Boy did I get it wrong!:(

By Affilorama Group
Boy did I get it wrong!:(


Guys I made an absolute shocker with my "hunches" and hypotheses in my last 2 blog posts. Such an unfortunate way to start a blog, but I'm not one to shy away when I make a mistake.

I guess I'm living proof that you don't have to get everything right to be hugely successful online. That's small consolation for all the egg I have all over my face right now. But anyway...

Here's the deal...

I received this reply from Suzzie..


I’ve been reading through your blog and there are tons of inconsistencies and “facts” that you just don’t have straight. Unfortunately there are Internet Marketers who are actually taking your advice. I’ve heard about your (incorrect) techniques and “hunches” on other blogs and forums and I just wanted to confirm for myself that what is being said is true. Seriously, most of what you’re talking about here on this blog isn’t correct in any means. The fact that you’re even talking about Google PR in the same sentence as Google Adwords goes to show that you’re not well informed or educated in the Internet Marketing business.

Also, the mention that PR has been the “primary way of automating quality analysis in the past” is absolutely incorrect in every way. Before the newest Google changes, marketers like myself who are very knowledgeable in SEO techniques know that “Relevancy” is the key to getting listed. PR has nothing to do with it. I’ve got PR1 sites in the number 1 search spots above PR6 sites for the same keywords.

In your most recent posts you’ve been “Trying” to sniff out the algorithm that Google has in place for their Adwords landing page relevance. Everything you’ve said is incorrect. You mention that humans reviewing both natural and paid listings is unlikely.. News flash, Google has been doing this for a long time and has recently increased the “human” aspect of their rankings.

In your post about “What Determines Quality Score” you’re almost incorrect in everything that you say. It’s not a good thing that the owner of “Affilorama” doesn’t have a clue about Quality Score and how it works. If you’re not aware that you’re making false claims and “bogus” suggestions, you should think again. It’s this kind of inexperience that will ultimately lead to your Affilorama product floundering. Maybe not now, but once these comments get listed in the search engines, and the news spreads that you have no idea what you are talking about you’re going to be in rough shape.

On some of the larger blogs out there is talk that your blog is an absolute joke!

I’m sorry to come off as being harsh, but this note is for you. I don’t expect that you’ll leave it on your blog for very long. I’ve also heard about others writing in about your bogus techniques and “facts” and that you’ve deleted their posts.

So, with regards to you and your product, I hope that you will consider the fact that your appear to be VERY inexperienced in the topics that you are talking about.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Good luck,


Thanks for your blog post Susan, while it certainly hurts a lot to find out I’ve made such a massive blunder, especially right at the start of my affilorama blog, I’d much rather get the kick in the teeth than have it go on being wrong any longer. So thank you.

I’m not one to shy away from my mistakes. I’ve simply got to find a way to rectify things as best I can and not make a stuff up like this again in the future.

Yuk this humble pie tastes bad :(

Perhaps you could make a guest post on my blog with your google adwords suggestions.

Contra to what you might think though, I AM well educated in making money online. You should see the stacks of books I’ve gone through (admittedly, most on solid business skills and other aspects of marketing than SEO in particular). I guess I’ve proven you certainly don’t need to have everything 100% right to do very very well online. 

I own numerous high performing websites now and the combined revenue of all my websites this year is well into the millions. Seems to double each year, so while I’m by no means the best, I see myself as living proof of how ordinary people can do extraordinarily well online.

One thing you said was not true - “I’ve also heard about others writing in about your bogus techniques and “facts” and that you’ve deleted their posts” – Just letting you know that I have NOT deleted anyones posts. There are numerous replies to my blog posts that were questioning my comments and they are all there. 

I created Affilorama because I really want to give back to the internet community and do some good here. There are people out there who are stressed with their jobs and family situation and I feel there is such a big opportunity online for them to turn their lives around. I’ve helped my dad, my cousin and some of my friends earn full time livings online and now I’ve created and released my step-by-step video course to the general public.

My goal with Affilorama is to get as many people as possible to succeed online. I am constantly updating the software and step by step video lessons. I participate actively on my forum to help people and I have been giving numerous one on one consultations both over the phone and via camtasia video to help members succeed (and I haven’t charged anything extra for these, I really want to see people do well).

Suzzie, contact me if you’d like a free login to the Affilorama members area, I’d be more than happy to give you one to thank you for pointing out my error.

To everybody else, here's my revised advice for getting your site back into google adwords at normal prices:

The short and simple method to get your pages back into google adwords is to create quality landing pages that are what the user would be expecting to see when they click on your ads AND is relevant to the search term they search for. The more value you provide, the better your chances of having the $1-$10 minimums removed. Again, I'm very very keen to hear everyone's opinion on this latest blog entry. All the best to your online money making success!

Mark Ling

Susan 18 years ago
Hi Mark,

Thanks for rectifying the situation and admitting to your mistakes. The reason that I wanted to point out your mistakes was to simply let you know that in the Internet Marketing world there are a lot of Professionals who read various blogs and forums and opinions about people and products are based on what is written. Apparently your Affilorama product has been receiving good reviews, I'd love a chance to have access to it. Thanks for offering me a free account. Please shoot me an email with login details.

I'd love to make another post about how good Affilorama is once I've had a chance to review it.

Sean Morrissy 18 years ago
Hi Mark,

It's nice to know that you don't need to be perfect in order to make a nice income online. Like you said, you're living proof.

It's also nice to see a guru admit they made a mistake.

Jeffrey Spetch 18 years ago
Just Brilliant! nothing like getting "Totally Roasted Mark" in your own Blog, about your own business, I was absolutely riveted to my seat with your comments Susan and I thank you both for what I believe will be a fantastic blog where we can get some real unbiased answers to our questions.
Also just to help get that Egg off Mark, I have been looking to break into the Internet Marketing World for over 2 years, have done the usual. Bought every expert Gurus products etc etc, in general learning the Hard way through failed promises and misconception etc.
But! I had made up my mind (before Mark started this Blog) that I wanted to work with the guys at Met the Guys (Mark & Simon) at Wembley recently, along with the Big Gurus, "and their Integrity was evident" and lets face it who else gives detailed video lessons like Mark Ling, Just Brilliant !
Thanks again guys
Jeff S
splork 18 years ago
Everybody gets this business wrong at some point. All I know is Mark has done everything he can to help me with my websites. I have paid thousands of dollars for coaching and never got the help that Mark has given me for no extra cost. $200 is a pitance to what he provides. There aren't many top IMers out there willing to offer genuine help and have a desire to see others succeed. Mark takes the time. This shows you exactly the kind of integrity the man has when he takes a posting like that on the chin and admits he was wrong. I have no problem recommending Affilorama.
Paul 18 years ago

You handled this in a way that shows you really understand marketing and how admitting to even your biggest blunders can be a huge way to gain credibility and trust. I suspect you didn't do this as a "planned marketing move" but i still think it's a good lesson to everyone how operating with integrity can be much more profitable than trying to trick or people.
Ron 18 years ago

It is absolutely refreshing to learn that someone who knows so little can bumble, and stumble and be "incorrect in every way" when it comes to the technical minutiae of reverse engineering the algorithms of the company that owns the internet ;) ...

...Yet still be fantastically successful enough that with far greater technical knowledge (and possibly intellect) is anxious to get the "keys to the inner sanctum" so to speak in order to learn from the best

Charlie 18 years ago
Hi Mark,
Good to know that you are human, or we'll have to get your blog from Heaven.
Keep up the good work mate
susan oak 18 years ago
Hi Mark,
Whoever this 'Suzzi' is she's a real
smarta??. So busy ripping your blog info apart
she 'forgot' to look in the mirror.Her writing style
and horrendous grammer takes some beating.
simon 18 years ago
Hi Mark. Well done for openness and honesty.... this has increased the perception of your integrity no end! Yep... I'm one of the 'broke' crowd...actually really broke! I am genuinely only weeks away from losing everything (home, career etc etc) due to... well it's a long story. I am desperate to make even a few thousand asap... but of course I'm in a panic... fingers in too many pies wondering which will 'come-off' for me etc etc. What can YOU do for someone like me? If anything?

Lowell 18 years ago
SEO is a guessing game anyway. Anything we know now may not apply at the next Google update. Kudos to Mark for his actions.

Andrew Larder 18 years ago
The only way to NOT make mistakes is to NOT try.

All of your basic information seems VERY solid

The SEO stuff is, for me anyways, some of the most complicated, and even more frustrating - constantly changing - aspects of being online.

Every six months or so (maybe even MORE frequently) the rules change.

You used to be able to just put up a web page

Then add keywords that related to high traffic keywords to "draw" those people to your site.

Once you could put keywords in little type, or in white

Then meta tags were great

Then using articles and other "duplicate" content

Press releases

tag and ping


The IMPORTANT part, from a money earning point of view, is that you have been VERY successful in combining Pay Per Click with Affiliate offerings.

That part is timeless

Google can't do much to affect that - there ARE other ppc engines

And they DO want our ppc money!

Most of all - it DOES work, has worked, and continues to work

On BOTH sides - ppc, and affiliate earnings, finding affiliate offerings, etc. You've done a GREAT JOB

Hopefully, any publicity is good publicity - maybe the people reading these posts will sign up or click some Google Ads! LOL

Keep putting out great stuff - you are doing something unique and valuable - and people quibbling about some minor aspect just distracts people from inhaling all of the great stuff you HAVE done.

Keep up the great work!

Andrew Larder
Don Goldwyn 18 years ago
We all make mistakes, so easy when we are all in a rush.

Honesty is a very rare thing on the Internet.
You are doing a great job so my advice is do NOT Worry!

To Err is Human to Forgive is devine!
Kai 18 years ago
Interesting reading. I really don't know too much about this but according to one email I got from some expert, Google is clamping down on "name squeeze" landing pages. The reason is thought to be that Google is planning on launching "pay per action" adverts in a future.
That's what I've heard.