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Big Results: Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Big Results: Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

With hundreds of weight loss affiliate programs, the weight loss niche is one of the most popular and biggest niches in affiliate marketing. I am choosing this in response to a member's request that we take a closer look at this evergreen and ever‐growing niche.

If you haven't already checked out last week's post on the curing infertility niche and affiliate programs, you should do so now.

“Health is wealth” as the old adage goes. Lifestyles and eating habits have evolved rapidly as we progressed. We now have “fast food” (French fries anyone?). Eating is not so much as a need as it is a social activity. Losing weight is now a problem shared by everyone around the globe. All of us need to watch how much weight we put on as this is essential for a long, healthy life.

Wikipedia estimates that in the U.S. about USD$33 billion dollars is spent on weight loss products. The site notes that more or less 70% of Americans try to lose weight on their own through the use of various DVDs, crèmes, pills, supplements, etc. This is just in the US alone.

To meet this demand, we have hundreds of different weight loss websites out there that feature a whole slew of weight loss programs and methods. They're all about one thing: how to lose weight. But while the niche and the information on these weight loss websites are the same, the sites itself are not. This is because the weight loss niche has several different sub‐niches:

  • Women trying to lose weight
  • Men trying to lose weight
  • Weight loss for children
  • Weight loss programs for diabetics
  • Post–pregnancy weight loss
  • Lose weight and build muscles

Those are just some of the sub‐niches for weight loss that you can get into. Now, which sub‐niche? As a proud and busy mama of two little girls, I have found it difficult over the years to lose weight. It’s been close to three years now, and unfortunately, I have not lost the weight I gained during my last pregnancy. So, there’s my sub‐niche! :)

Weighing My Keywords

It’s always good to go into a niche that you have a personal interest in. It helps a lot with keyword and market research as you would be in the position of a user looking for information on the subject. You are most likely going to use the same keywords for the search. For example, I went right in to both Google Adwords and Traffic Travis and typed in “how to lose weight after pregnancy”.

Google Result 

I did an exact match search on the keyword “how to lose weight after pregnancy” and it has medium competition. The global monthly search is 2,900. Most of its variations have low to medium competition, with global monthly searches ranging from a few hundred to about 3,000. I took a quick look at Google Insight for this keyword, which you can do from within the Google Keyword tool by clicking on the Down arrow next to the keyword and choosing Google Insight for Search. This will bring up another tab/window that shows the Google Insight data for the keyword.

Insight Result 

There is not much Insight data for the keyword “how to lose weight after pregnancy” but you can see that the interest for this particular search term has always been consistently high. I also went to Ubersuggest and looked for variations of this keyword. I don’t do this because I am going to target variations of the keyword, but I want to see what other long tail version of it I can use for my article.

I went back to Traffic Travis and typed “how to lose belly fat”. This is a common problem for women, but is more prevalent among those who have just had children. There is medium competition for this keyword, with a global monthly search of around 60,000. I went to check Insight and this particular keyword is on the rise so I am going to go and add this to my list. There are other variations of the keyword that are low competition so I may choose to target those like “how do I lose belly fat” and “tips to lose belly fat”.

Traffic Travis Result 

Other keywords on my list are “best exercises after pregnancy”, “easy ways to lose weight”, and “tips on how to lose weight fast”. I am also going to target what I call “information” keywords like “healthy snack foods” and “diets for breastfeeding mothers”. These are not directly related to weight loss, but will provide additional information to users who visit my site.

Lightweight Affiliate Programs

I think one of the reasons the weight loss niche is popular is because there is not much difficulty finding a unique selling proposition for it. Whether it is purely aesthetic or for medical reasons, people want to lose weight. You just need to make sure that you target a specific market as well as provide value to users who visit your site. Having a good set of products to recommend on your site helps too.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Fat Burning Furnace and The Truth About Abs. These popular weight loss affiliate programs  are in Clickbank too. These have high gravity and you can choose to promote one or both.

One of the questions asked in the Affilorama forums is : “Is it ok to promote products with low gravity?”


There is no hard and fast rule that you can only promote products with high gravity. When it comes to promoting products, look at the product itself: its sales page and affiliate section. There's a wide range of weight loss affiliate programs offered in various affiliate networks. The three products I’ve chosen below are from Clickbank but you can check out other networks, even Amazon. They have a wide range of weight loss products from books, CDs to various pills and exercise equipment. As my weight loss website will be about how to lose weight after pregnancy, the products I promote should at the very least be weight loss programs for women:

Fat Loss Factor

This is not entirely “new”. Rather, it is an “improved version” of the original Fat Loss Factor weight loss program. The sales video is creative and engaging. It does not just sell the product to the user. It provides information on why women have difficulty losing weight as well as how we can get started on losing weight today. They offer free eBooks on their affiliate section. They also have banners and email templates to send to your subscriber list.


The name says it all. This is the weight loss program for moms and just‐turned moms. It does not have a high gravity in Clickbank, but again, I will promote this because it fits my sub‐niche perfectly. The Fityummymummy sales page targets women, with before and after images of the vendor herself, as well as several before and after images in the testimonials. There's an FAQ too. They offer affiliate help and tools like articles, sales promotion and personal support.

7Day Belly Blast Diet

Women have difficulty getting back that pre‐pregnancy stomach. Since I’ll be targeting the keyword “lose belly fat”, the 7Day Belly Blast Diet is a good product to promote with it. I like that their sales page has this nifty FAQ at the bottom and a support email address down at the footer. There are a whole lot of bonuses too. Another thing to note is that the creator of the product posted his own before and after photos on the sales page, adding to the credibility of the program.

I went back to Google Adwords and Traffic Travis to run a search on these products names since I will certainly be adding them to my list of target keywords. All three have between 10 to 20 thousand global monthly searches, but are low in competition. Great! :)

I still need to organize my keyword list in a worksheet and figure out categories for my articles. I need to research on my article’s content as well. For great lessons on content creation, check our our AffiloBlueprint 'over-the-shoulder' training course.

Feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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    Thanks for doing the weight loss niche for me Cecille! Reading your thoughts on how your approaching it is beneficial...Scott

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    Great article,sparks my motivation to start my website

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    Thank you Cecile. Really helpful and encouraging.

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    hi cecille.

    i appreciated your post. i'm about to set up my first blog and I found hadn't been familiar that by pulling quotes from your post I got a list of the steps you used and some resources I was't familiar with.

    you have a wonderfully organized mind and
    you're a great teacher.

    congratulations and thank you.


  • Reply Russell Lundstrom2997 days ago

    I just joined this site to learn more about affiliate marketing for personal reasons. Great timing I guess. Since you are talking about it:
    I noticed this post and wanted to throw out there that I work for a company that kicks butt in weight loss and has an affiliate program which has avg order of $100 and pays 30%.
    Let me know if you are interested and we will talk.

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    hello Cecille,
    Very useful pst. Thanks. It has been predicted that the Health and Wellness industry is going to be the next Trillion dollar industry. Another prediction is that network marketers are going to be the next largest group of millionaires and multi-millionaires (In fact there will be 10 million NEW millionaires created from these industries over the next 10 years). Cheers.

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    I found your web page from bing and it is superb. Thanx for providing such an informative post!!!!

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    There's a big difference between weight loss and fat loss.

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    A debt of gratitude is in order for giving such an educational post! There's a wide range of weight loss affiliate programs offered in various affiliate networks. I valued your post, I'm going to set up my first blog and I found hadn't been recognizable that by pulling cites from your post. Great article, starts my inspiration to begin my site. Thanks for your great post.

  • Reply shanishka 1183 days ago

    I want to promote woman's weight loss products.can u send me the affiliate link.thank u

    Justin Golschneider1182 days ago

    Hi Shanishka! Unfortunately, I can't send you direct links due to the way ClickBank is structured, but you can sign up to become an affiliate for most of these by signing up for ClickBank and then searching their marketplace. :-)

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    I am just starting a new blog on weight loss but I was a bit skeptical about it but this post encouraged me to go for it, I really hope it will work.

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