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Autopilot Website Riches Webinar with Two Affiliate Superstars

Autopilot Website Riches Webinar with Two Affiliate Superstars

Hey Guys,

As you know, I always love having webinars with different affiliate marketing experts and grilling them for all their insider knowledge and the secrets of their success.

However it's pretty rare that I actually get a chance like this. This Monday the 27th at 7pm EST, I'm going to be interviewing Alen Sultanic and Adam Short from npclassroom.com.

In this massive webinar event, we are going to be cramming as much content into our time slot as we possibly can.

The webinar is now over

Update: The recording is now online for a limited time

Click Here to Watch the Recording of the Autopilot Riches Webinar


I’ll be grilling these two for their best ‘under the radar’ strategies, including:

  • Creating easy to make 5 to 10 page content web sites - that each generate $500 to $1,500 a month (on 100% autopilot)...
  • Tap into an unlimited source of free profit producing search engine traffic (that never slows down) and only increases over time - without ever having to pay a penny for it, using the revolutionary MoneyWord Matrix that lets you skip the line in the search engines and superglue your pages to the top...
  • Take that free profit producing search engine traffic and funneling it through little-known, yet brutally effective silent sales machines that'll get you an astronomical 5% to 10% conversion rate - plus additional massive sales that you'll put into place after the initial buy...
  • Build a massive sized opt-in list (without even trying), and creating a buying frenzy at will (using ethical, yet sneaky little mind-control tactics) that'll generate cash on command with pin point accuracy (this works every time)...
  • Create gold standard information products (that you see in bookstores) for dirt cheap using a 2-step process (no one has a clue about), and cutting your costs down by 70% (imagine being able to create 3 to 4 information products for the price everyone else pays to get one created) - and have it be triple the quality.
  • Automate the entire process so it's a true set-it-and-forget-it autopilot income stream that runs 24/7 (generating profits even while you sleep) - without you having to put any energy into it.

As you can tell, this webinar is going to cover a massive amount of great content, and so far seats are going faster than in any other webinar I've ever done! So make sure you follow the link below and secure your seat:

The webinar is now over

Update: The recording is now online for a limited time

Click Here to Watch the Recording of the Autopilot Riches Webinar

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  • Reply chris gleeson3552 days ago

    Will the recording be put online?

  • Reply Mark Ling3552 days ago

    Yes, here it is: http://www.teleseminarrecordings.com/autopilotriches

    This was one of the best webinars I've ever been a part of, you won't want to miss it.




  • Reply caroldunn3552 days ago

    I was there for the live webinar and that had to be the best video that I've ever watched online. I learned so much! You guys really do share a lot of value and thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

    I love how you don't just talk in theory, you actually show example websites. It makes it seem so much more real than watching other so called 'gurus' when they try to teach us things.

    Also I've just started making some regular money by following your Affiloblueprint. I'm so happy with myself, these are my first sales online and for an non-techie you've done well to get me there!

  • Reply Patrick Otto3552 days ago

    I was there for the live Webinar also, but i was unable to ask any questions. In the beginning it said that i had elected to listen only mode. How do I change it so i can ask questions on future webinars?

  • Reply LEONARDO BASILIO3551 days ago

    Hi there, Mark and guys! I was also present as well at the Webinar and I found it to be really fantastic!
    But I never got to get a last minute question answered. About that new package offer announced by the end, I was just wondering if it'll be a bit too advanced for a newbie starting out with Afillobluprint. Should I avoid if for now and consolidate on the blueprint knowledge first?

  • Reply JR Gautreaux3551 days ago

    I think the webinar presented some good information; however, I think it's a bit risky to create an ebook for a site you don't have proven traffic for. I think pitching an affiliate product first might be better at first to minimize your initial investment. Then if your site is generating traffic, using the sources suggested by Alen for ebook creation would be the next step.

    I think they have brillant email follow up campaigns that woo the prospect into buying the ebook. Something that I find might be a challenge coming up with. Sure I can write a few emails for auto responding, but I'm not sure I'm that good of a salesman. At any rate they definitely have a good process to try.

    Thanks Mark for hosting the webinar!


  • Reply Denis Jorgensen3551 days ago

    I also listened in on the Webinar. Some very interesting things going on.

    I signed up this morning so will see if this pans out. It looks very promising, but of course most all do.

    I will see if this is any different from all the rest.

  • Reply John Johnson3551 days ago

    Yes, the webinar was excellent, on the article marketing, I was so surprised about just a 21 day marketing plan. Question: Was that each article using a different keyword pointing back to the desired keyword phrase page?

    The Money Matrix was neat, "HEY MARK- INTEGRATE YOUR MONEY MATRIX INTO TRAFFIC TRAVIS." That would be a good addition I believe.

    Mark already programed me not to go below 1500 searches.

    Can I download the webinar.

  • Reply Danny Ripata3551 days ago

    Hey Mark,
    Danny here from Auckland. Sat in on the webinar, fantastic information. Couldn't help but notice some similarity in what these guys were talking about to the methods you talked about at the world internet summit in Auckland. Just joined your blueprint course by the way and I'm looking forward to getting things done properly this time. I've promoted stuff online before through clickbank, cpa park, made a few sales but it also cost me a lot of money in driving traffic via ppc. Other courses I've done give a step by step plan but fall short on working through the problems. The fact that you provide that mentoring side of things was a big thing for me. So fantastic stuff, will let you know when I make my first sale through your stuff. Keep well

  • Reply vince9743551 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for organizing this great seminar!

    I could not attend the beginning of if as I was driving the kids to school (Australia's time). With my wife we organized a live transmission with her mobile placed next to my computer speaker and I could hear the beginning of the webinar on my mobile in the car (lol).

    Really a lot of good content. I liked the money matrix. It makes niche research and keyword research quicker.
    However I'm not thinking of creating my own ebooks for now but will continue to combine AB fundamentals with NP to produce more sites that are very targeted.

    PS. Can't wait to buy an Audi with my AB sites income ;-)

  • Reply Bob • 3550 days ago

    I was not able to sit in on the call live so I watched the download. There was some great info and I really liked the fact that they had a presentation but did not always follow it to the 'T'. Which means they truly understand the topic and are not just scripting a presentation.

    I will be checking out the 1$ trial.

    Thanks for putting together a great presentation

  • Reply Linda Metz3549 days ago

    Is this webinar still available? I'm trying to listen in but can't get the video to play... wondering if it's already been taken down. If so, any chance it can be put back up online? Thx! Linda

  • Reply dan • 3542 days ago

    thanks for the recorded webinar which I just watched; some of the best content I have seen given away on the IM subject. Great. I appreciate it and it really shows how helpful you are to the IM world.

  • Reply 3539 days ago

    Another fantastic webinar - thanks Mark!

  • Reply Ben Morris3422 days ago

    Is it possible to download the webinar for viewing at a later time?

  • Reply Stacie Walker • 3399 days ago

    I appreciate you sharing this webinar. Lots of treasures to build a successful online business.

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