How To Find Hot Physical Product Niches

By Samuel Frost
How To Find Hot Physical Product Niches


Many affiliate marketers tend to skip over promoting physical products. If you aren't promoting physical products, and are just focusing on digital products such as eBooks sold through Clickbank, then you are leaving a lot of potential niches (and money) on the table. In fact, when done properly physical products can often be more profitable to affiliates than digital products, it depends on the affiliate and the plan that they have.

Today you're going to learn how to find hot physical product niches that are overflowing with eager customers; and how you can profit from them.

One of the biggest reasons you should promote physical products is because the conversion rates are often higher. There are reduced barriers to sale when promoting physical goods for a few reasons:

  • Familiarity. Everyone knows brands from Adidas to Zippo. We are bombarded by advertisements from brand-name physical product companies every day. We buy their products, and we feel familiar with them. Therefore, people are much more likely to feel comfortable buying something they feel familiar with online. Most people are not familiar with digital information products, however.

  • Trust. Your visitors will probably have dealt with a large website like Amazon before, but may feel unsure about handing over their credit card details to a digital product publisher.

  • Tangibility. This is something you don't hear many people discuss. One of the biggest draw cards of physical products is that they are tangible. If you buy a home gym kit from Amazon, you get something physical delivered; it is highly tangible. However, a weight loss eBook is not very tangible, as it just exists on the computer as a digital file.

So now you know the big benefits of promoting physical products, how do you find hot niches?

Here are some powerful ways of researching physical product niches, and that are also very easy:

Using Google Product Search

Google Product Search ( gives you a great overview of what products are hot right now. It also provides seasonal insights into popular physical products. 

For example, we are still in the month of January, which means all those New Year's fitness resolutions are in full swing. A quick look at Google Product Search seasonal products shows us that fitness equipment is a big seller right now:


You could build a number of smaller physical product websites around seasonal products, maintain them throughout the year, and then really work on promoting each one so it hits the "boom time" for sales. For example, you might have a Christmas gift idea website, a Valentine's Day site, and a "Black Friday" site (tech products do well here) Shift your focus around each site whenever the season calls for it.

Using Amazon to Find Hot Product Niches

The Amazon Bestsellers page ( is a really effective way of finding hot physical product niches with large demand.

It lets you see best-selling products, and sort through them by category. You can even see how many days the particular product has been in the top 100 in its category; if a product has been there for a while then it could be a good item to promote.

Another way you can use Amazon to help find physical product niches with high demand is to look at the Most Wished For items in any particular category. These are "hot" products in their own right, and are well worth investigating.

Remember to sort by category so you can actually drill down through the niche.


Using the Google Keyword Tool

You should also use the Google Keyword Tool ( to help you find great niche ideas and hot products. Start by entering some generic "product niche" terms like 'toaster oven' or 'smoothie maker'. You will then get an idea of the sort of terms and items people are searching for in that particular niche.

Using the Alexa "What's Hot" Page

One more site you can use to help you find physical product niches is the Alexa Internet "What's Hot" page ( It has a convenient guide to the top ten hot products right now.

Using eBay Pulse

eBay Pulse ( is another great way of seeing what items are hot and popular right now. You can filter your results based on category, and if you scroll down the page even see what items are the most watched in any particular category. It can be used alongside the Amazon Bestsellers list to give a more holistic view of what products are popular.

Using Google Insights for Search

Another tool you should be using for physical product niche research is Google Insights for Search ( Although this is currently a beta service, it allows you to see geographical demand, as well as interest over time for particular keywords and products. It is handy for determining if a niche is seasonal, or whether it is a niche with consistent demand.

For example, as search for 'rose bouquet' shows double the interest in February (when everyone is panicked buying roses for Valentines Day)

Searching for 'mp3 player' shows that this is not a seasonal term, although interest peaks slightly around Christmas time, which means that mp3 players are probably very popular gifts:

Make the most of Google Insights for Search to help your niche research. 

You want to be looking out for product niches where there is plenty of demand, and where you stand a strong chance of hitting page one of Google. Because the commission rates are generally lower on physical products it is important that you are promoting multiple products over a few different niches. Unless you are an affiliate for hugely expensive physical products where you earn lots of money per sale, you want to ensure that there is lots of demand so that you can keep making plenty of sales.

This is particularly important for Amazon affiliates, because of the tiered commission system. The more sales you make, the higher your percentage commission (although some categories are actually capped) This means that you need to be selling plenty of items to boost your commission rates. Here's a little bonus tip - build a site that sells inexpensive items on Amazon in a very high volume, and these will count towards your sales total. You can then earn greater commissions on more expensive items that are harder to sell in a high volume!

Health supplement products often provide some of the highest commission rates in the physical product niche. Websites like and are good avenues for finding health supplements. When promoting health products it is very important that you do solid research into whether the product is effective, or if it is perceived as being a scam (look up the Acai Berry scam for a great example of this)

Promoting physical products as an affiliate requires a different approach to digital products on networks like Clickbank. Starting at the very beginning, with niche research, you have learned a few different methods that will help you find profitable physical product niches. Try all of them, and see what sort of niche ideas you come up with. 

Just to recap, you learned how to find hot physical product niches with:

  • Google Product Search
  • Amazon Bestsellers and Wishlist
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Alexa "What's Hot" Page
  • eBay Pulse
  • Google Insights for Search

If you have any questions, comments, or tips about finding physical product niches then share them in the comments section below!

PS: Make sure you are following Affilorama on Google


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12 years ago
Wow, Thank You very helpful info.
kishore 12 years ago
Informative Post Sam,

Besides CJ and MarketHealth, which other affiliate networks do you recommend for physical products?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Amazon Associates is my favorite. Although the commissions you earn are lower, you can bulk them up a lot by promoting lots of low priced items, and then get higher commissions on big ticket items.

Also, if someone comes to Amazon through your Associates link and purchases anything at all while the cookie is on your computer, you get credited for that sale.

For example, I sent a visitor from one of my blogs about PS3 repair to Amazon to purchase a $5 screwdriver he needed. He wound up buying a 50 inch plasma TV and a whole bunch of games; I got money from all of these sales.
Michael Webb 12 years ago
Excellent summary.

I am looking forward to the coming post on finding ClickBank products to promote. I am not only a big vendor with 31 products I am also a super-affiliate and am always looking for fantastic products for my list of 230,000.
violet samila 12 years ago
Do you build your own websites? I'm impressed with with 230K products.
Jonathon Ross 12 years ago
This is a fabulous post. You should expand it and sell it as an ebook. I have a couple of sites in the Relationships/Dating niches that promote digital products but I had been thinking of adding physical products and you have given me some timely advice here. On my two health sites I use MarketHealth as you suggest plus Moreniche and Sell Health. Although I still promote digital products for various health conditions I'm finding that physical products are proving more popular not to mention more profitable so armed with your suggestions I will expand my search.
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Thanks very much; it would be possible to compile a longer version as an ebook. Just as a little tipoff, Mark is going to be covering all this information on finding profitable niches for many different product types in Affiloblueprint v3, which will be out in the next few months.
Vladimir Kopric 12 years ago
Excellent Post
Thank You !
Lew Heussmann 12 years ago
Great advice for promoting physical products. I am currently using Amazon and Commission Junction to promote physical products on my website dealing with dvd's featuring bliblical movies.
Russ Turner 12 years ago
I agree with all you say about the methodology used to find the physical products but may I add a few observations of my own.

Firstly I avoid all things linked to the medical world for ethical reasons and to the avoid the likelihood of being involved in litigation should the product cause problems.

Secondly affiliates need to pre sell on their sites so a passion for the product that comes through in your content will stand you in good stead.

Thanks for your article, I look forward to the next one.

Russ Turner

Samuel Frost 12 years ago
What you say about selling medical and health products does ring true - some people are not comfortable promoting them for obvious reasons. If you do promote health products then it pays to do your research, because you don't want to sell anything that doesn't work (or worse is actually harmful)

And yes, pre-selling is hugely important!
Maurice reese 12 years ago
yes I agree physical products is the way to go! I been selling physical products for about 2yrs now and it's a great way to make a fulltime income!
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Agreed - the thing with physical products is that people are so much more likely to buy, because they are getting something they can touch/taste/feel.

You can't do that with an eBook (unless you like touching your computer screen) 12 years ago
Great post, thanks. I will bookmark for future reference.
Exactly what is the difference between dropshipping and being an affiliate. Which is better and why?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Dropshipping is where you sell products that you do not physically have in inventory, and then rely on a dropshipping service to deliver them.

Being a physical products affiliate means you get paid for referring customers to products.

There is good money to be made in both, but being an affiliate is easier to start with as you don't have any obligation to physically deliver to customers.
Lesley 12 years ago
I have to admit, selling physical products through Amazon gives me the highest conversion rates of all my sites.

This is a very comprehensive overview of research in this area. I'll add it to my Affilorama folder and refer to it in the future...thanks!
Murtaza 12 years ago
Dear Sam,

Thank You very much. Your Post is like Boost dose for me. Do you know? I have created Amazon Affiliation Blog and started to distribute my own designed Gift Guide. This was in fact my start-up as a part of Affiliate Marketing. I am sure your guidance will be useful by time to time.

To (Y)Our Success...
Rich 12 years ago
Great stuff Sam. Especially the part about setting up seasonal sites so that you can keep money coming in throughout the year. 3 other seasonal site ideas: Summer Vacation (Beach and/or travel gear), Back to School (supplies), Halloween (costumes). There are many many more.
Richard 12 years ago
Hi Sam,
you are recommending the Amazon associates program. Did you relate to the aStore? As I am thinking of opening a Amazon store, considering Fresh Store Builder or Associate-o-matic. What is your recommendation ?
Thanks and regards
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Hi Richard,

To be 100% honest with you I have little experience with A stores. I have been told by a few different expert sources that they aren't as effective for conversions and profit as building a site and promoting normal Amazon Associates links.

Sorry I can't be of any more help!
Alan gan 12 years ago
Very informative pal...Thanks alot

I have to admit i often overlook promotion of physical products...

Renee Allyson 12 years ago
I did profit greatly from a physical product this last Christmas, but that was from running Google Ads straight to the merchant. If a PPC ad goes to your product review page and that links to a merchant, than Google disqualifies your ad because it is acting as a bridge page.

So the quandry is how to sell profitably any physical product from a site....because you need traffic to make sales. And there are just too many people out there telling you their way to drive traffic, and it seems the rules are always changing. Any suggestions?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
If you have this problem then try free traffic methods like SEO, forum and blog commenting etc.

Look through the extensive Affilorama lessons and put them into action - you will see traffic.

If you're serious about traffic then take a look at Affilorama premium too, it's very good.
William L Davis Sr 12 years ago
I live in illinois. Amazon dose'nt take affiliates from illinois,now what do i do ?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
You can look to other physical affiliate programs like eBay partner network, commission junction, or market health.

Amazon isn't the only physical product affiliate network.
Kaspar 12 years ago
sweet, I totally forgot the physical product angle !Thank YOu
john tan 12 years ago
Great post, Sam. I appreciate it. What is ur take on promoting through setting up a e-commerce store vs affiliate for physical products ?
claudio vendrame 12 years ago
Great information as usual. Thanks a lot.
Sara 12 years ago
These are very good tips, Sam. Thanks. Amazon best sellers and those products with most reviews are a good place to start.
Joe 12 years ago
Richard and renee1 had important questions. Many of us will be needing some expert answers.
Tamil Young 12 years ago
Sam, Great article on Niche Research! I have created a bookmarks folder to add all the 5 links. Will definitely make use of it! Thank you.
12 years ago
Great tips Sam! I especially like the suggestions to use Google Product Search and eBay Pulse. It's something I didn't think about before. Thanks for putting everything together in this post.
Keith Westhead 12 years ago
I agree with your article as I have 5 blogs but only one product is tangible. I am interested in building some more and I have been looking in Clickbank for something which I am passionate about and have some knowledge of the product. So far unsuccessful but after reading your post has given me some other options. Thanks for all those links I will check them out and see what I can relate too.
von 12 years ago
Hi Mark - what a great page. I knew a few of the tools you mentioned but there were some new ones. Thanks for the help
yvonne hammond
Terry Moore 12 years ago
Thanks for the great marketing info.
Albert 12 years ago
Hi Sam,
Great article! It's very helpful and professional.
Thanks for sharing this post.
anna@ make your own beer kit 12 years ago
Great article Sam, these are really some great insights into physical product keyword and niche research. I have learn a lot and I plan on employing your ideas right away. Thank you
Rick 12 years ago
Great post Sam. Have seen all this before, but nice to have all in one post. Copied and saved it for a quick reference.
sanmi 12 years ago
thanks so much!
Timothy Monye 12 years ago
The last google dance that happen in Feb 28 2011 forced me to stop promoting ebooks from click bank and go for physical goods, I hae been building up my new site and it is giving me reasonable income and I will grow it more. 12 years ago
A couple I hadn't been using - thanks for the information. Have you ever used as a resource? It has interesting universal angle. Of course, after all the research comes the tricky part - how do you get the juice flowing to your site... Dennis
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Thanks for that tip, I've never been on 43 Things before! 12 years ago
Thanks, that niche finding blog was very excellent indeed, great resources shared and tips as well. Thanks from someone who thinks niche finding is a bit daunting. But likie everything, you JUST DO IT and it happens, and the more you do the better it happens.
Not magic or rocket science, but JUST DO IT. Cheers.
wisnu wardhana 12 years ago
Hi Sam
Great post, but I have a question.
I've found a product keyword: "Wahl Peanut" that got about 1.500 search/month even though with low CPC.
I use market samurai and check that the competition is supposed to be easy. But after 4 months of link building, the page still didn't rank in Google.
the page is:
any idea why??
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Although your site looks fine, and you are building links to it, the keyword "wahl peanut" is not a long-tail keyword. It is only 2 words, so your competition will be more concentrated.

When programs like Market Samurai return ratings for keywords like "relatively easy" it is always worth taking these with a grain of salt - there may only be 92,000 pages directly competing for "Wahl peanut", but lots of them are sites like Amazon, Nextag, eBay etc which are hard to out-rank.

You would be better aiming for a phrase like "Wahl peanut clipper review" or something like that.
edwin mubanga 12 years ago
excellent post!
Paul Warner 12 years ago
After a year or so of watching how the Internet works and thinking about how I would like to make money on line, and considering that I have grown to hate how Internet marketers sell Internet digital products, I have decided that the only thing to do is build niche sites and sell physical products. So this post is an excellent one for me because it is the only thing that I am interested in doing to make money on line. If I had to make money going about it the way these marketers try to make their money on line, there is no way that I would be happy. So I thank you for this excellent little post.
Ron 12 years ago
This is very well-done! Thanks for the great tips.
frank adu poku 12 years ago
Talking about Commission junction,does anybody really know the requirements for getting approved into cj, linkshare and neverblue
cpa networks? Yes you have to have a website ,but what kind?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Usually, affiliate managers for these kinds of networks will require a certain level of traffic (differs from network to network) so you will have to be able to prove the number of visitors you get to your site.
Joe Miller 12 years ago
I have been accepted to programs in CJ with just a domain I have purchased, without even having any content. I would just apply to as many as possible and see who accepts you.
Carlos Akira Higuti 12 years ago
Hello, Sam! Very big this article. I've been working as an affiliate of digital products without much success. This article came at a good time to boost physical products as an affiliate. Will help me a lot. Thank you!
Felton Jackson 12 years ago
I really enjoyed reading your information on niches and finding keywords. I am a beginner at working on line and this information has been very help for me. Thanks Felton
zulfikar 12 years ago
Awesome !!! I just astonishing how clearly and easily writer discuss everything
nm629593 12 years ago
This is great!! Just what I was looking for. Can you tell me about content for websites that promote physical products? Do you need 25 keyword article pages? Or can you go with smaller more concise content?
nm629593 12 years ago
What about content creation for physical products websites. Does it need to be 25 pages or more concise for the product or products listed?
Clothes Online Australia 12 years ago
Thanks a lot for listing these sources to find out what is in demand. Until now I only knew 3 of these. Thank you.
3eo 12 years ago
thanks for this but can you help me about other languages like Persian?
Lavon 12 years ago
Aritcels like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.
Kat Helms 12 years ago
Wow, great ideas. As a newb to all this, you've just about given me 2 weeks of homework to get comfortable with these techniques. Thanks!
Mark 12 years ago
Definitely good information. I myself tried adding some Amazon links in my site and guess what, It sells. The problem is that I was advertising only books and cheap items, which meanings low income.
I am going to try more expensive items next time.
read more 12 years ago
This is my first time visit at here and i am actually pleassant to read
all at single place.
Gregory Despain 12 years ago
You happen to be gonna get what we purchased. We're very pleased with the merchandise and repair. I gotten the product before likely, which completely made my day time. They've got my future order placed so i will most definately advise these to friends and family.

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