'Ask Mark' Super Affiliate Q&A Videos

By Affilorama Group
'Ask Mark' Super Affiliate Q&A Videos


Hey Guys!

We had a great response to our last set of YouTube videos in which Mark answered questions that were submitted to us from email, Twitter and Facebook. Here is a selection of the latest videos that have been posted to YouTube. If you want to receive all of our future Ask Mark and any other videos that we post, you should subscribe to the Affilorama YouTube Channel here.

If you have a question for Mark, send him an email at [email protected]. Enjoy!

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horksi 14 years ago
These little videos are very helpful for newbies, even it reminds me some of the fact I overlooked before. After watching the 3rd video, I will start to do something in amautomation.com. Fantastic.
jason blayde 14 years ago
great vids and i love the format and bit size chunks. thanks for always educating us and helping us be all we can be :O)

Kim 14 years ago
Thanks so much for the videos. I don`t know if you know how much they help a newbie like me!
Thanks again.
Mark 14 years ago
Thanks Mark, fantastic stuff. Complete beginner but these tips will do wonders for my education into becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Cheers, Mark H
suzyg1 14 years ago
Mark -- very useful info. Please clarify for me what this means:
"Any web page that has under 100 links coming into that page..."

Are you referring to back links? Also, how do I know how many links the competition has?
Thanks, Suzy