Congratulations to Rock Star Recipes

By Affilorama Group
Congratulations to Rock Star Recipes


Hey Guys,

As many of you will know, I am co-owner/founder of a very successful web-based company called Rock Star Recipes. I started this up with a couple of old friends from high school, some really good guys. They've got a whole bunch of sites teaching people how to play various instruments, but the most well-known site is Jamorama (yes, that's another -orama site, it's a running joke in our office that every new product has to be somethingorama). Jamorama teaches people to play guitar using video lessons, written lessons, fun computer games and other stuff.

Anyway, while I was away in the US recently conducting interviews with all these internet bazillionaires for my Affilorama members, the guys at Rock Star Recipies were busy lending a bit of class to the New Zealand business scene and storming the Champion Canterbury Awards, picking up the award for Champion Global Operator Small Enterprise.

So I just want to say a huge congratulations to Jon Coursey, David McKinnon, John Peterson, Ben Edwards, Ashleigh Southam, Simon Waterhouse, Moses Robbins and everyone else at Rock Star Recipes. And embarrassment where embarrassment is due, here are the photos from the awards ceremony :)

Funny story: Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand (that's the equivelent to the President) was in attendance at the event, and Ben Edwards promised the guys that he'd invite her to dance if they won. Well... they won, so as soon as they got up to receive the award, Ben announced over the microphone that if Helen was in the audience, he'd love to offer her a dance. That's totally Ben.

Then about a half-hour later he got a tap on the back from one of the Prime Minister's security staff saying that someone wanted to see him. They took him over to Helen and they had a little dance and got a photo taken together!

I thought I'd write a post about these guys because a) I've been so involved with Affilorama and my other projects for the best part of a year, and in my absence these guys have managed to grab the bull by the horns and take Rock Star Recipes to new, exciting places and I'm super-proud of them, b) it goes to show what you can achieve if you really knuckle down and treat your online work like a business, c) because the photo of Ben and Helen is so gosh-darn amusing, and d) because they run really good affiliate programs.

That's just a little sales pitch for the affiliate program :) Definitely check it out. At the very least these guys are providing living breathing proof that there are some really great products out there to promote as an affiliate.

Happy marketing!

Mark Ling

Scott Wilson 17 years ago
Hi Mark,

Well done to you and your team, great to see you guys kicking butt.

You also make a great point about treating your online business as a business. This is a key fact that is missed by a lot of people online.

So good on you guys!

Have Fun and Take ACTION

Scott Wilson
Kat Hodge 17 years ago
Hey it's awesome to hear happy stories like that.

Just goes to show the power of having a great team with a vision.

I'm loving affilorama by the way, keep up the good work!