Conversion Tracking Software - Which one to use?

By Simon Slade
Conversion Tracking Software - Which one to use?


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This weeks question from Erik: What is the Best Conversion Tracking Software?

We have recently had a lot of people writing in asking us what the best conversion tracking software is to use is, whether it be for PPC or CPA. So I got Mark to record a quick video explaining what he recommends for tracking your advertising through the different affiliate networks. Enjoy!

What software do you use for tracking? Let us know in the comments below

Robert Metras 14 years ago
Helpful and keep up with these little shorties.
Troy Todd 14 years ago
Thanks for the Conversion Tracking Software video Mark,
By the way love the flash intro.. really effective.

Promotional Products 14 years ago

Thanks for the video, it is very informative. I have been having trouble with trying decide on tracking software, and this helps a ton!
Chad 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

That's great if you're tracking Google AdWords specifically, but what about ad tracking software do you recommend to track my ads and text links back to my own site selling my own digital products? What conversion tracking software would you recommend to track things like text links I place on various blogs, or ad display networks, etc.?

philip h 12 years ago
being that you guys are a seo related company, its an excellent tactic to get us to watch a youtube video!! we all have to learn from you guys! the question i have is conversion tracking on adwords versus google analytics. looks like analytics has a limitation of 5 groups of 4 conversion types. why is that?