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Building an Affiliate Website - From Scratch or Template?

Building an Affiliate Website - From Scratch or Template?

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This weeks question from Russell: When building an Affiliate Website do you start from scratch or use a template?

Mark recorded a quick video explaining his thoughts on which method to use when building websites. Enjoy!

What method do you use for building your affiliate websites? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Reply jackie baird • 4202 days ago

    Hi i don't have a web site and still don't know how to build one, I will make money some day, but for now i need more help..

  • Reply ampie_g4202 days ago

    Hi Jackie, check out the lessons on site building here: https://www.affilorama.com/site-building

  • Reply mastercands4201 days ago

    Hi Jackie,

    I was like that a year ago. But if you follow the affiloblueprint, 4 sure u will find the solution for your problems. There is possible to see how to build a website from scratch (step by step).

  • Reply Margene Smith4201 days ago

    Hi Jackie,

    Starting is the first major hurdle you have to jump over. I recommend you start working toward building a site today.

    You will encounter a lot of problems as you build a site, however waiting until you have all the knowledge to build a site before you begin, your building a site will never happen. You will never have all the knowledge you want until you jump in and just start.

    I use XSite Pro to build my websites. XSite Pro makes building websites relatively easy for those in affiliate marketing. Affilorama Blueprint has several videos that are excellent showing how to use XSite Pro to create a site. I highly recommend AffiloBlueprint.

    Jump in today. Start building. If you get stuck and have a problem there will be someone here on Affilorama or around you that will help. Affilorama members are all willing to help one another.

    Good Luck! When you have finished building your first site let us see it.

  • Reply LE Bar4201 days ago

    if someone is broke, how is one supposed to build a website? there's no tutorial on building a free website. the step by step area is not very helpful. we would appreciate information directed to a novice. you start off by directing us to dreamweaver, however, not telling us where to go and get it. it's not useful at all.

  • Reply ampie_g4200 days ago

    @leb722 Affiloblueprint is the course where you are shown how to build a site using Xsitepro or Wordpress in step-by-step lessons. If you're unable to sign up at this time, the free lesson tells you how to build a basic webpage using NVU which is free https://www.affilorama.com/site-building/building-a-web-page
    You can also try using Kompozer but we don't have any lessons about that. Try to search Google for 'Kompozer free tutorial' and you'll be able to find some free information on how to use the software.

  • Reply build a niche store • 4199 days ago

    Well done, love your video. I am new to the internet market and i have felt that i’ve learnt a lot. Thanks for your consideration. really good and informative post. thanks for sharing it with us:)

  • Reply Ray Gollis4196 days ago

    You have a broken link to the building a webpage with NVU Ampieg

  • Reply charlie boakye4194 days ago

    hey i'm a newbie here and i know i wanna be an affiliate marketer however i have no idea which niche to get into and therefore i cant build a site.how do i choose a niche people?

  • Reply ampie_g4193 days ago

    @ray48021 You're right! Sorry about that. I have now corrected it.

  • Reply Kathaleen Dunford4193 days ago


    Both the free lessons and the Affiloblueprint lessons teach you how to chose a niche. The answers lay within. ;)

  • Reply Ray • 4190 days ago

    Thanks AmpieG For correcting the link!!!

  • Reply Roger • 4148 days ago

    Hi, I'm sure there must be a video around here to give an example of an affiliate website.
    Because I have no clue how to make one and where to start. Got quite the hang of getting a little traffic to my site(s) and blog, but now I need to know how to monetize them.

  • Reply ampie_g4148 days ago

    @Roger You may want to check this lesson on blog monetization.

  • Reply wholesale sunglasses • 4078 days ago

    really appreciate YOU -- thanks a lot!

  • Reply Michael Catron3869 days ago

    I have a question concerning what you are actually using to set up your affiliate websites. Is most everyone using a regular website builder such as Dreamweaver or are you using WP Blog to set up your sites. It seems a bit confusing to me that a lot of the lessons are geared towards actually building a website, but most of the sites that I have looked at are actually WP blogs

    Mike Catron

  • Reply Kyle - Edit Website • 3707 days ago

    There are so many great templates these days. Even if you need to do some custom work from scratch, you can always build on a template that is already built. If you need to edit that template, there are some great online website editors out there as well...

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