Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs and Markets

By Affilorama Group
Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs and Markets


I get emails from people every day asking what are some profitable affiliate markets.

I do teach you how to find them for yourselves inside of the affilorama members area. (Sign up for a free account and you'll receive over 50 step-by-step training videos inside).

However if you just want a list to take a look at, then here is a good list of profitable affiliate markets. There are MANY MANY more, but if you do decide to affiliate in any one of these markets, they are certainly worthwhile:

If you are looking for profitable affiliate markets in clickbank, here are a few:

save marriage tips
Learn Japanese
Body building
weight loss
Wholesale Supplier databases
learn french, spanish, german etc
learn guitar
learn to sing
learn songwriting
learn piano
turn your car into a hybrid (water & fuel)
conversational hypnosis
dog training
cat training
stop panic attacks
cure yeast infections
fix your computer's registry
how to be irresistible to men
how to be irresistible to women
learn sign language
how to get pregnant
learn german, spanish, french
world of warcraft strategy

and there are many more...

Those ones are particularly in reference to affiliate products at Clickbank. You could also look at some really good CPA affiliate offers at places like and CPA

I hope this short post sparks some of you into action. If you can't figure out how to find a profitable affiliate program (and you really should check out my video lessons in the affilorama members area, which you can sign up to here), then just choose one of those markets above, I've made it easy for you!

All the best to your success!



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Brad 16 years ago
Thanks Mark.
I've been on and off with AF for a while now but I'm glad to say I've been giving it my all over the past 3 weeks solidly every night without fail (I got a new job that I hate). It took me a while to work out the different ways I actually earn money. the recent recording with the blog classroom ppl was insightful. I swear I've listened to everything and read everything you have (almost).
Please keep the info coming - your my way out. I've got 5 sites set up now accumulating content.
Sarah Miller 11 years ago
Many thanks to you Mark for posting here some of profitable affiliate markets in clickbank! We appreciate your effort.