

As always, I checked out the ClickBank Marketplace before searching online for gardening affiliate programs. The site does have a couple of gardening affiliate programs, and they are the first on the list below. However, being first on the list don’t make them the best. These ClickBank digital products on gardening are good quality, but the commissions aren’t as high as others I've seen.

There are plenty more affiliate programs on gardening online, but I've handpicked a few that are good quality and offer respectable commissions. And of course, there's always, which has its Amazon Associates affiliate program that you could incorporate into your site.

The Shoestring Gardener - Gardening Affiliate Programs


About The Shoestring Gardener
The Shoestring Gardener is a gardening eBook packed with budget-friendly gardening tips.

How much can I make?
50%, or around $4.55 USD for each sale.

How do I apply?
The site has an Affiliates Page, or you can go directly to ClickBank. - Gardening Affiliate Program


About offers another eBook with gardening tips, but this time, with a focus on teaching you how to build garden racks. This is a great option for people who love to garden but have back problems.

How much can I make?
Also 50%, but average sale is higher, at $13.35 USD.

How do I apply?
Again, the site has an Affiliates Page as well as a ClickBank program. - Gardening Affiliate Programs


“Stretch, bend and reap the harvest!” That is’s tagline. It sounds dubious, but it makes sense in a way. Gardening brings you outdoors, and all that digging and moving around still counts for physical activity.

Like the first two ClickBank products in this list though, this is a gardening eBook.

How much can I make?
75% per sale, which is about $3.66 USD.

How do I apply?
This program is available through ClickBank only. - Gardening Affiliate Programs


This is a product that you could even feature in a Survival-related niche website. shows you how to survive food shortage by planting and growing the right food plants.

How much can I make?
75% of each sale. Roughly $4 USD.

How do I apply?
This is available through ClickBank only.

Gardeners Supply Company - Gardening Affiliate Programs


About Gardener’s Supply Company
The Gardener’s Supply Company is a large online shopping site for everything gardening. The company started back in 1983 and has since grown to be one of the top gardening supply stores online.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 8% per sale. The prices on their website range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars, so the commission you earn for this affiliate program may end up being more than the other ones on this list.

How do I apply?
The site has an Affiliates Page, or you can go to LinkShare.

BloomingBulb - Gardening Affiliate Program

6. BloomingBulb

About BloomingBulb
BloomingBulb, as the name suggests, sells various flower bulbs and perennial plants. The company has been around since 1991 and ships internationally from its fulfillment center in the US.

How much can I make?
As an affiliate, you get 15% for each sale. This may not be as big a commission as you might think, as prices on the website range from a few dollars to $20 or $30 USD at most. Still, gardeners may buy more than just one plant so this can still get a fairly decent payout, especially if you have a lot of high-converting traffic. 

How do I apply?
The affiliate program is managed through VigLink.

Crocus - Gardening Affiliate Programs

7. Crocus

About Crocus
Crocus is an online store similar to It is based in the UK and offers flowering bulbs and other plants along with gardening tools and accessories.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 15% per sale, like with The prices range from a few pounds (the site uses UK currency, not US) to a hundred or more depending on what is purchased, so you could earn good commissions through the program.

How do I apply?
The site has an Affiliates Page. You need to be a Tradedoubler affiliate to join the program. - Gardening Affiliate Program


The tagline on’s About page says it all: “Grow your own food. Support Local. Eat healthy. Be happy.”

The site provides you with all the plant seeds you need to grow your own herb or vegetable garden.

How much can I make?
20% for every purchase. This may not amount to a lot, as prices range from a dollar to about $20 USD for every pack of seeds.

How do I apply?
Sign up for the affiliate program through the form on the site's Affiliates Page. The affiliate program is managed by Refersion.

Inviting Bees: Getting Traffic to Your Gardening Website

You need to have a good strategy on hand to draw the people to your website

As soon as your website is up, the next step is getting traffic. This is where most new marketers get stumped, and with good reason: There are plenty of methods to generate traffic, both paid and free, and no one method is proven to work better than others. Success depends on a variety of factors. 

You can and should consider trying different inbound marketing methods. Not all of them will apply to your website though so you need to decide for yourself which ones to attempt first. Making up your mind can take considerable time (and oftentimes people get stuck in “analysis paralysis”!) so drawing up a strategy in the early stages of niche research and site building helps to avoid wasting time in deciding which course of action to take.

Some tactics you can apply in your link-building and marketing strategies include:

Amazon Kindle eBooks

You, or someone you hire, can write an eBook on gardening like these ones on Amazon Kindle, place links to related pages on your website within the eBook, then upload it to Amazon. When people download the eBook, they are referred to your website.

It’s straightforward enough, but this method requires a bit more time and effort than most inbound marketing methods. It also requires considerable financial investment if you’re not keen on writing your own content. Still, it’s traffic you don’t need to rely on Google for, so it can be worth the effort.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with's rules on publishing eBooks so you know what is and isn't allowed on the Kindle marketplace.


This link-building method is similar to getting an eBook up on Amazon Kindle. Like the eBook, you can have someone create the infographic for you for a fee, or you can save money by creating your own using graphics websites like Either way, you end up with content you can share on your own website and on social media (including Facebook and Pinterest).

The only catch is there’s plenty of gardening infographics available, like these. Have a look around at what’s already available, and see if there is any new way you can present the information or a topic that hasn't been covered that might be of interest. However you decide to do it, make sure the result is something people would consider helpful or entertaining enough to share.

You can check out's simple tutorial on how you can create your own infographic.

Blog and Forum Commenting

This is one of those “staple” methods: a link-building tactic that you should always incorporate into your strategy, and one that applies to any website in any niche.

In addition to websites, you'll find there are many forums on gardening, such as and Engage your target market by responding to inquiries on these forums. Join the discussion, and get to know the people in this niche by involving yourself in the community.

A word of caution: Blog and forum commenting take time. You won’t be able to build your online presence right away, but once you’ve done so and have gained your market’s trust, you’ll see a steady stream of traffic from these blogs and forums. It’s a win-win.

This article from the on to power of forums and how to engage in them offers a few tips you can use.

Gardening Affiliate Programs: Can You Really Grow Money From Trees?

Like with any tree, there are seasons to the gardening niche. Be ready for dry spells.


This is a question we answer for every niche we look into: Can you really make money out of it? The answer is always a “Yes,” but it’s never with the same degree of confidence. Some niches are easy to go into, while others are not. In the case of the gardening niche, the answer is a strong “Yes!”.

Yes, you can plant your gardening website, grow it and make money off it like a metaphorical tree.

But like in any gardening endeavor, you need to take the time to raise it. Weed out which link-building methods don’t work. Nurture your users with good content. Plenty of people are interested in the topic. 

Keep in mind, though, that the commissions in this niche aren’t all that big. They have the potential to add up, but this is a seasonal kind of niche where there is a boom during certain times of the year, and a drought during the rest of it. Even if the interest is there, people don't buy consistently. 

If you are a fascinated with this niche, or already into gardening, then go and build that gardening website. You’ll have fun growing your own gardening website, and reaping the eventual fruits of your labor.

And with at that, I conclude this week's Niche of the Week. Do you like gardening, and is this a niche you'd go into? Did you like this week's feature? Any niches you want us to look into? Leave a comment and let us know! Don't be shy! ;)

Running out of marketing ideas to promote your website? AffiloBlueprint has got it covered!

William lehuray 8 years ago
I'm just thinking to go into the niches horse racing I would like to know if that niche is good or bad to go into pls like me now
Melissa Johnson 8 years ago
Hi, William!

Internet gambling, at least in the US, is a very complicated subject and if I recall, only legal in a handful of states. It would not be a particularly great affiliate niche.

If you're looking more at educational topics, like learning how to ride or race horses, that might be more promising! I will let our team know and they can investigate!
Kevin Pola 7 years ago
Hi, I am looking at the organic food production sub niche Aquaponics. This a low competition niche but also low volume However the broader niche Sustainable growing is said to be a 4 trillion dollar industry in the next ten years.
I figure if the Aquaponics niche is just a small part of this it will still be an enormous market. Getting early will give me time to build authority and ride the growing trend.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Cheers Kev
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Kevin! Google Trends shows interest in aquaponics and sustainable growing as being fairly steady over time, with a brief surge in searches for aquaponics in the past. I'd say whether it's worth it or not depends on how confident you are in the prediction that the niche will grow that much.
Benjamin 7 years ago
Pls am a new blogger and i want things to post on my blog so i have chose the niche 'Affiliate Program' and i have made some researches on it but i am not so sure it will drive traffic to my blog. after going through your site, i got motivated i should go on with affiliate program but i would like to know if i can be permitted to post some of your blog posts on my blog, at least, exposing your website to more people on the net by referring them to your site for more information. please am in need of this request and will be so grateful if it's granted. I look forward to see your humble reply.


Benjamin Micheal.
Cecille Loorluis 7 years ago
Hi Benjamin,

You may link to our blog posts but cannot publish them on your own website.

If you wish to promote Affilorama courses, then please join our affiliate program at

Hope that helps. All the best!
Eugenio 4 years ago
My website deals mainly with DIY supplies for organic gardening, but I am planning on blogging about growing vegetables and fruits as well. I haven't monetized it so far. Which affiliate programs do you recommend I should apply to?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
With my best regards from México.
Cecille Loorluis 4 years ago
Hi Eugenio,

Any of the above affiliate programs would do but Crocus, Gardener's and similar gardening online stores might be best suited for your website. You can review some of the products they offer, share your recommendations and offer your affiliate link on your website.

All the best!