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Clickbank Secrets Teleseminar

Clickbank Secrets Teleseminar

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I recorded a live teleseminar with Andrew, who is an expert at making profitable information products and selling them through Clickbank.

He covered a lot of great information including:

* How to choose great niches to enter into
* How to get your product created at a high quality without blowing your budget
* The essentials of a great converting sales letter
* His closely guarded outsourcing secrets
* How to build up a huge opt-in list, even before you've created your product
* How to best monetize your newsletter series
* And lots more.

To listen to the recording of this teleseminar simply right click the link below and select 'save as' to save it to your computer. Then you can play it in your computer's media player or put it on your mp3 player or burn to cd.

Clickbank Secrets Teleseminar

In other news, Tuesday at 12pm EST a new product called "My Clickbank Business"
launches. It has possibly already launched by the time you are reading this blog post.

I've just added a new bonus to my already extremely high quality bonus package that goes with it. If you're in a rush you can go get it here:

==> http://www.clickbankexclusive.com

What is 'My Clickbank Business'?

It is a super high quality 'Business in a Box' product. To call it
private label rights would be unfair as it is a LOT more than that.

Inside you receive:

  • A full quality clickbank business in a box, created from one of Clickbank's best niche marketers
  • Choose 2 niches out of a large number of available niches.
  • Includes your own product, sales page, graphics
  • Also includes your email autoresponder series, and an email autoresponder series for your affiliates.
  • They install the website for you (how good is that?)
  • Full training on how to use the system
  • A backend 'one time offer' product for you to also offer, complete with sales letter
  • Source files so you can edit them as you please
  • The doors are closing soon because only limited quantities of this product are available. That's  a good thing for you as that means there are less others to compete with.
  • And a whole lot more is contained inside.

Oh and there is no ongoing monthly fee to receive the above, it's a
one off price for all the above.

This short bullet point description really doesn't do it justice, I
recommend you check out the website to see if this product is right
for you.

I've also set up a $4482 exclusive bonus package. This is for the
first 50 people who join through my link.

To find out all the details, go here:

==> http://www.clickbankexclusive.com

Enjoy and all the best to your continued success!

Mark Ling

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  • Reply matt scott3535 days ago

    Marky mate the link seems to be broken:(

  • Reply Mark Ling3535 days ago

    Hmm, it seems to work fine for me. Perhaps you tried to download it the moment this blog post went live (as it still had about 2 mins to upload when I made this blog live).

  • Reply matt scott3535 days ago

    Yea Mark I was a little keen :) all good now thanks bud...

  • Reply adryans • 3535 days ago

    Wow...it's very great idea..thank you so much and wish you success!

  • Reply Alessandro Zamboni • 3535 days ago

    Hi Mark and thanks for the Clickbank Secrets Teleseminar registration you provided.
    It will be more easy for an italian like me to fully comprehend the contents.

    Thanks and Goodbye.
    Alessandro Zamboni

  • Reply Lynne Gordon • 3535 days ago

    Hi, If you had actually turned up the volume when a lot of people asked you to, I also would have been able to listen to this broadcast.

    But because the volume was too low (my speakers were maxed) I was unable to hear/use this information.

    Maybe next time.

  • Reply Groa • 3535 days ago

    The link works fine here :) Thanks !

  • Reply Mark Ling3534 days ago

    Hi Lynne, I'm sorry about the volume. There was nothing we could do to turn it up any louder as Instant Teleseminar did not provide a feature for that and Andrew was calling in from a hotel in New York, so he didn't have control over the telephone volume either. You can turn up the volume yourself now that the recording is available. I also amplified it by 15% before uploading this recording. I didn't want to amplify it too much as to distort it.

  • Reply Tomipe Oluwaferanmi • 3534 days ago

    I found this information on google search when browsing trough the web so I found it useful but can you please help me i am having a very tiny income but i will like to improve please help me out

  • Reply Ralph Pedersen3534 days ago

    Mark. I just wondersed if you are going to have this teleseminar transcribed?? Ralph

  • Reply chris gleeson3534 days ago

    I can only pay by Pay Pal or with a UK debit card, but a lot of these products only accept credit cards, So I am unable to buy some products I am interested in. Why do they only accept c/cards. I would have though this is definately leaving money on the table. Still it stops me buying too much.

  • Reply sean kelly3525 days ago

    A couple of weeks ago Mark sent out a promo email for the above product. I often wonder where people like Mark find these products to promote.

    Are they contacted by the developers with an offer to promote, or is there a place besides JVnotify.com etc sites where you can go to find them?

    Interestingly, I seriously considered buying MCBB at the time, but one of the many valuable lessons I’ve learned since being a member here, is to hold back on buying anything new until there is some feedback from people who have already bought it.

    Some of you may have bought it and I’d be interested in your comments.

    This is what people have been saying on warriorforum.com.


    Cheers to all.

  • Reply Mark Ling3525 days ago

    Hi Backhoe48,

    With regards to products being launched, we at Affilorama are contacted daily with various products that we are asked to promote. Once you start gaining a profile online as an affiliate in the IM market, you get contacted a lot by different people in the industry on a daily basis. That includes via postal mail too.

    I say no to a LOT more products than I say yes to when it comes to promotions. One of the things I like the most about promoting quality products is that I get to interview the 'guru' who is selling the product for my subscribers. Even if you don't buy any product that I recommend, my intention is to make sure that each 'guru' spends at least 90 minutes (and often more) giving huge value to my subscribers in the form of a live interview where they share as many of their secrets as they can fit into that time frame.

    I tell people all the time, don't buy everything, simply choose 1 or 2 products and spend a lot of time implementing what you learn (rather than jumping from opportunity to opportunity).

    If you come across other products that support you in your current plan (e.g. software) then great, get that too, but try not to spend too much time opportunity hunting. Everyone is at a different stage in their marketing development on my list, and for some MCBB is a great product, for others it isn't.

    I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't tell you about the best opportunities that arise when they do, and unlike others I go the extra step and require the 'guru' to spend 90+ minutes in the 'hot seat' giving away piles of secrets for free, regardless of if my subscribers ever buy from them.

  • Reply Mark Ling3525 days ago

    I actually bought myself a copy of MCBB. Here's my plan, perhaps other customers of MCBB might want to do something similar.

    1. Rebrand ALL the graphics
    2. Rewrite the entire salescopy
    3. Take the books, give to one of my writers and get them to use it as a starting point, but to write a brand new book that is about 30 pages longer (the books are 100 pages). This should mean that instead of my writer taking 5 weeks to write an ebook, it should take them 1 week, this is a great time saver.
    4. Start promoting via my affiliate link via direct linking ppc. If it profits, start inviting other affiliates on board from my other niche products. Also invite other affiliates of related products through manual recruitment.

    In my opinion it isn't a 'put it up and it's done' product. That is unrealistic. It's a huge time saver for people trying to create quality products, but there is certainly still rebranding work to do.

  • Reply paulj3524 days ago

    Hi all

    It appears that some people appear to be unhappy because Mark is having interviews with various people, asking them how they manage their business and sharing that with us..

    It is up to each of us whether we buy the other product and the fact the volume was a little problematic on this call, to me merely shows that it is not just a marketing call. We have to expect that the other person will promote their product as that is the reason why they are giving the call.

    I see the training that Mark provides as like a University of affliate marketing - and in my view, the interviews are just useful extras that enhance the standard curriculum.

  • Reply Jon Pastorizo3524 days ago


    I agree with you. We are in the "Affiliate Marketing" industry. So for people to expect to have no marketing at all within Affilorama is just something i cannot understand.

    Members do not need to buy every product introduced/marketed by Mark to Affilorama members. Like he said, on his comment above:

    "I tell people all the time, don't buy everything, simply choose 1 or 2 products and spend a lot of time implementing what you learn (rather than jumping from opportunity to opportunity).

    If you come across other products that support you in your current plan (e.g. software) then great, get that too, but try not to spend too much time opportunity hunting. Everyone is at a different stage in their marketing development on my list, and for some MCBB is a great product, for others it isn't.

    This goes to everything that is launched online. It's the members decision to evaluate what is presented and then decide the best move for his online business. I think this is great that these opportunities are presented so at least we are "upto date" with what is going on within the Internet Marketing world. The way it is right now, it is valuable to a lot of members who have decided to unsubscribe to every "guru's" opt in list. They are now only exposed to minimum promotion, but with high value (So take advantage of the strategies you learn from the teleseminars!) - so they can have more time to focus on the AB course.

  • Reply Mark Davies3522 days ago

    hmm interesting I have read the thread at the warrior forum and WHOA am I glad I did not buy it!

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