Total Disaster - Christchurch Earthquake Update

By Mark Ling
Total Disaster - Christchurch Earthquake Update


Hi Everyone,

Last September, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the city that I live in (Christchurch, New Zealand) and caused a lot of damage, although luckily noone was killed (My blog post from last September's quake is here).

This time on the 22nd of February, we weren't so lucky. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit, and it caused a LOT more damage, injuries and death than the previous quake. It is a total disaster.

Thanks for all of you who have written in asking about how my staff and my family are doing, we are safe, although many have had a lot of damage to their houses and our offices have been damaged too.

The restaurant that my wife and I were going to have dinner at last night was flattened, so we're lucky the earthquake came in the afternoon and not the evening.

I've posted a video below that tells my account, plus includes several photos that I took when I was on my way home from the quake, and also when I was driving to see my mother:


Thanks again for your support everyone, my staff, my family and I all greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Mark Ling


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Lisa 11 years ago
Hi Mark,

Awsome stuff! Thank God you are all safe and my condolences to those who have lost loved ones.

No where is safe these days, just have to give God thanks.

God Bless.
Paulie Winn 11 years ago
Hi Mark,
Thanks for sending out the update to everyone, good to know that you and your family and friends are safe, that is what matters most, everything else can be replaced.

Remember... "God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea." Psalm 46:1-2

Best regards,
Tracy Mannikko 11 years ago
Hi Mark!
So glad you are all safe!--wonderful to hear of a son taking time to look after his "mum" also!...

Since all we have to deal with here in Florida is Hurricanes and a few Tornatos, it is hard to imagine what a real EarthQuake is like!!! thanks for the excellent and up close photos and running commnetary! You really should submitt this to put on CNN or Anderson Cooper is much better than their coverage!
Tracy in West Palm Beach
facts101 11 years ago
Hello Mark, I'm really glad that you, your family and the staff are okay. Thanks for keeping us so informed and for posting the video.
Michael Costello 11 years ago
Hi Mark

Good to hear that you and family are all ok. Having been to school and University in Christchurch in 1954-57 and 1960-61, while my mother lived there until she died suddenly in 1967, I feel Christchurch is a very important part of my life. The earthquakes in NZ are, of course, not unusual. I just seem to feel that this time the sequences and continuing shocks must be ver unsettling.

My nephew still lives with his family in Ch-ch, almost at the end of the runway near the airport. He was trapped in the Barr building but along with others was able to get to the roof and was rescued safely from there.

I have found this event to be deeply disturbing and hope it can now come to a more peaceful conclusion.

Good luck - I have to use your knowledge to make it possible for me to help others!

Michael Costello
Vanessa 11 years ago
I'm glad you were all safe. Prayers to all there.
Allan Shura 11 years ago

Hello Mark,

I am happy to hear you and your staff are safe. I wish you a speedy recovery from the devastation. I experienced a very minor quake once, I could only wait for it to end and
hope for the best outcome.
Wendel 11 years ago
It's great you and yours are ok. Hope that's the last of your natural disasters.
May God bless you and your family and of course your fellow country folk in New Zealand.
ann 11 years ago
Oh Mark, how awful, glad you and your family are OK, buildings can be replaced but not people. My prayers and thoughts are for you all in Christchurch.
Best Wishes Ann :-)
Adrian 11 years ago
OMG Mark. I am very glad to see that you and your family are o.k.. That must have been horrific. Thank you for the update. When I read the news I was totally shocked. My heart goes out to the family that are missing. Very sad!
Marianne Kadunc 11 years ago
Hi Mark & the Affilorama Team,
Your fellow Aussies from across the Tasman send their prayers, best wishes and empathy to our neighbouring KIWI's. We are so glad that you, your family & staff are well. It is devastating to see the destruction the earthquake has caused, and heartbreaking to hear of the death toll in Christchurch & to see the effects. It is heartwarming to know that at times like these, human beings from many nations come together in support.
We have close friends in New Zealand, & have travelled to your beautiful country many times. Please keep your spirits up, Thank you so much for posting your Blog & video, it really brings more meaning when a local person shares their personal account. Take care & stay well.

Kind Regards from
Marianne Kadunc & my family & friends also.
Carl Masure 11 years ago
Mark and everyone in NZ affilorama, plus all your families and friends,

You have been in my prayers since this quake hit. Please know that many people are thinking of you here in the states.


Atan 11 years ago
Hi Mark,

Its so glad to hear you and your family are ok! Thanks for the update and prayers will be going out to all effected. Take care & be careful.

Rachael McNaught 11 years ago
Late to the party - as usual - just getting over the shock!

So glad that you are all OK. If you know of anyone that needs some accommodation and want to head to sunny Hawkes Bay for a while give us a shout - we'd be more than happy to help out.

Take care
nancy fitzpatrick 11 years ago
I was so happy to hear you and your family are safe. I was on the seminar right after the quake happened. The person who took your place to lead the seminar told up all about it. Hope things are settling down for you. We are all rooting for you Mark.
Tony Moules 11 years ago
Dear Mark
All the best from France and our thoughts are with you all in the Christchurch region. Your service and software have been so useful and we wish you all the best in getting things back on your feet.
Richard 11 years ago
Hi Mark,
Amazing video! I'm glad you and your family are safe thanks for keeping us informed. I hope the recovery is a quick one. Best wishes
Elaine Mc Donagh 11 years ago
Mark -So sorry to hear about this devastation. Glad you and your loved ones are ok. it really puts things in perspective life is so precious-material things can be replaced -not to make little of though who lost their property because its very stressful-but where theres life there's hope they can be fixed you's are the lucky ones even though they may not feel that way now.For the injuried or dead my heart goes out to them. you take care love from Ireland
Len 11 years ago
Glad to hear you are all ok Mark and your family are safe as it must of been a terrible experience for you all.
Contessa 11 years ago
Hey Mark, I am glad to hear that you and your family are ok. I am praying for that entire region. May God continue to bless you and all that concerns you.
Werner Andersen 11 years ago
Mark, so happy to hear that you and your family are well. Thanks also for the video you put together. Let's hope that many of the buildings left standing have not lost their structural integrity.
Again, so glad to know that your're ok. PS: Benjamin is soooooo cute!!!!!
Werner Andersen, Cuttingsville, Vermont (USA)
Chris McNeil 11 years ago
Im glad you and your family are safe. I thought about you guys rigth when I heard about the quake on the news.
Bill Keidan 11 years ago
Glad to hear that your family and staff are safe Mark. You have given a lot of yourself to other people
and deserve to have escaped this disaster.
Surupa S 11 years ago
Hi, Mark!
I am so sorry to listen to the damage caused in Christchurch recently.
Thanks to God that you and your family are safe. As I lived in the beautiful NZ for about 5 years, i have some attachment with the country
May God bless the souls who lost their lives in the natural calamity.
I am not doing any internet marketing now because I could not do- selling, selling, oh, I couldn't make! I am enjoying my job and started a play school. Hope to catchup with you all guys!
Suzanne Karkeck 11 years ago
Amazing photos, Mark-must have been very frightening. Glad you and yours are safe. Benjamin is a real cutie!
happyaff 11 years ago
Thank God you are all OK. The whole world has been wondering, but the online world that "knows" you has REALLY been wondering if you and your family, staff, are OK. We see on the news that Christchurch is right on the seismic activity line, so will always have earthquakes. You must be very brave to face this all the time. So glad you are alright. Thinking of you all...............
David K. Fynn 11 years ago
I'm glad you and your family are well, Mark.
Khiyo 11 years ago
Glad that you and your family are safe Mark! Take care always...
Dave Adamson 11 years ago
Glad to hear you're ok and all your staff and their families are ok.

Hoping your city can get back on it's feet as soon as possible! The NZ spirit is strong so I'm sure everyone will put in the love and effort to get through it.

Daniel 11 years ago
Thoughts and prayers are with ya Mark. Scary stuff. Glad the family is ok.
Stay strong.
gilesy 11 years ago
was thinking about the affilorama crew when I heard "christ church" on the news.

The irish are thinking about yous anyway! Take care... gilesy
rebecca & colin 11 years ago
.Your video tells a heartbreaking story. Homes and livlyhoods gone in minutes. And the terrible loss of life. So very glad that you and your family and your team and their families are safe. We will continue to pray for a continual protection of you all.
Linda Metz 11 years ago
Praising God that Mark and his team are all unharmed!!! That is such wonderful news! Prayers continue for all of you and your families, and especially for those who have lost property. May Christ Church be restored to an even greater city than it was before. Sending love from NC in the USA.
Julie Newman 11 years ago
So happy to hear that your staff, and your family are safe. My thoughts and prayers
will continue for the people of Christchurch.
Azmat Ali Shah 11 years ago
Earth quake in New Zealand is very shocking for the people in Pakistan.All people living in New Zealand are very near to all Pakistanis through cricket and our old friendship.We are with people of New Zealand in this hour of tradegy and human sufferings.We pray the whole nation comes through this great mishap with their great courage and spirit to sacrifice.We are with all New Zealanders and ready to do anything for their solace.
Denise G 11 years ago
Hi Mark

Terrible news! So glad to hear you, the team & your family are all ok.
Thinking of you all. From us here on the IOW in England
Denise G
Thomas 11 years ago
Hi Mark, We are pained by what happened in Chtistchurch...... consoled that you, your dear ones & staffs are unscathed. Praying that such disasters won't ever happen again anywhere in the world.
Mitch Bashore 11 years ago
...after following the CC earthquake activities on the net over the last few days, I am deeply saddened to learn you are a resident. Our families most sincere wish for a safe and speedy recovery goes out to you, your family, and your fellow CC residents...
Josh McLean 11 years ago
This article in my local newspaper about the generosity of New Zealand caught my attention . The generosity and character of New Zealand is fully reflected in everyone at Affilorama! Operating online makes character a crucial component to ethical success.

I hope everyone in your various offices are doing well.

jerry_g 11 years ago
Hi Mark, WOW those pictures you took gave me a queezy feeling just looking at them. You must have been really terrorized while sitting in the car. You sound like you are holding up well and a person of strength and support for those around you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Shaun 11 years ago
Happy to hear you're all safe and sound. Something like this really does make you appreciate life.
Take good care of yourselves.

Best regards,
Dee-Dee Macleod-Wilson 11 years ago
Hi Mark, thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you, your family and employees are all OK. Our family is one of the fortunate ones in the north-west of Christchurch that didn't suffer too much structural damage to our home. My hubby, daughter and I were on the peninsula when the quake struck at a school camp in Wainui. It was challenging keeping 27 12 year olds calm while trying to make contact with the school and arranging transport home.
I am sad to say that my beloved hometown will never be the same. At the moment I can't face seeing the destruction first hand,, it's too distressing.
But I am thankful that our family is safe. It is times like these that make you appreciate the simple things in life. Home, family and friends. Kia Kaha (stand strong) Christchurch!
Stephen McGouran 11 years ago
Great to see your safe!

Carlos Akira Higuti 11 years ago
Hello, Mark! Sorry for the events. And thank God all is well with you and your family. I live in Japan, and I'm going through the same events. The earthquake yesterday off the coast of Japan over the tsunami left a trail of destruction where many lost their lives. Thank God, I and my family are well! To all who support us, thanks! Cheers!
Guy Nadeau 11 years ago
Sorry about all that , its really terrible...
Trevor Ambrose 11 years ago
Hi Mark,

The photos gives us a good indication how bad it was. All the best
Joe 11 years ago
Hi Mark,
It is great that you are safe. I wish you all the best, I was a terrible event.
Chris 11 years ago
Those photos are amazing, glad you are ok.
chicharito 11 years ago
thoughts and prayers with you and all people involved in this tragedy and glad to hear you are fine.
Edmund Yeo 11 years ago
Hi Mark,

I am glad that everyone is safe and sound. Take care!

Edmund Yeo

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