Commission Blueprint - $526,422 Video

By Affilorama Group
Commission Blueprint - $526,422 Video


Hi Guys,

I'm going to keep this post short and let the video do the talking as I am amazed.

I've only recently been introduced to Tim (a couple of weeks ago), and I'm super impressed with his methods of making money from affiliate programs. The great thing I love about what Tim does is that he makes his money promoting niche products (rather than getting swamped in the 'make money online market').

Look at this amazing video where you'll see proof of how he earned over $526,422 in Clickbank affiliate commissions recently:



Update: Commission Blueprint Bonuses

I've just been informed that the launchprice of Commission Blueprint will be $77, but it is going to be a $297 product soon.

Anyone who purchases Commission Blueprint through my affiliate link will receive the following powerful Super Bonuse:

Super Bonus #1: Marketing Secrets Mastermind (+ resale rights).
Learn from 10 different internet millionaires as they teach you their cutting edge strategies for ppc, adsense, copywriting and more. This is a comprehensive course in of itself. There are over 30 hours of nterviews and video lessons here. (Normally sells for 497.00 here)

Marketing Secrets Mastermind

Super Bonus #2: PPC secrets interview with me (+ resale rights)
Where I teach you how I earn 5 figures per month from ppc alone. This is incredibly powerful information and goes very well with what you will learn in commission blueprint.

Super Bonus #3: Early Access to the brand new Affilorama
The new affilorama launches in late October, but you'll get access mid september.

How to Claim Your Super Bonuses:
If you purchase through my link below, then you can email me at: support at (change at to @) to receive your bonuses.

Reminder: Commission Blueprint is going to be a $297 product, but right now it is launching at only $77 as a special for early movers.

Here is my affiliate link to Commission Blueprint, purchase through this link and you'll not only gain amazing value from the product itself, you'll gain the above Super Bonuses as well (Launching Wednesday 27 August at 12pm EST):

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Paul Webber 16 years ago
That video is insane. How anyone can make that much money from affiliate marketing alone is beyond me, I am definately interested (although a little skeptical).

Thanks Mark for the info, it's great to be inspired by real people achieving the big numbers.

david 16 years ago
will check it out
Jon 16 years ago
Will be interesting to see both what he has found and what he wants to let us in on it. But he also has an incredible although short track record to back him up. I'm still brand new to all this, just a few weeks but I'm already hearing about niche markets as the new wave of money flow.
Eric 16 years ago
at the price of $97 and 60% commission rate, how come the earnings per sale is only 31.01? Does this mean the refund rate is pretty high? From affilorama: refunds have been extremely low from what I've been told. The price was $77 at launch, and there is a one time offer that is $5 on the backend. So the average earnings per sale would be affected by those.
Russell 15 years ago
I bought Commission Blueprint I have to say that Tim and Steve have done a good job.
If you are interested in seeing what is in the inside I have made a video of the members area showing you what you get.

They do recommend a few pay tools but they also show you how to setup everything with free tools. I set up my first adwords campaign and started making money the 3rd day. I only bid on 2 keywords with all three matches . I found setting up the adwords account a little confusing especially with the new interface.
I finally got it right with one of the free tools they offer in the members area called hippojaw you normally have to pay for this tool Like $77.00 per month but it is free if you buy commission blueprint.
They are running a special for the moment you can get it for $4.95 and check it out for 7 days before buying the whole thing. It will be well worth your time just to do this and learn all they have for you even if you do not get the membership. Starbucks coffee is the same price and it last 15 minutes . I you check their website and drink Starbucks while just learning all they have for you in the first 7 days well you will probably spend a couple of hundred bucks at starbucks so I suggest you go check it out here
(broken link removed)

also If you just want to see the video of what is in the members area here is the link