Firefox SEO Toolbar

By Mark Ling
Firefox SEO Toolbar


After months of testing, we're releasing our new Firefox SEO Toolbar.

Go here to install it: SEO Toolbar for Firefox

I have used a lot of different toolbars in my time, some good, some with a million and one bugs. The thing that I like about the new Affilorama Firefox SEO Toolbar is that it is simple.

It is there to perform a distinct few tasks and perform them well. And it doesn't have to take up extra space on your top toolbar, I like to go with the default setting where it fits nicely on the bottom right of your browser window (thus not reducing your browser window size like some toolbars do). Although you do have the option to position it wherever you want in your browser.

What this toolbar does is it provides you with very useful information and data to make the analysis of domains and pages really easy.

For instance, you might be visiting a blog or a forum, and you may wonder whether or not links from that particular website are 'no follow' or not. All you need to do is click on the link icon and any no follow links will appear completely red or grey with red dotted lines around them (depending if they are internal or external links).

This is the short list of features:

Quickly evaluate the ranking of the domain/page with the following data:

  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Complete Traffic Rank

SEO Information:

  • Backlinks to the domain registered with Yahoo and Google.
  • Indexing on Yahoo and Google.
  • Review the Onpage details - Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and H1, H2 tags on the page.

Link Scanner:

  • Links to any external domains, so you can rapidly scan a page to get an idea if there is an opportunity to get a backlink to your site or how it links out (grey by default).
  • No follow links so you can quickly evaluate whether links from this site are no-followed or if a site is "blocking" any links (red by default).

Domain Information:

  • Check the Whois information on the domain.
  • Read the robots.txt file on the domain.
  • Check when the domain was created and how old it is.
  • Check if the domain has an XML sitemap, and look at the contents.

We will add more features over time to this toolbar, but the aim is to keep this simple, provide extremely useful tools and be unobtrusive (unlike other toolbars that can prove to be confusing and can really get in the way of your regular browsing).

Go here to install it: SEO Toolbar for Firefox

I look forward to your comments.


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Daphne Spurlock 14 years ago
Brilliant Mark,

Your teaching me a lot about SEO. This is something that I will master using! Thanks for keeping it real.

Daphne Spurlock from Make Money Online
William 14 years ago
Excellent stuff Mark. Have been using Seobook's plug-in and I'm sure this will be more convenient. Can someone not come up with an IE compatible one? I tend to use both browsers. Thanks.
Jonathan 14 years ago
I recently download yahoo toolbar from . Is there a way I can include this feature to my existing yahoo toolbar. I user firefox.
Brian Mcandy 14 years ago
Hey mark thanks a lot for sending us the seo toolbar.

Randy 14 years ago
This is a SUPER tool. My wife recently showed me the "Sparky" tool so I could see the Alexa ranking.. Your tool is sooooo much better. I'm glad that subscribe to Affilorama because my rankings on my sites have drastically improved. Thanks!
Randy 14 years ago
This is sooo much better than the "Sparky" addon which my wife introduced to me a couple of months ago. Not only have I installed it on my computer, but I've already downloaded it on hers while she was sleeping. She will be thrilled when she sees it! I've gotten so much out of being a subscriber to Affilorama. Thanks and Keep Up the Great Work!
Fred Williams 14 years ago
Thank you so much for this great tool! Is there a more detailed website that explains how to use it in more detail?
Tom 14 years ago
Thank you so much for this awesome tool. You guys rock.

Best success,
yusuf 14 years ago
Indeed a good job.I am really thankful for this SEO toolbar.
Viju Dallon 14 years ago
Awesome Mark! Will install the new Affilorama firefox seo toolbar!

Viju Dallon
Joseph Ting Yue Sheng 14 years ago
Awesome stuff! Will use this for all of my SEO.
travian 14 years ago
firefox tollbar your site:) woow
frank 14 years ago

I tried to install the new toolbar - your link just brought up a page full of addons - do I have to choose each addon seperately or is the toolbar ready to go?


Frank Kelly
John 14 years ago
Why I should use this toolbar, what he so different from other toolbars? I this case I see You jjust want track your competition and what they doing :)
reviewsandbonuses 14 years ago
Thank you for awesome and useful plugin for Firefox and SEO
nancy fitzpatrick 14 years ago
Wow this is a great plugin. I'll be using it all the time.
Richard Ingalls 14 years ago
How is this toolbar different / better than the free SEO toolbar from SEOquake? I've been using that one for months now in conjunction with the free SEOquake for Firefox. Does this one have any features that the other don't? Thanks Mark.
Jeromy 14 years ago
Looks like a great plugin and considering how good your guys did with Keyword Travis I imagine it is solid. I have been using a plugin called SEO Quake and I like it. How does this one compare? Is it similar or does it do anything different? I don't mean to be so direct, I am just truly curious. Can I try it out with another similar plugin installed or do I need to first remove the other? I am interested in trying this one out. Traffic travis is such a great program, I am interested to test this one out too!


Troy Todd 14 years ago
This is great Mark, your the best mate.
You keep over delivering to the members.
The no follow tool is great.
Mark Ling 14 years ago
Hey to those above who have asked about how this compares to other toolbars, we created it because we found some of the other toolbars to be 'overkill'.

I personally also use SEO Quake but I have it turned off most of the time. It provides great results but it takes up too much space at times and fills up my search results and other pages with data that I'm not always looking for. I switch it on when I need to use it.

With the Affilorama SEO Toolbar it includes the information that I want to know at a quick glance (such as the alexa rank of a website, whether or not the links are follow or no follow, who owns the domain and so forth), without cluttering up my toolbar or browser window with other data.

Some other toolbars out there are great, but I find that I have them switched off most of the time due to the clutter. SEO Quake is my favorite of the other toolbars. I set this Affilorama Toolbar up for myself originally, then released it to my staff, and now have released it to you guys as I know you'll find it useful. We will be adding more features to it over time, but we do want to make it simple, but effective, without being cluttered.
Dave G 14 years ago
Hi Mark
Really appreciate you making this available to us.
You are right - this is the right compromise level of data that we need as marketers.
Some of the others are great - but overkill......... paralysis by analysis indeed!

Thanks again
Dave G
Kenn P 14 years ago
You guys are awesome! Great tool, and its free, you can't beat that!
Titanphil 14 years ago
It's nice to have everything I need put all into one place. Mark always comes through for his followers.
Get on Google 14 years ago
Really Great Stuff. I'm wondering how long will it take to see the changes after we done installing the toolbar? Very Interesting
Max 14 years ago
Looks like a cool tool. But I noticed that it modified the CSS style of my FireFox browser background color links. Links sometimes were highlighted in Red and sometimes in Grey.
When I disabled it and restarted Firefox the links were back to normal.

Simon Slade 14 years ago
@Max This is for any 'external' or 'nofollow' links that get highlighted. You can turn off, simply by clicking the red 'link' icon and all will return to normal :)
Technology Electronics 14 years ago
It's very nice add-on..
Thanks for share it..
it's power :) :D
Dennis Cook 14 years ago
Thanks for the information. This is awesome and so easy to use. It will be a ready assist at my finger tips
Joan Stalker 14 years ago
Thanks for this tool, Mark. I also use SEOQuake but keep it disabled most of the time due to the clutter and the amount of space it takes up. This tool will be very handy for me.

The backlinks feature does not seem to be working properly for me e.g., it shows 18,100,000 links for my dog training site. I wish! Am I missing something?
Jeff 14 years ago
The new toolbar is a real time saver. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.
Lim Eng Cheng 14 years ago
A bug to report. Initially, the Alexa and Compete will both show rankings. Now only Compete shows ranking, Alexa shows a dash - . This happened since several days ago. Anybody has the same problem? Any explanation/solution.

Thanks Mark, great tool, I like it's simplicity.
Nick Fauchelle 14 years ago
This has been fixed and will show up in your browser automatically in 2-3 days once Mozilla re-approve it. Thanks for the heads up.
p90x 14 years ago
Really Great Stuff. I'm wondering how long will it take to see the changes after we done installing the toolbar?
Nick 14 years ago
The actual tool is pretty cool but I dont appreciate the fact that you specifically say it doesn't use up your browser window (which is half true) the actual tool does not take up any space and is nice and clean.

My complaint however is the dumb add on tool bar which you bundle in with it (MY WEB Search) . Dont lie and say your going to do something and then go and do the opposite with another BS toolbar. Thanks but no thanks.
Dan Wardrope 14 years ago
Guys, what are do follow links? Are grey with a dotted red outline do follow?

brad 13 years ago
not available for Firefox 4.0

update soon?
Matt 13 years ago
The Toolbar is great - I use it since a year and it is 1 of the best FF Addons. However it is not working with FF4 yet, are you planning to update it? This would be great, thanks for the good work.
Marc 13 years ago
Great tool but unfortunately the Alexa part is only showing a dash since several days. Would be great if you guys could take a look on this.
Libby 13 years ago
Hi guys, I love this simple toolbar and used to use it all the time.

However I am still seeing a dash for the Alexa rank when I use it on my PC (Firefox 3.6) and on my Mac (using Firefox 4.0) I can't use it at all :(

Do you have any idea when you are likely to do an update?

Many thanks
Victoria Pilkington 13 years ago

When will you be updating the SEO tool to be compatible with Firefox 5.0?
Ron 13 years ago
It's time to try something new... after more than 10 month using SEO toolbar (seobook) now I want to switch to this. Let we see :)
Instinctis 13 years ago
For a simple seo report one could use the addons (chrome or mozilla) from , which on click will point the user to the seo analysis page of the current browsing tab ;-)
fauzi musa 13 years ago
dear admin,kindly take note that moz 6.0 is the latest update.but affilorama seo toolbar is not available for this.
Cecille Loorluis 13 years ago
Hi Fauzi,

We have updated the Affilorama SEO toolbar. It is now compatible with Firefox 6:
James 13 years ago
Ah, thanks for the update. I have used this tool bar for a while and was really distressed when I updated firefox and it wouldnt work. Many thanks :-) will set it up now.
Daniel 13 years ago
Thanks for this great piece of Software. Unfortunately the PR Check is not working anymore because Google did a small Chance in the way the show the PR of a site. Would be great if you could update this function as well.
Simon Slade 12 years ago
Should be all working now :)
InstinctIS 13 years ago
Find out how well is your website doing to be able to adjust the SEO strategy used, and get a free pdf report for any domain from . The fun part is that one could spy on websites from potential competititors.
Simon 13 years ago
I have installed the SEO toolbar on Firefox 4, FF5, and FF8. The toolbar only shows up with FF5 (not compatible with other two versions), but no PR is displayed on any website on the google result page. It used to work with my previous FF version (sadly I forgot which version it was), until automatic update with FF8. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Simon Slade 12 years ago
Should be all working and up to date now. Even works in FF10 :)
Mark 11 years ago
I can't figure out how to copy the Onpage data from the popup box.
It won't highlight with the cursor and Ctl-C doesn't get it either.
Please say there is a way to do this.
Thank you.
Linda Rinne 9 years ago
I tried twice to download this tool and cannot find it.
Where would it be ?


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